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02°39.250'N, 103°37.460'E Chart icon.png
lat=2.654167 | lon=103.624333 | zoom=14 | y
Prospect Dockyard, Endau

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ENTRY INTO THE RIVER These notes are derived from the experience of a few yachts which were in Endau in late 2009 and early 2010. The particular details below are for March 1st 2010. The tide for the day, taken from 'Tidecomp' for Kuala Rompin, shows LW of 1.0 at 0430, HW of 2.1 at 0950. At @0800 when the yacht crossed the outer bar the tide was approximately 1.8 metres. There are reports that a dredge sometimes operates in the river. Pass slowly if it's working.

From seaward approach the channel on about 250 degrees. The bar had depths better than 3.0 of water metres at 0800.

The first buoy is green and is passed leaving it about 30 metres to starboard with depth of 6.0 metres. World icon.png 02°40.97′N, 103°37.40.63′E. Now steer for the town, which is clearly visible. The shallowest depth experienced was 3.9 metres of water between this buoy and the next.

Pass the Black-white concrete beacon, leaving it about 100 metres to port, depth 5.5 metres. World icon.png 02°40.3′N, 103°37.39.65′E.

Leave the Red buoy about 20 metres to port. Depth 5.2 metres. World icon.png 02°40.97′N, 103°37.39.28′E.

Leave the Green buoy about 60 metres to starboard. Depth 5.5 metres. World icon.png 02°40.97′N, 103°37.40.633′E02 40.037N, 103 38.49E.

Stay centred in the river and steer towards the town bridge. The yacht haul-out yard is to starboard about 1/2 mile before the bridge, and the marina is close to the bridge also to starboard.

Update April 2011: The dockyard is busy now, we had to wait two weeks for a date. We got the following waypoints from the dockyard, the waypoints match the route of the waypoints above. We came in at low water (3.5 ft above Chart Datum) and had only 7 ft across the bar. The shallowest spot was about 100 meters East of the Black/White concrete beacon.

N 02 39 870 / E103 38 157

N 02 40 023 / E103 38 825

N 02 39 991 / E103 39 194

N 02 40 491 / E103 39 917

N 02 40 855 / E103 40 492


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Repairs {Prospect Dockyard, ENDAU

The Endau boatyard uses wide cradles running on 4 rails to slip large vessels, up to a maximum of about 100 feet in length. The cradles are hauled up by winch, and then points can be reset to move the cradles sideways and out of the way. If a boat will be out of the water for a very long time then it is jacked off the cradle and supported on blocks. The yard has two work areas, both on the starboard shore. The main work-area is the older one and is situated just upstream from the road bridge. It is inaccessible to yachts or high vessels because of the road bridge, but this yard is always busy with quite large fishing vessels. There is a good machine shop, lots of wood-workers, and the owner of the yard assures customers that most marine supplies and skills are available, including sand-blasting. The depth near the bridge is excellent, better than 3 metres.

The new work area of the Endau Boatyard is about 1/2 mile downstream from the bridge, closer to the ocean, and is also on the starboard shore. It covers a very large area but in March 2010 was only a few months old and relatively unused. In the time it is expected to handle numerous large vessels up to about 150 tons and is unconstrained by height restrictions. The yard has good power and water and a basic toilet-shower block. There is a new office block, mostly empty, but no other facilities. Machine work etc is still only available at the main yard about 3/4 of a mile away along the mostly dirt road. The yard itself is quite isolated. It is fenced and has night security and so far there have been no reported incidents. There are guard dogs which roam free at night, but they are very friendly to those working in the yard.

Slightly downstream from the road bridge, between the bridge and the new haul-out area and also on the starboard shore, is a new marina, known as the Harbour-master's marina. The outer T-head is very substantial and has numerous pilings. It curves in a slight arc with the points towards the shore which gives slightly improved shelter inside and can accommodate several large vessels, on the inner and outer sides. There are several small fingers attached to the main walkway from the shore, but few if any have pilings at their ends and they are all quite short. Yachts have secured to them but took the precaution of tying lines to as many other strong points as possible. The current in the river can be very strong, several knots at times, and the river is quite exposed to strong winds. The wash from passing fish boats can also be considerable. Some yachts have spent a couple of weeks at the marina while all necessary supplies were acquired before hauling out. Close to the Harbour-master's marina and slightly downstream is the terminal for the ferry to the Tioman Islands, with a very substantial dock.

Endau town has several hardware stores and sufficient shops and small restaurants for most needs. Like Mersing to the south, it is a fishing town, and the port shore has numerous fishing vessels secured alongside, many of which are 20 metres or more in length. Some paints and epoxies etc are available immediately, while other supplies may take a week to obtain.

When hauling out, remember that the current in the river is strong and does not necessarily turn with high and low waters. Take care with the approach onto the cradle and do not be hurried by the yard workers who are very keen to get on with the job. Unfortunately, the yard has dropped a couple of yachts. The problem seems to be partly that the yard did not understand how thin-skinned a catamaran is compared to the robust Malaysian fishing boats, and partly that the short keel of one yacht did not sit true on the very substantial cross-beams of the cradle. It was the bridging between the cross-beams that gave way. The good news is that the yard made good all the damages quickly and efficiently and that they have now learned how to handle yachts.

For more information call the boatyard phone on (60) 9 413 1868, or call contact Mr Ng, who speaks excellent English, on 013 931 8900. Email

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