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43°30.946'N, 016°15.181'E Chart icon.png
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The World Heritage site of Trogir

The historic town of Trogir lies on a small island situated between the large island of Čiovo to the S and the mainland of Croatia to the N. A World Heritage Site since 1997, Trogir is one of the most picturesque and photographed settlements in the whole country, perhaps only exceeded by Dubrovnik. Its situation close to the international airport of Split makes it a popular spot for short trips back home or crew changes.

Visiting yachts have the choice of berthing in the ACI Marina Trogir or the SCT Marina Trogir to the E of the road bridge connecting the town to Čiovo, the smaller Yacht Club Seget to the W of the bridge, or anchoring off in the approaches on either side of the bridge. Shelter in the marinas is excellent and good in the anchorage except with strong W winds, which send in an uncomfortable swell.


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Lučka ispostava Trogir

Phone: +385 21 881 508
Address: 21220 Trogir, Obala bana Berislavića 19
Working hours: Oct-May Mo-Fr 07:00-15:00; Jun-Sep Mo-Fr 07:00-15:00, Sa 08:00-13:00
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Trogir is joined to the island of Čiovo by a low road bridge, which dictates that yachts must approach the town from W. There are no dangers in the approach, although the coast to the N of the channel is shallow and a yacht should not approach too close. Depths at the entrance to the channel are around 10 metres, shoaling to 4.0 metres near the road bridge. Note that there is usually an adverse current flowing W under the bridge, which can make manoeuvring difficult. Fortunately, the current is slightly weaker inshore where the marina is sited.

Danger: Approaching from E take care of a new Čiovo bridge which has only 6 m closed clearance and it may not be included on your map yet.

Mainland - Čiovo bridge

Mainland - Čiovo bridge/wiki/Trogir#Mainland_-_.C4.8Ciovo_bridge
World icon.png Mainland - Čiovo bridge [[Trogir#Mainland - Čiovo bridge|Mainland - Čiovo bridge]] (Most kopno - Čiovo) 43°31.139'N, 016°15.900'E
Since 2018 the Čiovo island is directly connected to the mainland with a 547 m long bascule bridge (aka a drawbridge) is located in about 0.6M E the old Trogir bridge. The closed clearance of the bridge is 6 m only[1].


For details of berthing in the marinas, see the respective entries.

Town quay

Town quay/wiki/Trogir#Town_quay
Harbour icon Town quay [[Trogir#Town quay|Town quay]] 43°30.917'N, 016°14.952'E
There is a long quay on the S side of the island extending from the castle to the bridge, this is often reserved for superyachts (25 metres and over) and sailboat flotillas. Visiting yachts are allowed to berth here for short periods if they have made an advance reservation (see phone above, someone suggested also 0915474491). The quay though is often fully booked during the high season. The only other alternative is to anchor off in the approaches. Depths here are 6.0 - 8.0 metres and the holding is good in mud.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs




Water In the marinas/wiki/Trogir#In_the_marinasWater icon In the marinas [[Trogir#In the marinas|In the marinas]] in all 3 (ACI Marina Trogir, SCT Marina Trogir, & Marina Baotić
Electricity In the marinas/wiki/Trogir#In_the_marinasElectricity icon In the marinas [[Trogir#In the marinas|In the marinas]] in all 3
Toilets In all 3 marinas
Showers In all 3 marinas
Laundry In ACI Marina Trogir & SCT Marina Trogir
Garbage Bins in all 3 marinas
Fuel ACI Marina Trogir and Marina Baotić/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BACI_Marina_Trogir.5D.5D_and_.5B.5BMarina_Baoti.C4.87.5D.5DFuel icon ACI Marina Trogir and Marina Baotić [[Trogir#ACI Marina Trogir and Marina Baotić|ACI Marina Trogir and Marina Baotić]] fuel berth
Bottled gas Give details on cooking gas (Camping Gaz, butane, propane, etc) suppliers. If there are no suppliers in the island just enter "None"
Chandlers Marina Baotić/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BMarina_Baoti.C4.87.5D.5DChandler icon Marina Baotić [[Trogir#Marina Baotić|Marina Baotić]] chandlery
Repairs ACI Marina Trogir/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BACI_Marina_Trogir.5D.5DService icon ACI Marina Trogir [[Trogir#ACI Marina Trogir|ACI Marina Trogir]] small boatyard: some engine, electrical, electronic repairs; paint shop

SCT Marina Trogir/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BSCT_Marina_Trogir.5D.5DService icon SCT Marina Trogir [[Trogir#SCT Marina Trogir|SCT Marina Trogir]] large boatyard: full range of engine, hull and sail repair, electrical and electronic services Marina Baotić/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BMarina_Baoti.C4.87.5D.5DService icon Marina Baotić [[Trogir#Marina Baotić|Marina Baotić]] minor

Internet WiFi in all 3 marinas
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the marinas/wiki/Trogir#In_the_marinasCar icon In the marinas [[Trogir#In the marinas|In the marinas]] can be organized via the marina offices


In the Town/wiki/Trogir#In_the_TownProvisions icon In the Town [[Trogir#In the Town|In the Town]] numerous provisions shops. ACI Marina Trogir/wiki/Trogir#.5B.5BACI_Marina_Trogir.5D.5DProvisions icon ACI Marina Trogir [[Trogir#ACI Marina Trogir|ACI Marina Trogir]] minimarket.

Eating out

  • In the Town
Restaurant Alka/wiki/Trogir#.27.27Restaurant_Alka.27.27Eatingout icon Restaurant Alka [[Trogir#Restaurant Alka|Restaurant Alka]] (in a shaded square in the old town) was excellent in 2004.
 /wiki/Trogir#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Trogir# | ]] excellent choice of restaurants in the old town.
  • In all 3 Marinas
 /wiki/Trogir#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Trogir# | ]] restaurant and bar.


  • Buses E towards Split and W towards Šibenik, local destinations from Trogir
  • Split airport in 6 km NE of Trogir, take a suburban bus towards Split or taxi


Torre dell'orologio di Trogir - panoramio.jpg
The central square
Castle walls

Trogir is an absolute gem. There can be few more impressive views from a marina berth than the old town in the afternoon sun, with its church towers and castle battlements glowing in the sunlight. The town contains a large number of surviving buildings from 13th through to 16th centuries and numerous picturesque alleys behind the waterfront. The must-see sights include St Lovro’s cathedral, which contains an exquisite renaissance chapel of St Ivan, with lovely marble carvings of saucy cherubs looking like naughty schoolboys. The entrance features a fine Romanesque portal by master sculptor Radovan, with representations of Adam and Eve, various saints and symbols of the Venetian occupation. Opposite the cathedral is the fine 15th-century town hall, with an impressive Gothic courtyard. At the W end of the old town is the mighty Kamerlengo Fortress, constructed at the end of the 15th century to defend the approaches. The view from the battlements is one of the finest in Croatia.


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