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Batemans Bay
35°42.680'S, 150°11.152'E Chart icon.png
lat=-35.711331 | lon=150.185859 | zoom=14 | y
Batemans Bay NSW.jpg
Batemans Bay Waterfront, Southern NSW Coast

Batemans Bay is a large bay on the NSW coast. It is very open to the east and has limited shelter, despite its size. Ther is good shelter from the NE which is the prevailing wind in Chain Bay also one courtesy mooring. The town of Batemans Bay sprawls around the edges of the bay and is accessible to those boats able to cross the shallow bar into the Cylde River. There is a marina (expensive), adequate anchorage in the channel off the town and full amenities in the town. The Bay is part of the Batemans Marine Park and there are restrictions on fishing in some areas. Boat users must avoid anchoring over seagrass in declared Sanctuary Zones.

The Clyde river runs inland from Batemans Bay and is navigable for 18nm for 30km through bushland and farmland with a lift bridge at Batemans Bay and a fixed bridge at Nelligen 8nm upstream.


Charts are available from NSW Road and maritime services. Hard copies can be purchased from the RMS e-store. PDF charts for Batemans Bay, which is the mouth of the Clyde River and the upper reaches of the Clyde river.

'See also New South Wales.


See New South Wales.


See New South Wales.


  • Marine Rescue Batemans Bay monitors both VHF. They are based on the river bank close to the bar

See also New South Wales.


The Tollgate Islands form a barrier across the mouth of the Bay, though they do not greatly reduce the swell that enters the rest of the Bay. Black Rock and Trennant Rock lie in the gap to the south of the Tollgates. The Bay is relatively shallow (6 to 8), especially in the northwestern end and care should be exercised in conditions of large easterly swells.

Note the white sectors of the Square Headlight, which define safe approaches into the Bay. Chain Bay has a courtesy mooring and also good holding. Very sheltered in N winds. A courtesy mooring west of Snapper Island is available and not bad in a strong southerly

Clyde River Entrance

The bar at the entrance to the Clyde River is shallow, less than 2.0 metres at high tide (April 2012). The bar has been dredged dredge and the leads indicate the best approach but be careful if you draw more than 2 meters Any easterly swell reaches the bar and causes the whole thing to break. If you are not experienced with bars or lack local knowledge, attempting a crossing could be dangerous.

There is a conspicuous set of leads identifying the approach to the bar. Marine Rescue Batemans Bay may be able to clarify this for you but will not give you any local knowledge most have no seamanship experience - be warned. Note that the approach defined by the leads may not correspond with what is shown on some charts.

There are port and starboard markers showing the point at which to leave the track defined by the leads - this is extremely close to the seawall. Once by the seawall, follow the port and starboard markers, staying clear of the sandbank which defines the seaward side of the channel.

Update: New (Fixed) bridge opened in April 2021 (old bridge yet to be dismantled, and until dismantled will still open for public ferry to pass - probably around June 2021) - New bridge has a clearance of 12m.

Old info: A bridge spans the Clyde River west of the township of Batemans Bay. The bridge is a lift bridge with reported closed vertical clearance of 3.6m at MHWS an open vertical clearance of 18m at MHWS. The width of the bridge is 23 m. The bridge opens twice a day to accommodate a cruise boat (11:50 and 14:20 in August 2018). These times may vary during school and holiday peak times. Requests can be made to open the span at other times by calling Batemans Bay Power and Sail on (02) 4472 7263. 24 hours notice is requested. See [1] for current details. Call to check details and make arrangements or contact Marine Rescue Batemans Bay and ask them to assist. Note that less than a mile beyond the bridge, the river is crossed by high voltage wires. It is reported that there is a 15-metre clearance to these wires at HWS, but you should check this before attempting to proceed further upstream.

The town of Nelligen is located 8nm upstream of the lift bridge where the river is spanned by a 3.6m vertical clearance bridge. Depths in the Clyde up to this point are greater than 2m. The river is navigable for a further 10.5nm (19km) upstream beyond Nelligen with depths of less than 2m and unmarked obstacles.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Batermans Marina

Batermans Marina/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Batermans_Marina
Berth icon Batermans Marina [[Batemans Bay#Batermans Marina|Batermans Marina]] 35°42.883'S, 150°11.390'E

The existing marina has a somewhat run down appearance. There are reports of a redevelopment in the pipeline, but no signs of it commencing at this point. It is a very sheltered location, behind a substantial seawall. There are security gates on all fingers.



Clyde River Bridge

Chain Bay

Chain Bay/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Chain_Bay
Anchorage icon Chain Bay [[Batemans Bay#Chain Bay|Chain Bay]] 35°42.036'S, 150°10.719'E
Chain Bay on the northern side of Batemans Bay is an excellent anchorage in northerly conditions. Anchor off the sandy beach in 3 - 5 metres on a sandy bottom. In easterly conditions, swell penetrates the anchorage, but it is still probably preferable to any other anchorage in the outer bay. There is a charted reef on the western end of this bay with cardinal marls indicating the rocks. Courtesy mooring here

Snapper Island

Snapper Island/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Snapper_Island
Anchorage icon Snapper Island [[Batemans Bay#Snapper Island|Snapper Island]] 35°43.518'S, 150°12.747'E
It is reported that it is possible to anchor behind Snapper Island, from where a good view of the state of the bar could be obtained. This area appears to have limited shelter, but could be OK in suitable conditions. Good shelter from a southerly and a courtesy mooring

Cylde River, East

Cylde River, East/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Cylde_River.2C_East
Anchorage icon Cylde River, East [[Batemans Bay#Cylde River, East|Cylde River, East]] (E of bridge) 35°42.323'S, 150°10.820'E
Cylde River, east of the bridge, provides a convenient if cramped, anchorage in the middle of the town. Anchor just outside the permanently moored boats on the sand in about 5 -7 metres. Holding appears to be good, but there is a strong tidal flow and the consequences of dragging into the bridge just upstream would be significant. At high tide, this anchorage can be a bit mobile as the swell comes in over the sandbar, but at lower states of the tide, it is very comfortable. A dinghy can be taken to the public jetty (closest to the bridge).

Clyde River, West

Clyde River, West/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Clyde_River.2C_West
Anchorage icon Clyde River, West [[Batemans Bay#Clyde River, West|Clyde River, West]] (W of bridge) 35°41.874'S, 150°10.591'E
Clyde River, west of the bridge, offers more sheltered anchorage.

Broulee Bay

Broulee Bay/wiki/Batemans_Bay#Broulee_Bay
Anchorage icon Broulee Bay [[Batemans Bay#Broulee Bay|Broulee Bay]] 35°51.032'S, 150°11.053'E
Broulee Bay, immediately to the south of Batemans Bay offers a couple of good anchorages, depending on conditions. All are very swell dependent and not recommended in any swell conditions. In southerly conditions, anchor inshore of Broulee Island. Quite shallow and silting up every year. In northerly conditions, Barlings Beach near Tomakin offers a comfortable anchorage.


Water Available at the marina
Electricity Available at the marina
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry At the marina
Garbage There are good bins all around the waterfront, suitable for disposal of small amounts of rubbish
Fuel Available at the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Power and Sail, 6 Sharon Road Batemans Bay, NSW 2536
Repairs There is an old run down slipway at the marina
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Woolworths, Coles and Aldi have major stores within a 2-minute walk of the public jetty.

Eating out

  • There is a large number of restaurants and takeaway stores around the waterfront.


  • Batemans Bay is on the Princes Highway. A bus to Sydney and Melbourne as well as Canberra stops here.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

  • Visit the Broulee Island Nature Reserve


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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