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Camden Haven
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Camden Haven, Northern NSW Coast

Camden Haven is a delightful stopping point on the north coast of NSW.

There is a bar at the entrance, though this is relatively deep.

The small town of Laurieton offers a wide range of services and is probably the most welcoming of towns on the NSW coast for cruising sailors.



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See New South Wales.


See New South Wales.


See New South Wales.


The barred entrance should be treated with respect. Normal bar rules apply - try to cross in the last few hours of the flood tide and forget it if a big swell is breaking onshore. There is a clear set of leads (lit for night entrance) defining the track across the bar and these should be followed until almost level with the training walls, at which point you should switch to the middle of the channel. The channel is well marked with port and starboard bouys (all lit) defining the channel until you reach Laurieton. Keep closely to the channel as it is surrounded by drying mud banks. Note that there is a strong tidal current and beware of this sweeping you off track. There is an area of moored boats very close to the edge of the channel at Dunbogan and you should beware of these if using the channel after dark as none are lit. Shortly after you pass the area of the United Services Club at Laurieton, the channel is crossed by a road bridge which prevents further navigation.


The Laurieton United Services Club (LUSC) very generously provides a jetty for the use of visiting boats. Tie up alongside the jetty (if there is room) and register at the Club. For a deposit of $50 (which will be refunded), you can obtain a key to a shower and toilet that is provided for visiting boats. Note that the jetty simply has piles and you will need fender boards to go alongside. There is also a dingy pontoon if you elect to anchor out. The tide range is relatively small, generally less than a metre, so lying alongside presents few problems. Allow for wake from inconsiderate powerboats.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There is a small marina close by the bridge at Laurieton, though it appears full.


  • Anchor off the United Services Club on the far side of the channel. Keep well clear of the channel as it is frequently used by fishing boats and runabouts, but beware of the mud bank which extends out from the SE shore opposite the Marine Rescue building.
  • Anchor near the moored boats at Dunbogan.


Water Water is available at the LUSC jetty
Electricity There is no power on the LUSC jetty
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry Laundromat two blocks up from the jetty in the same street
Garbage There are good bins at the LUSC jetty
Fuel The Liberty Service Station in Bold St (a short walk from the LUSC jetty) will assist with delivering fuel to the jetty if you have your own containers
Bottled gas ?
  • There is a hardware store in Laurieton
  • There is a small boating goods store in Dunbogan
Repairs There is a slipway near the marina
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Coles supermarket is a 5 minute walk from the LUSC jetty
  • Woolworths supermarket is a short bus ride
  • There are several bakeries in Laurieton and a Fruit and Vegetable store.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

  • Climb North Brother (the hill immediately behind Laurieton) for stunning views of the local area. You can also see the bar from the street near the beginning of the track - handy for deciding if you can leave
  • The Laurieton Plaza Theatre is excellent and good value


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