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Language of the Sea - A Nautical Dictionary

NOMENCLATURE AND TERMINOLGY OF THE SEA - As provided by Seafarers throughout the ages.

ABAFT - Toward the rear (stern) of the boat. Behind.

ABEAM - At right angles to the keel of the boat, but not on the boat.

ABOARD - On or within the boat.

ABOARD MAIN TACK! - The order to draw the lower corner of the mainsail down to the chestree.

ABOUT - The situation of a vessel as soon as she has tacked.

ABOUT SHIP! - The order to prepare for tacking.

ABOVE DECK - On the deck (not over it - see ALOFT).

ABREAST - Off the side, level with the vessel.

ABYSS - All area of water lying 300 fathoms beneath the surface.

A-COCK BILL - Yards topped up at an angle with the deck. An anchor hanging from the cathead by a ring only.

ADRIFT - Broken from moorings. Afloat with no propulsion system in operation.

AFLOAT - Buoyed up by the water from the ground.

AFORE - Forward

AFT - Toward the stern of the boat.

AGAINST THE SUN - Anti-clockwise circular motion. Left-handed ropes are coiled against the sun.

AGROUND - Touching or fast to the bottom.

AHEAD - In a forward direction.

AHULL - Vessel lying alee with all sails furled.

AIDS TO NAVIGATION (A to N) - Artificial objects to supplement natural landmarks to indicate safe and unsafe waters.

ALOFT - Above the deck of the boat.

ALL-ABACK - All sails aback

ALL HANDS - The full crew

ALL IN THE WIND - When all sails are shaking. The state of a vessel's sails when they are parallel to the direction of the wind.

ALL HANDS HOAY! - The call by which all the ship's company are called up on deck.

ALONGSIDE - Side by side; joined to another vessel, pier, wharf, etc..

ALONG SHORE - Along the coast; A coast which is in sight, and nearly parallel with it.

ALOOF - At a distance

AMAIN - Suddenly. At once.

AMIDSHIPS - In or toward the center of the boat.

ANCHOR - A heavy metal device, fastened to a chain or line, to hold a vessel in position, partly because of its weight, but chiefly because the designed shape digs into the bottom.

ANCHOR ICE - Ice, of any form, that is aground in the sea.

ANCHOR-LOCKER - Storage space used for the anchor rode and anchor.

ANCHOR-WATCH - A small watch of one or two men, kept while in port.

AN-END - Mast being perpendicular to the deck.

ANCHORAGE - A place suitable for anchoring in relation to the wind, seas and bottom.

ANTIFOULING - Paint used on the bottom of the vessel to prevent barnacles and other organisms from attaching and propagating.

APPARENT WIND - The direction of the wind as is relative to the speed and direction of the boat.

A-PEEK - When a cable is hove taut so as to bring the vessel nearly over her anchor. The yards are a-peek when they are topped up by contrary winds.

APRON - A timber fixed behind the lower part of the stern just above the fore-end of the keel. A covering to the vent.

ARM. YARD-ARM - The extremity of a yard. Also, the lower part of an anchor, crossing the shank and terminating in the flukes.

ARMING - A piece of tallow put in the cavity and over the bottom of a lead-line.

ASHORE - On land.

ASTERN - In back of the boat, opposite of ahead.

ATHWART HAWSE - The situation of a ship when driven by accident across the fore-part of another, whether they touch or at a small distance from each other. The transverse position of the former is understood.

ATHWART THE FOREFOOT - When any object crosses the line of a ship's course, but ahead of her, it is said to be athwart her forefoot.

ATHWARTSHIPS - At right angles to the centerline of the boat; rowboat seats are generally athwartships.

A-TRIP - The anchor when it is raised clear of the ground. Same as a-weigh.

AVAST - An order to "stop".

AWASH - Deck of vessel overcome with waves.

A-WEATHER - The helm, when it is put in the direction from which the wind blows.

AWEIGH - Same as a-trip.

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