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38°12.089'N, 022°34.450'E Chart icon.png
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Satellite view of the Gulf of Corinth - For details click on a name or an area

Korinthiakos Kolpos (Κορινθιακός Κόλπος) or Gulf of Corinth is dominated by the large commercial harbour of Corinth (Κόρινθος) at its E end and Patras just outside its W end. It is entered from W through the Gulf of Patras and under the Rion-Antirio bridge, the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge. From the E entry is through the Saronic Gulf and then via the Corinth Canal. The gulf is not heavily frequented by cruising yachts, but rather used as a passage route for yachts coming or going from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean. Nevertheless, it is an attractive and sheltered cruising area and there are several picturesque ports and anchorages, especially along its northern shores.


1600 Korinthiakós Kólpos
G13 Gulfs of Patras and Corinth
54289 Korinthiakos Kolpos
232 Korinthiakos Kolpos


The prevailing wind in Korinthiakos Kolpos in the summer is from the west and it rarely exceeds force 6. Like the meltemi it reaches its peak in the middle of the day and subsides in the evening. In the autumn and spring the wind can be either from the east or from the west.

Danger: From the late autumn to the early spring the weather can be very volatile with violent thunderstorms. I have experienced very severe weather, force 9, while approaching Corinth. --Istioploos




See separate Wiki entry for Trizonia.

Sunset in Alkonides


Island icon Alkonides [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Alkonides|Alkonides]] (Αλκονίδες) 38°06.88′N, 22°59.25′E

Alkonides is a very nice island on the SE of the Gulf of Corinth. It has lots of birds. Approach form the North.

Danger: There are large, just below the surface, boulders. Have a lookout at the bow while approaching.


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12, tel. +30 27410 28 888
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 02, 64, & 85

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Sailing from W to E you enter the gulf from the Gulf of Patras via the Rio-Antirio Strait.

Note: Yachts transiting the bridge W to E normally pass between the first pair of pylons on the S side; yachts transiting E to W normally use the first pair on the N side. It is essential to call up Rio Traffic on VHF channel 14 when five miles off the bridge and again when one mile off to receive clearance. Minimum clearance under the bridge is 25 metres. Yachts with exceptionally high rigs may need to request permission to use the channel between the two central pylons, which is normally resticted to commercial vessels. Yachts sailing from E to W enter via the Corinth Canal (see Wiki entry).


Itea is a port of entry in/out of Greece.



Chart of Nafpaktos


Harbour icon Nafpaktos [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Nafpaktos|Nafpaktos]] (Ναύπακτος) 38°23.51′N, 21°49.75′E

Nafpaktos or Naupaktos or Lepanto is a jewel of a tiny mediaeval harbor well protected from from the the prevailing winds although SW and SE winds can cause some uncomfortable swell. The waterfront of the town is delightful. Unfortunately there are two problems that make this idyllic harbor less so: It is small and it is hard to find room (arrive early), and it is very noisy. The noise comes from the heavy truck traffic and from the music at night blaring out from a night club at the E entrance, just a few meters away from your yacht.

Anchor in about 3.0 metres depths and back up to the SE mole.

Warning: Be prepared to be squeezed by boats arriving after you.

Warning: As of Feb 2016, the south side of the port (left as you enter) was too shallow for our 1,65 meter draft boat. We touched the bottom, so we went away.
Nafpaktos, exterior view
Nafpaktos, the harbor
Nafpaktos, interior view
Nafpaktos, interior view


See separate Wiki entry for Galaxidhi.

Itea marina looking along the breakwater


Harbour icon Itea [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Itea|Itea]] 38°25.74′N, 22°25.37′E
Port of Entry

Itea (Ιτέα) is a small commercial and fishing harbour, used mostly for agricultural products. A mile W of the town is a plant for the extraction of haematite, which sends a fine red dust over it and the harbour whenever the winds are in the west. The harbour has a large uncompleted marina with a long breakwater and three concrete piers. Local boats have moved in along the piers, but a visiting yacht can lie alongside the breakwater quay in depths of around 4.0 metres. Shelter here is excellent but the surroundings are rather soulless and there are no facilities in the ‘marina’. The harbour is, however, a useful alternative to Galaxidhi for leaving the boat for a visit to Delphi.

Itea is also a port of entry, however, since very few yachts call here, it may be better to clear into/out of Greece in more mainstream port where the bureaucratic procedures are more streamlined.
Kiato commercial quay looking towards the entrance


Harbour icon Kiato [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Kiato|Kiato]] 38°00.88′N, 22°45.24′E
The town of Kiato lies 10 miles W of the W entrance to the Corinth Canal and is a useful alternative to Corinth ‘Yacht Harbour’ for yachts transiting the canal. The large commercial harbour offers good shelter in most conditions but is completely open E. The smaller yacht and fishing boat harbour at the E end of the commercial harbour is usually full of local vessels on private moorings. However, you may be able to find shelter in here in strong easterlies. Otherwise, moor alongside the commercial quay. Depths here range from 2.0 at the root of the breakwater to 4.0 metres at the first ‘elbow’ (reduced in places by some nasty-looking rocks); from the first to the second ‘elbow’ depths range from 5.0 to 8.0 metres; on the outer extension depths are 8.0 – 10.0 metres. The bollards are very widely spaced and you will need long lines to moor up. There are also some bunches of black tyres that will mark your hull if you are not careful. There are no facilities on the quay.
Chart of Corinth Yacht Harbor


Harbour icon Corinth [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Corinth|Corinth]] (Κόρινθος) 37°56.47′N, 22°56.28′E

Corinth or Kórinthos is a large city on the SE of the Gulf of Corinth. While it has a large commercial harbour, its optimistically named Corinth Yacht Harbour has little to offer a cruising yacht and space is almost non-existent inside. If you are prepared to put up with mooring alongside just east of the commercial harbour, Corinth is a good place to leave the yacht while visiting the many interesting archeological sites within a few hours drive. There are berths alongside the wall for about 4 boats. The most westerly has depths of 4 metres, 20 metres along 2.6 metres, then shallower as you go east.

If you must try for a place in the yacht harbour, note that the only secure berths are alongside the end of two T pontoons to starboard once inside the harbour. The further one seems to be permanently occupied by a local boat and, if the nearer one is taken, you either have to raft up on it or go to the commercial harbour. If you are tempted to try going alongside the jetty that encloses the tiny fishing boat harbour, note that the depths here are less than 2.0 metres and that there are some fender-bursting projections along the wall - not a nice place to leave a yacht.

While the area around the commercial harbour is run down, the plazas immediately South of the Marina are surprisingly vibrant at night attracting many hundreds of happy people.

We spent only ten minutes investigating Corinth Yacht Harbour before deciding to head on to Kiato. Frankly, it's a dump. --Athene of Lymington 11:58, 14 September 2011 (BST)

Danger: With strong NE winds entering and leaving the commercial harbor can be dangerous.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs





Anchorage icon Anemokambi [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Anemokambi|Anemokambi]] (Ανεμοκάμπι) 38°21.07′N, 22°22.93′E

Anemokámbi or Andromaki or Ayios Andreas is relative isolated, just some houses on the S side, almost landlocked cove on the mainland, a few miles W of Galaxidhi. Unfortunately there is a fish farm nearby (N entrance).

Anchor in 3-10 m. The bottom is mud and weed, good holding.

Ayioi Saranda

Ayioi Saranda/wiki/Korinthiakos_Kolpos#Ayioi_Saranda
Anchorage icon Ayioi Saranda [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Ayioi Saranda|Ayioi Saranda]] 38°13.42′N, 22°53.3802′E
Ayioi Saranda (Άγιοι Σαράντα - Forty Saints) or Saranti is is a small village the bay just few nM E of Galaxidhi. It is well protected from the prevailing winds. You can either anchor off in 10-15 m or anchor and tie to the small quay. There is good fish restaurant here. A pleasant anchorage.
City of Loutraki


Anchorage icon Loutraki [[Korinthiakos Kolpos#Loutraki|Loutraki]] (Λουτράκι) 37°58.49′N, 22°57.87′E
Loutráki or Ormos Loutrakíou is an open bay N of Corinth and the Canal. It offers shelter from the NE wind but is open to the W and S. There large hotels and it can be noisy. Anchor in 3-6 m. The bottom is sand and weed with some rocks and the holding is not everywhere good.


  • Nafpaktos: there is an outlet is on the S mole
  • Galaxidhi: on the quay
  • Corinth: there is an outlet on the quay but it may be locked. Ask for the attendant
  • Trizonia: in the hamlet
Electricity Galaxidhi: on the quay
Toilets On Trizonia Drymna hotel}
Showers On Trizonia Drymna hotel
Laundry On Trizonia, the Drymna hotel will do laundry. Washing only. No drying. 10 Euros a load. (They also have showers for 4 Euros)
Garbage Bins in the harbors
  • Nafpaktos: the local gas station on the W side of the harbor runs a long hose to the quay
  • Galaxidhi: i a mini-tanker can deliver fuel to the quay
  • Corinth: a mini tanker can be called
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs ?
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Generally strong 3G
Vehicle rentals Can be rented in the town of Corinth and in Galaxidhi.


  • There are several stores in Nafpaktos
  • Good provisions shopping in Galaxidhi
  • In the town of Corinth there is excellent provisions shopping
  • Limited provisions in the store in Trizonia

Eating out

  • The taverna under the large plane tree in Nafpaktos has a wonderful assortment of mezedes (appetizers) to accompany your ouzo
  • There are several restaurants on the waterfront of Corinth
  • Good fish restaurant in Ayioi Saranda
  • In Trizonia there are several good tavernas along the waerfront.


From most ports there is a bus to Athens. From Patras and Corinth there is also a train.


Galaxidi Boat.jpg
Boat Painting
Galxidi Nautical Museum
Click for larger view
Click for larger view'
The Charioteer of Delphi
In Nafpaktos

Walk around the ramparts of the harbour. Also, if you have time walk up to the castle with its distinctive bell-tower.

In Galaxidhi

Other than wandering in its lovely streets you should visit the Nautical Museum which houses a good collection of 19th century model ships (built in Galaxidhi), paintings, figureheads, and nautical instruments. Also worth visiting is the Archaeological Collection which is housed within the Nautical Museum. Unmissable is the wonderful carved iconostasis of the church of Agios Nikolaos (see separate Wiki entry for Galaxidhi)


From Galaxidhi you can take a taxi or a local bus to Delphi, about 10 km. Delphi is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece. While in Delphi visit the Museum which houses many masterpieces along with the breathtaking Charioteer.

From Corinth

From Corinth one can visit Ancient Corinth (also the Museum there) and Acrocorinthos, as well as Isthmia and the Isthmia Museum (several of the exhibits there from Kechries have been found by my wife Dr. Alice S. Riginos and even a few underwater finds by me --Istioploos 16:48, 9 May 2008 (MDT)).

Further away from Corinth there are the most important Bronze Age sites of Mycenae (the citadel, the tombs, the museum) and Tiryns.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)



See Greece.

The Temple of Athena, Delphi
The Theatre, Delphi
Frieze, Delphi museum
The Gates of Mycenae


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