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WorldMediterraneanItalyVenice to TriesteLaguna di MaranoMarina Capo Nord
45°41.872'N, 013°04.325'E Chart icon.png
Marina Capo Nord from W
Radio VHF channel 09 or 16
Phone +39 (0431) 53 503
Fax +39 (0431) 53 524
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 650
Max. length 20 metres
Max. draft 3.5 metres
Fuel Station on the quay (0830-1230 & 1430-1800)
Water Yes, at berths
Electricity Yes, 240V, at berths
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes
Internet WiFi
Cable TV Yes
Hours ?
Address Via Capo Nord 1, 33050 Aprilia Marittima (UD), Italy
More notes about the marina

Marina Capo Nord is situated on the W shore of the Laguna di Marano on the Adriatic coast of Italy, close to the similar marinas of Marina Punta Gabbiani and Marina Aprilia Marittima at the settlement of Aprilia Marittima. The basin in which it lies, the most northerly of the three marina basins, is accessed via a channel with depths of around 3.0 metres at low water and provides 650 berths for shallow or moderate draft yachts of up to 20 metres.


Call Marina Capo Nord on VHF channel 09 or 16. Alternatively, telephone or email for berthing information and reservations.


The marina is accessed by Porto Lignano/wiki/Marina_Capo_Nord#Porto_LignanoWorld icon.png Porto Lignano [[Marina Capo Nord#Porto Lignano|Porto Lignano]] 45°41.996'N, 013°09.459'E , the main westernmost entrance to the Laguna di Marano. Porto Lignano lies immediately E of the peninsula of Lignano Sabbiadoro, between it and the low island of Isola di Martignano. Dangerous sandbanks extend offshore for over a mile on either side of the entrance and the safe water between the banks (which shift constantly) is marked by a red and white fairway buoy situated about 1.5 miles SSE of the channel. Yachts entering should pass within 50 metres of the buoy, which is moved to reflect the shifts, before turning on a course of c. 355 degrees to cross the bar and pick up the channel, which is marked with wooden posts (white to starboard and red to port). Depths in the channel are around 6.0 metres, but can be as little as 2.5 metres over the bar. An entry should therefore only be attempted close to high water and on a rising tide and never in strong onshore winds.

Once through the channel, pass the entrance to Marina Punta Faro in Lignano and continue N to the junction of three separate channels. Take the marked channel that leads SW for just over three miles to the settlement of Aprilia Marittima. Leave the entrance to Marina Punta Gabbiani to port and continue for 250 metres through the moorings of Marina Aprilia Marittima. The entrance to Marina Capo Nord is to starboard. Depths in the channel leading to Aprilia Marittima can be as little as 3.0 metres and entry should only be made, as with Porto Lignano itself, on a rising tide and close to high water.


Berthing assistance available on request. Berths are on 10 pontoons. All berths have mooring posts for four-point mooring.


  • Yacht club
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Cashpoint (ATM)


Boatyard of Cantieri di Aprilia. Slipway. Travel lift (60 T). Fixed (10 T) and mobile (15 T) cranes. Hardstanding. Engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood, steel and fiberglass hull repairs. Paintworks. Carpentry. Upholstery. Sail repairs. Divers.


Good (CCTV).


The marina is part of a full-service leisure and marina complex and most provisions and other requirements can be obtained onsite.


List transportation (local and/or international. Bus service to town?)


Current daily berthing price (January 2011) for typical 13 metre yacht: Euros 50.

Provide price information. (If possible add a link to the marina's pricing page.)


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