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Chania has a Port of Entry

Port of Entry
35°31.200'N, 024°01.000'E Chart icon.png
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Crete Hania7a.jpg
Chania and its Harbor

Chania or Hania or Khania (Χανιά) is in my opinion the most beautiful city in Crete if not the whole Aegean. It is a delightful town. The old city is very picturesque and has the inevitable souvenir stores, rooms for rent, restaurants, and jewelry stores. A whole street is devoted to leather goods. The marketplace (food) is amazing; it is crowded with small and a large stores selling anything from meat, wines, dried fruits, to herbs, chocolates, fruits, breads, pastries, fish, flowers, etc.


See Crete.



See Crete.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 (Chania) & 09 (Souda), Tel. +30 2810 98 888
  • Navy operated Souda Control - VHF channel 16

See also Crete.


If approaching Chania from the east (e.g. Rethimno or Iraklio), is is important to check whether live firing is scheduled at the NATO missile firing range on the Akrotiri peninsula. The harbour authority in Chania can advise (telephone: +30 2821 098888).

Also see Crete.


Chania is a port of entry and exit to Greece.

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There are only two harbors: Chania Harbor and Souda.

Chart of Chania Harbo

Chania Harbor

Chania Harbor/wiki/Chania#Chania_Harbor
Harbour icon Chania Harbor [[Chania#Chania Harbor|Chania Harbor]] (Χανιά) 35°31.200'N, 024°01.000'E
Port of Entry

The harbor of Chania is a beautiful harbor and well protected from the meltemi. The harbor consists of two sections: the West which is exposed to the North and is surrounded by a promenade with restaurants and cafes — no boats are allowed to dock there — and the East which consists of a small marina full of local boats (where you are unlikely to find a berth) and a visitors quay to the right of the entrance which has space for around 15 boats moored stern or bows to. At the time of visiting (June 2009) there were ten pickup lines for yachts. Once these are all taken, another 4/5 yachts should be able to moor using their anchors, being sure to avoid the mooring chain which is some 30m out from the quay. Water and electricity are available at a fixed charge of €3 for the first cubic metre/kilowatt, with a small additional charge for further consumption. A free wifi network is available from CAM hotspot. If laying out your anchor, note that the bottom is soft mud interspersed with rocks and the holding is not always secure. Many boats use two anchors. If you do find a berth on the visitors quay, you will be in heart of the picturesque old town. If the harbour is full, you may be able to find a berth in Souda.

Warning: When a strong northerly gale is blowing, take a line to the other side of the harbor if you are anchored.
The yacht quay in Chania harbor
Chart of Souda Harbor


Harbour icon Souda [[Chania#Souda|Souda]] (Σούδα) 35°29.500'N, 024°04.500'E
Port of Entry

Souda (Σούδα), about 7 km E of Chania, is the best harbor in Crete situated in the large Souda Bay. However, Souda is also a main Greek and NATO naval base. Yachts are permitted to enter the bay as long as they keep to the narrow channel leading to Souda port. Yachts are advised to contact the authorities on channel 12 before entering to obtain clearance. For further information contact the harbour authorities in Chania (telephone: +30 2821 098888).

Once in the harbor you can moor side-to.

Warning: If you leave the boat for any length of time, make sure that all the hatches are well sealed. Freighters load wheat and the wind can bring lots of wheat germ into your cabin.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs





Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry In both Souda and Chania
Garbage There are bins around the harbors
  • Chania Harbor: a mini-tank delivers
  • Souda: you will have to carry jerry-cans from a local filing station
Bottled gas ?
  • Chania: a very basic chandlery
  • Souda: a larger chandlery
Repairs There several machinists in Chania
Internet Free wifi available from CAM hotspot or in cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Many agencies in Chania


  • There are good supermarkets in both Souda and Chania
  • The food market in Chania is amazing; it is crowded with small and a large stores selling anything from meat, wines, dried fruits, to herbs, chocolates, fruits, breads, pastries, fish, flowers, etc.

Eating out

  • Many good tavernas
  • The Grill (Οβελιστήριο) across from Souda Harbor is worth trying


There are daily, and in the summer several per day, flights and ferries to Athens.



Chania is the site of the Minoan settlement the Greeks called Cydonia, Greek for quince (κυδώνι - kydoni). It also flourished after the Dorian Greeks settled on Crete.

Places to Visit

In town visit the Archaeological Museum. It is housed in a large Venetian building and it is very well appointed. It has exhibits from the Minoan to the Hellenistic times, all well-lit and labeled. There are some very nice floor mosaics.

Also there is a Maritime Museum worth visiting.

Samaria Gorge
Crete Samaria6.jpg
The Samaria Gorge
Crete Samaria3.jpg
In the Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is a "must see" place in Crete. The gorge is a 17 km walk (about 6 hours) and the visit will take a day. The best way is to take the earliest bus from Chania to Omalos where the gorge begins. From Xyloscala in Omalos you walk downhill into the gorge and eventually to the town of Ayia Roumeli on the south side of Crete. From Ayia Roumeli, where you can have lunch, you take a local boat to Chora Sfakion and from there a bus back to Chania. It is good to have water and something to eat with you during the hike.

The way down is very, very, steep and slippery. Having good shoes is very useful. It is very green with pine and cedar trees. The path starts at an altitude of 1,235 m and descends in switch backs, with a crude wooden rail at the most slippery spots, down to 600 m in less than 3 km. At that point, the going becomes easier and the scenery is magnificent with the high peaks towering over the gorge. There is water flowing in the gorge, even in October, not a lot but it is crystal clear. There are many fountains of icy cold pure water along the path. There are also plenty of tourists, way too many. The path is rough but less difficult to walk on than the one in the Hohlakies gorge.


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See Greece.


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