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WorldBlack SeaRomaniaMangalia
Port of Entry
43°48.132'N, 028°34.948'E Chart icon.png
Radio VHF channel 67
Phone +40 241 751 088
Fax +40 241 752 297
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 146
Max. length 18 m
Max. draft 3.5 m
Fuel Νο
Water Yes
Electricity Yes
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Internet WiFi
Cable TV Νο
Hours ?
Address B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, bl. M4, parter, Mangalia, Romania
More notes about the marina

Mangalia Marina was considered the most modern port in Romania in 2008, with help from EU development funds.


Contact Mangalia Harbour Master on VHF 67.


Satellite view of Mangalia Marina

You should avoid depths less than 5 meters, because outside the port, in the area south of the entrance there are two rocks beneath the surface (-0.40m). At night watch for the red lighted big antenna tower. It is much closer to shore than the lighthouse, so it's a better guide. When you are close enough you'll see the lights of the entrance.


Mangalia is a port of entry/exit to the Romania. Authorities have two offices. Ask Harbour Master which one to use. For turists/ yachts there is the pontoon in front of the building with big vertical windows, right on shore. Custom officer is to be found in the building. You may ask Harbour Master to call him. Usually will wait for you on the pontoon. But on busy days he works for land custom, so you have to go to the commercial custom office. For commercial/ large ships there is the quay south-east to the entrance. You will see a 2 storey blockhouse between reservoirs. You may ask Harbour Master to phone the officer to wait for you on the quay.

For entrance details see Romania.


All berthing is on pontoons, seen in the picture. The marina staff will direct you to a suitable berth on arrival. The pontoons are of floated concrete.


  • Water and electricity on the pontoons.
  • On site boarder control officers.


  • Not on site, but can be called in from LZ Yachting in Varna (please note Varna is at 110 km).
  • Also available from the yard further inshore, former Military Yard, both from the yard itself and some small repair companies which use their facilities.


  • 24 hour presence of marina staff, with occasional patrols with local police taking place.
  • Pontoons are gated, but never locked and as such are open to the public should anyone choose to enter. People have been known to jump on boats to have pictures taken.
  • During 2016 winter some break-ins were reported.


Mangalia Marina is right next to one of the many popular beaches that are dotted between Mangalia and Constanta. There are many cafes, restaurants, shops, markets, and quite a lot to explore, both locally and further inland. Given the quality of the marina and its security, as well as negotiable rates for staying, it has become a place to keep a yacht while exploring the countryside, particularly Transyvania. The Marina is in the Mangalia city center.

Vama Veche is close, with its party beaches and strings of restaurants. Formerly it was populated by people camping along the shores, now that is forbidden (but still taking place).


  • Buses at every 30 minutes (from June to September) to Constanta or Bucharest
  • Buses to Vama Veche or (rarely) Varna (BG), found near Railway Station
  • Railway Station connected to the rest of the country, but due to tracks quality it's better to take a bus to Constanta and take the train from there
  • Train to the capital of Romania - Bucharest (without connection) during the summer.


It's not cheap, unless you negotiate a price 'without receipt', in which case anything is possible. Look at paying around 1 Euro per metre per day.



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  • I have had several visits to this place, it is only in the last couple of years that they have started charging for stays. It's always been safe and quiet, with friendly locals and staff. BenPikeUK

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