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There are Port(s) of Entry here
37°25.871'N, 024°54.823'E Chart icon.png
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Syros m.jpg
Map of Syros

The island of Syros (Σύρος) or Siros is the capital of the Cyclades. It is not a very tall island and its area is 86 km2 and it has about 35,000 inhabitants.

Syros is a wonderful island in the middle of the Aegean. It is not overly developed but yet it manages to provide all the amenities.


2682 Kolpos Petalion to Nisos Nisiros
1038 Steno Sifnou to Steno Kafirea
G31 Northern Cyclades
54320 Kiklades Nisoi to Kriti
421 Karystos to Naxos


See Aegean Sea.





  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 and 04

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaches to Syros are straight forward, no dangers.


In Ermoupolis.



Key to symbols: |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage ||
  • Ermoupolis Ermoupolis /wiki/Ermoupolis Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |
  • Finikas Finikas /wiki/Finikas Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Anchorage icon Galissas [[Syros#Galissas|Galissas]] 37°25.4′N, 24°52.1′E
Galissas (Γαλησσάς) is a small bay on the W side of Syros, north of Finikas. It is mainly used by local small boats and there is barely room for a yacht. It provides some protection from the meltemi. I have not anchored here. Galissas is a favorite with the people from Syros for its wonderfull sunsets.--Istioploos


Anchorage icon Delphino [[Syros#Delphino|Delphino]] 37°27.4′N, 24°53.6′E
A small cove which provides some protection from the meltemi although there are high gusts.


Anchorage icon Aetou [[Syros#Aetou|Aetou]] 37°29.5′N, 24°53.9′E
This anchorage is very gusty.
Map of Grammata


Anchorage icon Grammata [[Syros#Grammata|Grammata]] (Γράμματα) 37°29.881'N, 024°53.464'E

Grammata on the NW corner of the island. It is a very attractive anchorage and it provides good shelter from the meltemi although there are high gusts from every direction. The rocks (W side) are covered with the names of seafarers who have sheltered here, hence the name Grammata - letters. Legend has it that the region in inhabited by feral rabbits which a kind soul had released to provide food for sailors waiting out a gale. You can anchor at the E side or at the W. Use a shore line. On the W side there are a number of tie-downs, the E side is less gusty. Holding is moderate in sandy patches in the E part (Americanou), but poor in sand and weed in the W. Anchors do not easily penetrate the weed roots just below the sandy surface, so test holding thoroughly.

Warning: The sketch and information provided by Heikell in the Greek Waters Pilot is not entirely correct. The depths are wrong!
Grammata, the Coves
Grammata, the Inscriptions
The E cove


Anchorage icon Varis [[Syros#Varis|Varis]] 37°23.1′N, 24°56.5′E
This is a pleasant bay on the SE of Syros. It provides good shelter from the meltemi but it is totally exposed to the S winds.


Anchorage icon Velostasi [[Syros#Velostasi|Velostasi]] 37°22.029'N, 024°53.174'E
This cove is in between Cape Velostasi and Varis. It provides some shelter from the meltemi. Should only be used for a quick lunch and swimming stop or in calm weather. Totally deserted.


Also see each Port.

Water See each Port
Electricity See each Port
Toilets In Finikas
Showers In Finikas
Laundry In Ermoupolis and in Finikas
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel See each Port
Bottled gas In food stores and channdlers
  • There is an excellent chandler, Orologas (tel. +30 22810 82 254) in Ermoupolis near the shipyard, at the Platia Iroon (Heroes Square)
  • A good chandler, the Maistrali, in shipyard area in Ermoupolis, they also have an outlet in Finikas
  • There is also a large store of the Marina chain along the road to the airpot
  • The Neorion Shipyard in Ermoupolis does major repairs and haul-out
  • Diesel engines: Mr. Rousos (+30 22810 87 419 or +30 6945 612 52)
  • Electrician: Mr. Antonis Dalmyras (+30 22810 87 142 or +30 6932 64 20 60) is a good boat electrician
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong 3G signal and in places 4G
Vehicle rentals
  • Several in Ermoupolis
  • In Finikas the marine store, the Maistrali, can make the arrangements


The market place in Ermoupolis is well worth a visit. They have everything. Make sure you buy a jar of capers and loukoumia (Turkish delight), both are specialties of Syros. In Finikas there is a "supermarket" about 50 m towards Ermoupolis. It is well supplied with basic provisions, bread, and fresh fruits. There is also a very good bakery and a fruit stand near the waterfront.

Eating out

There are many good restaurants
  • Ano Syros
Lilys/wiki/Syros#LilysEatingout icon Lilys [[Syros#Lilys|Lilys]] is the oldest restaurant in Syros is hard to beat both for its food and its view. Needs reservations (+30 22810 88 087).
Foradenes/wiki/Syros#ForadenesEatingout icon Foradenes [[Syros#Foradenes|Foradenes]] very good traditional food.
Asotos Yios/wiki/Syros#Asotos_YiosEatingout icon Asotos Yios [[Syros#Asotos Yios|Asotos Yios]] serves many good mezedes (+30 22810 43 722).


  • There are daily flights from Athens
  • Also, there are several fast ferries every day to Piraeus.



The name Syros has been used since antiquity and it is probably of Phoenician origin. There was a sizable Cycladic settlement (Bronze age) over the NE coast and the island is mentioned in the Odyssey as the home of the swineherd Eumaios. Pythagoras' teacher Pherekydes was from here. In the Middle Ages Syros was dominated by the Venetians. Today there is a sizable Catholic population, remnant of that period. In later times many well known European visitors such as Byron, Nerval, Chateaubriand, and Melville started their Eastern Mediterranean tour from here. During the 1821 war of independence many refugees from Chios and Psara came to Syros. Until that time the population was predominately Catholic and agrarian. The new comers were Greek Orthodox, seamen and merchants.

After the Greek War of Independence of 1821, Syros became the maritime, commercial, and cultural center of the Aegean and a place of refuge. Young Nikos Kazantzakis went to school in Syros. Today there are many neoclassical mansions in Ermoupolis and Piskopio as well as in the aristocratic resort of Della Grazia near Finikas.

Places to Visit


See Ermoupolis.

Bronze Age Settlement

There is an excavated Bronze Age Settlement on the NE of the island. However, we have not been able to locate it after a several hour trek.


It is well worth a visit to this nice bay. There are a number of attractive tavernas. Galissas is a favorite with the people from Syros for its wonderfull sunsets.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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