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16°41.46′S, 151°29.64′W Chart icon.png
Map or Picture of Taha'a

Taha'a, the sister island of the larger Raiatea is encomassed within the same lagoon as Raiatea. The enclosed lagoon with its wide channels, calm waters, and steady winds make for a good sailing ground. The island grows a large amount of vanilla and also grows fine cultured pearls which are its main exports.

Taha'a is one of the most under-rated islands of the Pacific, in my opinion. It offers many sheltered bays with good anchorages, as spectacular scenery as you'd see anywhere in the Pacific, excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities, and on-shore attractions such as the vanilla farms. Cycling or riding a scooter around the island offers some great scenery including aquaculture, fruit trees and orchards, as well as the vanilla plantations. Island life is simple and laid back here and the people are friendly.


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Taha'a is across the lagoon from Raiatea, no more than a few hours' sailing time.


Taha'a has some excellent offshore motus, the most well known ones being:

  • Motu Tautau, near an excellent coral garden and containing a private resort.
  • Motu Tehutu in the north, not good anchoring here, beware of the pearl farms.


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Taha'a is not a port of entry. Check in with the gendarmerie on neighbouring Raiatea.


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There are many bays around Tahaa which offer safe anchorage. A few of the most popular include:

  • Haamene Bay, although this bay is on the eastern (windward) side of the island it is deep and offers good shelter in most wind conditions. There is also a restaurant/bar known as Hibiscus which offers free use of its moorings.

Things to do ashore

  • Vallee de la Vanille -- vanilla farm just off the main island road north of the village of Fa'a'aha.


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