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WorldMediterraneanTurkeySea of MarmaraIstanbulAtakoy Marina
Port of Entry
40°58.286'N, 028°52.557'E Chart icon.png
Turkey Atakoy.jpg
Radio VHF channel 73
Phone +90 212 560 42 70
Fax +90 212 560 72 70
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 700
Max. length 40 m
Max. draft 5 m
Fuel Fuel dock
Water On berth
Electricity Yes, 220/340v
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes
Internet WiFi
Cable TV Yes
Hours ?
Address Ataköy 1.kısım mah. Rauf Orbay cad. No:16 Bakırköy, Istanbul, Turkey
More notes about the marina

Ataköy Marina is a large and very busy marina that mostly caters to expensive local motor cruisers. It is situated close to Istanbul airport and about 5 km from the city centre. There is a good bus or taxi service into Istanbul and the marinais a good base to leave a yacht for visiting the city. It has good security and a wide range of facilities, but berthing costs are extremely high now. The marina will assist yachtsmen with visas and any required paperwork.


It is best to have made previous arrangements before your arrival. Contact the marina via telephone at +90 212 560 42 70 or by e-mail. E-mails, however, do not always elicit a response.(This may be a language issue - try translating your email to Turkish using Google translate and you may get a response.)

As you approach the marina call "Ataköy Marina"on the VHF channel 73.


See Istanbul.


You will be met at the entrance of the marina by a tender and directed to a berth.


  • Yacht club
  • Swimming pool
  • Leisure centre
  • Tennis courts
  • Minimarket
  • Mini-markets within 15 minutes walk
  • Storage facilities for yacht spares
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Large car park
  • Children's play area
  • Money exchange
  • Post Office
  • Marina WiFi - only available to people with Turkish phone
Marina Plan


  • Haul-out with a 70 ton travel-lift
  • Hard-standing for 50 yachts
  • Sail repairs
  • Woodwork & fiberglass
  • Electrics and electronics
  • Mechanical, hydraulical and pneumatic services
  • Rigging services, both standing and running


Good security (24 hour) throughout the marina area.


Atakoy Marina is situated close to the OLD Istanbul airport and about 5 km from the city centre. It is 45 to 60 minutes away from NEW airport (2019).


Taxis and buses to Istanbul from near the ferry terminal (note that the ferries from here run to the Asian side). The number 81 bus runs approximately every 20 minutes along the coast road into the centre. The bus stop (Yesilkoy) is on the main dual carriageway 300 metres east of the access road to the marina. Purchase a bus ticket at the news vendor as you leave the marina 3TL / ride Taxi fare is about 80 - 100TL (2019) to the airport, 40-50TL(2019) to the Grand Bazaar. Be certain the meter is engaged as without it you may be in for an expensive ride.


The marina is expensive. The cost for a 11m sailing yacht was 77 Euro (June 2019). Expect much more for larger vessels.


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  • The marina entrance is oriented NE - the direction of the prevailing wind - and entry is challenging in strong winds from this direction. --Athene of Lymington 20:24, 7 June 2011 (BST)
  • Marina is ok but a bit of a shambles as docks are littered with boat equipment and dinghies. Water is disgusting, flotsam everywhere, jellyfish and scum. Marina staff are friendly and helpful but inefficient – you must walk 400 metres to the accounting office to pay your charges. The local agent charged us E150 to adjust our Trip log to reflect new crew. Restaurants are plentiful and attractive but some are a complete rip off – wines are universally expensive – nothing less than 50TL (as much as 6 times retail), and the waiters are glibly recommending wines without mentioning the 400TL cost. Elios and Balikcr were particularly bad. Invariably, they would only have one bottle of the reasonably priced items. After being told this at the Balikcr restaurant, we walked by a display of 5 bottles of the wine they had said was “finished”. Balikcr had a great setting at the end of the mole but served us some deep fried Turbot that was off. Kazan Carlis a restaurant on the upper level was quite good. Not a great marina but convenient to a great city. We remembered the foul water at Port Liberty on the Hudson in Manhattan and this was no worse. --Monterey May 2013
  • I came here from Varna, BG. It was my second time passing through and had not wanted to come here on account of the high charges, which are now even more extortionate. It was only the change in rules requiring us to 'Book In' that I did so. However, we were not approached by customs/immigration officials, nor were we asked to formalise our visit in any way, so we didn't. We sailed happily on to Cannakale where again no one could care less about transit logs and such, despite mooring alongside a coastguard vessel!
  • The marina is horribly, and unjustifiably expensive. Several abandoned smaller craft lie rotting on the pontoons, which remain cluttered. The supermarket up the road has been replaced by one of Istanbul's many shopping malls, and provisions are best obtained now by crossing over the road beige and entering the Bakirkoy shopping district, where another shopping mall has a large supermarket. --BenPikeUK June 2013
  • Expensive, in huge need of repair, unpleasant staff (little English and little interest in non-Turkish speaking people).
  • Poor showers when you could get in - had to change card 3 times and still only worked occasionally.
  • Said they had chandlers (their website) but didn't!
  • Man at diesel station didn't bother to help moor the boat, gave me the fuel nozzle and left. He returned to get paid of course.
  • Some nice restaurants (Happy Moon's), some not
  • Not recommended! -- Sandybig June 2019

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