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Gilbert Islands
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The Gilbert Islands group

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Cruising the region

The Gilbert Islands (Gilbertese: Tungaru; formerly Kingsmill Islands) are a chain of 16 atolls and coral islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are the main part of the Republic of Kiribati ("Kiribati" is the rendition of "Gilberts" in Gilbertese) and include Tarawa, the site of the country's capital and residence of almost half of the population.

The atolls and islands of the Gilbert Islands are arranged in an approximate north-to-south line. In a geographical sense, the equator serves as dividing line between the northern Gilbert Islands and the southern Gilbert Islands.

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Islands in the Group

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  • TarawaTarawa/wiki/Tarawa Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • MakinMakin/wiki/Makin Needs data icon – needs data |
  • ButaritariButaritari/wiki/Butaritari Needs data icon – needs data |
  • MarakeiMarakei/wiki/Marakei Needs data icon – needs data |
  • AbaiangAbaiang/wiki/Abaiang Needs data icon – needs data |
  • MaianaMaiana/wiki/Maiana Needs data icon – needs data |
  • AbemamaAbemama/wiki/Abemama Needs data icon – needs data |
  • KuriaKuria/wiki/Kuria,_Gilbert_Islands Needs data icon – needs data |
  • AranukaAranuka/wiki/Aranuka Needs data icon – needs data |
  • NonoutiNonouti/wiki/Nonouti Needs data icon – needs data |
  • TabiteueaTabiteuea/wiki/Tabiteuea Needs data icon – needs data |
  • BeruBeru/wiki/Beru Needs data icon – needs data |
  • NikunauNikunau/wiki/Nikunau Needs data icon – needs data |
  • OnotoaOnotoa/wiki/Onotoa Needs data icon – needs data |
  • TamanaTamana/wiki/Tamana Needs data icon – needs data |
  • AroraeArorae/wiki/Arorae Needs data icon – needs data |


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