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Glyfadha Marina 4
Port of Entry
37°52.300'N, 023°43.870'E Chart icon.png
Greece Glyfada4 h.jpg
Chart Glyfadha Marina 4
Radio VHF channel 7 &19
Phone +30 210 89 47 920
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Mini-truck
Water On berth
Electricity Yes, 220v
Toilets No
Showers No
Laundry No
Internet No
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address Marina Glyfada 4, 11675 Glyfada, Greece
More notes about the marina

This is a very expensive marina with a minimum of services. It is always crowded by permanent customers (long waiting list) and visitors can rarely be accommodated.


Try the VHF but you have a better chance by telephoning.


The entrance of the marina is hard to see until you are almost there.

Danger: With a strong SW swell entering to the marina can be very tricky and at times untenable.


This marina is a ports of entry/exit.

Submit details about facilities for checking in - where to dock, location of immigration & customs, etc.


Marina 4 in Glyfadha (Γλυφάδα) or Glifada is usually very crowded and you have to rouse the lazy attendants to direct where to go. It does provide very good all weather shelter. The marina is operated by the municipality of Glyfadha and the level of service can only be kindly described as indifferent. Unfortunately the marina rates are astronomical.

If you are lucky an attendant will give a mooring. You and go bows-to where directed.

If there is no attendant in evidence go where there is a free berth. Be aware, however, that most likely the berth belongs to someone.

Athenians have to wait years after entering a long waiting list before they can have a berth.


  • This marina has no facilities.
  • Arrangements can usually be made for a mini-tanker delivery at the quay. Unfortunately the tanker operators are not very keen to deliver the small amount of fuel that a sail boat requires. There is gas station about 3 blocks away on the main highway.

Grocery Stores

There is a AB super market in the main square is an excellent source for provisions. They will, after a few hours, deliver to your boat.


There are numerous restaurants around Glyfadha.

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Arrangements can be made with most major companies. They will deliver and pick-up at the marina.

Marine Stores & Facilities

  • The Papaioanou hardware store in the main square has almost everything.
  • On the highway to Athens in Kalamaki there several yachting stores including the well stocked Pelagos just accross from the Kalamaki-Alimos Marina.


Several privates companies operate service boats in the marina. You have to make special arrangements with them for haul-out or repairs. Some of these are:

  • The Mpekatoros brothers in Athens (tel. +30 210 92 28 146) have a complete machine shop and specialize in the service of Diesel engines.
  • There is an outboard shop in Glyfada.
  • Mr. Petros Filipakis (+30 210 89 91 577, +30 6944 440 272) is an good marine electrician but hard to get.
  • For instrument and VHF repairs contact Mr. Theodoros Skordilis (+30 210 41 81 797), his company represents Raymarine and many other brands.
  • Chronis Papamichael and his wife Rena (+30 210 98 42 010) can make and repair any kind of sail.




The marina is about 15 minute walk form the main square of Glyfadha. There you will find many stores and restaurants.


Trolley stop to Athens and Piraeus in front of the marina.


Prices are very high considering that there almost no services provided. No published lists.


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  • I kept my boat for many years in this marina. In 2000, disgusted by the lack of services and the exorbitant prices, I left. --Istioploos

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