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Autopilots are equipment used on ships and boats to maintain a chosen course without constant human action. It is also known by several other terms, such as self steering gear and autohelm (technically a Raymarine trademark, but often used generically). Several forms of self-steering gear exist, divided into two categories: electronic and mechanical.


Electronic self-steering is controlled by electronics operating according to one or more input sensors, invariably at least a magnetic compass and sometimes wind direction or GPS position versus a chosen waypoint. The electronics module calculates the required steering movement and a drive mechanism (usually electrical, though possibly hydraulic in larger systems) causes the rudder to move accordingly.

The main goal of a mechanical self-steering gear is to keep a sailboat on a given course towards the apparent wind and to free the helmsman from the steering job. An advantageous side effect is that the sails are kept in optimal angle towards the apparent wind, and deliver optimal propulsion force by that. Even in sailboats running under engine the self steering gear can be used to keep the boat on the correct heading into the wind to easily set or change sails.

Autopilot Types

Wheel Pilot

Tiller Pilot

Wind Vane (mechanical self-steering)

Direct Drive

Autopilot Vendors

Electronic Autopilots

Windvane / Mechanical Steering



Control Heads

Remote Controls

Hydraulic Pumps

Rudder Sensors



  • Autopilots are traditionally named "George".



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