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07°57.180'S, 156°42.660'E Chart icon.png
lat=-7.953 | lon=156.711 | zoom=13 | y

Liapari Island, twelve miles from Ghizo, is certainly worth a visit.

There are dozens of sandy and coral island anchorages and diving spots within 2/6 hours sailing of this anchorage including Kennedy Island where the President swam to after being shipwrecked. One could do worse than to base him/herself here in the cyclone season.


See Solomon Islands.


See Solomon Islands.


See Solomon Islands.


See Solomon Islands.


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Also see Cruiser's Nets


You should ideally have satellite images to enter the lagoon which is actually a double lagoon and is poorly charted. The outer entrance (Pos: 07 56.365S 156 43.298E) is marked by posts, after which you need to head North West to (07 56.1888S 156 42.9385E) before turning south to the second pass at (07 56.4137S 156 42.8788E).



Noel's dock

Noel's dock/wiki/Liapari#Noel.27s_dock
Harbour icon Noel's dock [[Liapari#Noel's dock|Noel's dock]]

A yacht can Mediterranean moor, for a small fee, on the dock operated by Noel and Rose Hudson. They have 200 ton and 60 ton slipway. 100 ft dock for berthing. Machine shop, welding and woodworking shop, engineering services and a trade store. Yacht storage. Accommodation on site. No internet available as yet. Operated in the islands for 30+ years.

[email protected]; Tel: +677 (876 0610) {{{3}}}; Fax: +677 (30 297) {{{3}}}; VHF channel 16

A yacht can Mediterranean moor, for a small fee, on the dock operated by Noel and Rose Hudson.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



There are dozens of sandy and coral island anchorages and diving spots close to Liapari including Kennedy Island (where the President swam to after being shipwrecked). Cruisers recommend this as a base for Cyclone season.


Water ?
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel N/A (Not Available)
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs In Noel's dock
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A



Eating out

Possible in Noel's dock.




Enjoy the beaches.


  • Noel Hudson & his wife Rose run a ship-building and repair business called Liapari Ltd. (Tel: 677-30441; Fax 677-30297; Email. For years they’ve welcomed yachties and provided secure storage for yachts over the cyclone/typhoon season in their totally enclosed lagoon. This facility is an absolute find in a country that has practically nothing for repairing yachts and no marinas. They have 2 sets of haulout tracks that take up to 150 tons; a tractor crane for mast removal; 24/7 security; laundry; showers; water; an extensive engineering workshop; diesel engine repairs; welding and 240V power supply both at the slips and for secured vessels. They also provide fast powerboat access to Ghizo once a week.


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See Solomon Islands.


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