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Port of Entry
37°51.500'S, 144°54.899'E Chart icon.png
lat=-37.85833 | lon=144.91498 | zoom=11 | y
Melbourne 1868 map.jpg
Melbourne Map, ca. 1868

What is Melbourne really like? Ava Gardner, who starred in the Hollywood post-apocalyptic film ‘On the Beach’ (1959)—shot on location in Melbourne—was reputed to have said that it was a great place to make a movie about the end of the world. More recently, comedian Jerry Seinfeld reported to the media, on arrival back to New York from Melbourne, that he had been "to the anus of the world". With these sorts of recommendations, you just have to come and see the place for yourself.

Port Phillip Bay is generally fairly pleasant, although it can be a little choppy with wind. The worst it gets would be three metre waves accompanying a strong Southerly coming up from the Antarctic, but such conditions are rare. There is quite a lot of club racing and smaller yachts close to the shorelines in the bay, as well as the many power boats used for fishing. This tends to be seasonal, peaking at school holiday times (December-January, May.)

Cruising yachts shouldn't even consider berthing in the Port Melbourne or Yarra River marinas, unless you own a superyacht or really enjoy being gouged. At an average $50 a day there's little value, and dropping anchor in the bay will be a lot less painful.


Australian Hydrographic Service
AUS143 Australia South Coast - Victoria - Port Phillip Bay (1:100000)
AUS144 Australia South Coast - Victoria - The Rip (1:25000)
AUS154 Australia South Coast - Victoria - Port of Melbourne - Williamstown and River Yarra (1:7500)
AUS155 Australia South Coast - Victoria - Approaches to Port of Melbourne (1:37500)

Available for AU$35.00 each (laminated $50.00) at Melbourne Map Centre


Similar to Mediterranean conditions. The temperature rarely goes below freezing, but it can be cloudy and wet in winter. Summers are hot but fairly short, with the highest temperature on record being a sweltering 46.4 °C (115.5 °F), on 7 February 2009. (And there I was with no air conditioning!)


Since there is no real culture of cruising into Melbourne — most yachts in the bay are only sailed occasionally, if at all — this is an open-ended question. Arrivals will most likely come from either Adelaide, northern Tasmania or down the coast from Sydney rather than direct from another country.

See also Australia Passages



See also Australia and Victoria.


The entrance to Port Phillip Bay is graced by three lighthouses, the Black Lighthouse at Queenscliff, the White Lighthouse at Queenscliff and the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. These are all on the western side, i.e. to port as you enter the heads.

Due to the restriction of the tidal range within Port Phillip caused by the relatively narrow entrance, the tidal stream in the vicinity of the Heads does not turn at high and low water. The force of the tidal streams depends upon the relative water levels inside and outside Port Phillip. The greatest difference in levels occurs at about the time of high and low water at Port Phillip Heads. This is when the inward and outward streams run at their strongest, up to six knots under normal conditions and may exceed nine knots in extreme conditions.

Yachts should therefore plan to enter and exit during slack water periods, which occur three (3) hours before and after high water, when levels are the same inside the harbour as outside.

See also Port Phillip.


Melbourne is a port of entry for Australia. For details see Entrance: Australia.

Customs Contact Details
414 Latrobe St,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (24hrs) 03 9244 8969
Facsimile: 03 9244 8970
E-mail: [email protected]
Quarantine Contact Details
6th Floor, 414 Latrobe St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Office hours: 03 9246 6713
After hours: 0417 551 965
Facsimile: 03 9246 6841

Boarding Station for Arrival: Contact Customs and Quarantine for information on anchorage/berthing.

Port Draughts: Deep water port.


Theremanyf berthing options here. Either at the entrance to the Yarra River at Williamstown or right up the river to the heart of the city at Docklands. Visitors can berth where there are green caps on the marina piles.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Port Phillip Bay

For marinas further away in Port Phillip Bay see Port Phillip Bay marinas.

Australia Melbourne1.jpg

Melbourne City Marina

Melbourne City Marina/wiki/Melbourne#Melbourne_City_Marina
Berth icon Melbourne City Marina [[Melbourne#Melbourne City Marina|Melbourne City Marina]] 37°49.019'S, 144°56.335'E
Port of Entry

Marina has 38 berths accomodating boats up to 60 m. All facilities (except fuel), laundry, WiFi, pump-out facility, 24hr security. Secure a berth for short-term stays by booking ahead.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 03 9658 8738; Fax: +61 03 9329 2522; VHF channel XX
Address: Unit 120, 439 Docklands Drive , Docklands , VIC 3008, Australia
Australia Melourne2.jpg

The Anchorage Marina

The Anchorage Marina/wiki/Melbourne#The_Anchorage_Marina
Berth icon The Anchorage Marina [[Melbourne#The Anchorage Marina|The Anchorage Marina]] (ex Parsons) 37°51.209'S, 144°54.167'E

90 berths for boats 8 m to 23 m on floating docks. No fuel, but provides water and electricity, and laundry. Café and restaurant.

XX@XXX; Tel: +61 3 9397 4740; Fax: +XX XX XXXX-XXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: 34 The Strand, Williamstown, VIC 3016, Australia

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club/wiki/Melbourne#Hobsons_Bay_Yacht_Club
Berth icon Hobsons Bay Yacht Club [[Melbourne#Hobsons Bay Yacht Club|Hobsons Bay Yacht Club]] 37°51.578'S, 144°54.259'E

106 berths accomodating boats 25 ft to 44 ft. Water, electricity, and a slipway. Club house right in the heart of Williamstown. Close to shops and restaurants. Visitors moorings on request.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9397 6393; Fax: +61 3 9397-1045; VHF channel XX
Address: 270 Nelson Place, Williamstown, VIC 3016, Australia

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria/wiki/Melbourne#Royal_Yacht_Club_of_Victoria
Berth icon Royal Yacht Club of Victoria [[Melbourne#Royal Yacht Club of Victoria|Royal Yacht Club of Victoria]] 37°51.688'S, 144°54.422'E
Port of Entry

Limited visitors' berths. Located at the mouth of the Yarra River, in Hobsons Bay. All facilities, fuel, clubhouse with bar and restuarant, BBQ area, WiFi, haulout with 28ton travel hoist.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9397 1277; Fax: +61 3 9397 8160; VHF channel XX
Address: 120 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Melbourne, Victoria 3016, Australia

Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club

Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club/wiki/Melbourne#Royal_Victorian_Motor_Yacht_Club
Berth icon Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club [[Melbourne#Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club|Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club]] 37°51.626'S, 144°54.253'E
Port of Entry

80 berths cater for boats up to 18 metres. All berths have access to water and shore power, plus shower and toilet facilities in the clubhouse.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9393 2888; VHF channel XX
Address: 260 Nelson Place (P.O. Box 25), Williamstown, Victoria 3016, Australia

Savages Wharf

Savages Wharf/wiki/Melbourne#Savages_Wharf
Berth icon Savages Wharf [[Melbourne#Savages Wharf|Savages Wharf]] 37°51.654'S, 144°54.198'E

49 berths on a floating pontoon for 10 m to 30 m boats. No fuel, but water and electricity. A slip.

XX@XXX; Tel: +61 3 9397 6513; Fax: +61 3 93977291; VHF channel XX
Address: 158-170 Nelson Place, Williamstown, VIC 3016, Australia
Hours: 7:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday

St Kilda Marina

St Kilda Marina/wiki/Melbourne#St_Kilda_Marina
Berth icon St Kilda Marina [[Melbourne#St Kilda Marina|St Kilda Marina]] 37°52.392'S, 144°58.515'E

8 km from Melbourne. 470 berths for 6 m to 23 m boats. Visitors on request. Fuel, water, electricity, some repairs.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9534 0448; Fax: +61 3 9534 7890; VHF channel XX
Address: Marine Parade, St Kilda, Vic 3182, Australia

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron/wiki/Melbourne#Royal_Melbourne_Yacht_Squadron
Berth icon Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron [[Melbourne#Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron|Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron]] 37°51.034'S, 144°56.983'E

Located about 3 nm SE of the Yarra River entrance. 250 berths for 10 m - 20 m boats. All facilities, clubhouse with bar and restaurant. Visitors welcome.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9534 0227; Fax: +61 3 9534 4478; VHF channel XX
Address: Pier Road (PO Box 2001), St Kilda, Victoria, Australia, 3182
Docklands (Yarra River, City)

d'Albora Victoria Harbour

d'Albora Victoria Harbour/wiki/Melbourne#d.27Albora_Victoria_Harbour
Berth icon d'Albora Victoria Harbour [[Melbourne#d'Albora Victoria Harbour|d'Albora Victoria Harbour]] 37°49.009'S, 144°56.352'E
Port of Entry

69 berths for 10 m - 35 m boats. All facilities, laundry, but no fuel, pump-out, members lounge. End to end dockmaster assistance 7 days a week Visitors welcome.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9602 4511; Fax: +XX XX XXXX-XXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: 28 Cumberland Street, Victoria Harbour, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia, 3182

d'Albora Pier 35 Marina

d'Albora Pier 35 Marina/wiki/Melbourne#d.27Albora_Pier_35_Marina
Berth icon d'Albora Pier 35 Marina [[Melbourne#d'Albora Pier 35 Marina|d'Albora Pier 35 Marina]] 37°49.504'S, 144°54.283'E
Port of Entry

Located on the southern bank of the Yarra river, just after the West gate bridge. 77 berths for up to 40 m boats. All facilities (fuel berth, water, electricity), club room, pump-out facility, restaurant, 24hr security.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9646 1200; Fax: +61 3 9646 6957; VHF channel 16
Address: 263-329 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia
Hours: 8.30 am - 5pm (7 days a week)
Australia Melbourne3.jpg

Marina YE

Marina YE/wiki/Melbourne#Marina_YE
Berth icon Marina YE [[Melbourne#Marina YE|Marina YE]] 37°49.430'S, 144°56.668'E
Port of Entry

This marina is on the southern bank of the Yarra River, just after the Bolte Bridge. 170 berths for up to 30 m boats. No fuel. Water, electricity, laundry, WiFi, cafes, restaurant, provisions close by. Visitors welcome.

For the latest prices see Price Listing.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 9681 8394; Mob: +61 412841985; Fax: +61 3 9681 8397; VHF channel XX
Address: 84A River Esplanade Docklands 3008, Melbourne 3205, Australia; PO Box 483, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia

New Quay Marina

New Quay Marina/wiki/Melbourne#New_Quay_Marina
Berth icon New Quay Marina [[Melbourne#New Quay Marina|New Quay Marina]] 37°49.091'S, 144°56.563'E
Port of Entry

Located in Victoria Harbour, opposite Etihad Stadium. 49 berths for 17 to 35 ft boats. Water, pump-out facility, 24hr security. Bars, cafes and restaurants on the waterfront.

[email protected]; Tel: ++61 03 9091 1400; VHF channel XX
Address: Shop 1, 401 Docklands Drive, New Quay Docklands VIC 3008, Australia


See Port Phillip Bay.


Water See individual marinas
Electricity See individual marinas
Toilets See individual marinas
Showers See individual marinas
Laundry See individual marinas
Garbage ?
Fuel See individual marinas
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Whitworths Marine Supermarket
556 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia; Phone: +61 3 9347-6511; Fax: +61 3 9347-6702
HOURS: Mon-Fri 8.30 am-5.30 pm, Sat 8.30 am-12.30 pm
Whitworths site
  • Classic Boat Supplies Accepts online orders. Has a good range of bronze deck hardware and bits for wooden boat repair, epoxy, etc. Australian distributor for Davey & Co.
  • The Boat Warehouse Online-only chandlery that delivers throughout Australia. Has a wide offering from many of the major brands such as Harken, Ronstan and Oceansouth. Will send orders internationally.
Repairs Travel lifts and repair facilities are available at Patterson Lakes Marina and Savages Wharf.
Internet You should be able to find an open broadband network from anywhere within Port Phillip. There are also legitimate WiFi internet "hot spots" in the city.
Mobile connectivity Melbourne Wireless are dedicated to creating a city-wide free wireless network
Vehicle rentals


Give the names and locations of supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, etc.

Eating out

Give the name of recommended restaurant, tavernas, pastry stores, etc.


List transportation (local and/or international.)



In 1835 John Batman, a successful Tasmanian farmer, sails to the mouth of the Yarra River and negotiates the purchase of 600,000 acres of land from the local Wurundjeri aboriginal people with blankets, knives, looking glasses, tomahawks, scissors, handkerchiefs, shirts, flannel jackets and flour, and the promise of a yearly rental payment. Together with Tasmanian convict’s son and businessman John Pascoe Fawkner he founds Melbourne, which is temporarily called ‘Batmania’. Melbournites are wryly aware of the humourous association that Melbourne has with Gotham City.

At its inception Melbourne is unique in being an Australian settlement of ‘free’ people, not of convicts.

In the following years government buildings are built, the city grid is established and first plots of land are sold. Most buildings from that time were timber constructions that have not survived. The Melbourne Cricket Club is founded, and a seaport and market are opened. Melbourne is declared a city by Queen Victoria in the 1840's, and by the 1850's (the state of) Victoria breaks away from New South Wales to become a separate colony.

Places to Visit

  • Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city of 4 million people with a temperate climate, if somewhat damp in winter. The city and inner northern suburbs furnish a wide variety of excellent restaurants and pubs catering for any taste including all European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. We also have the usual complement of museums, art centres and tourist traps. Best seen during the daytime, as the city tends to become very quiet after hours during the week. Weekends are livelier, with the many clubs and Crown Casino attracting crowds.
  • The inner suburb of St Kilda, a short ride by tram from the CBD, is the local "red light" district with entertainment and activities running into the wee hours of the morning. Further down the peninsula, the many bayside suburbs have their own measure of interest, although you may need to consult a local to find something to do at night.
  • Melbourne is also renowned for its wide variety of music venues, where you'll find good jazz, blues and retro rock/pop cover bands as well as more modern "music" according to individual taste. There's something for everyone!
  • For those staying more than a fortnight, the Yarra Valley wineries are worth a tour, as is the Grand Ridge Brewery at Mirboo North (try the Moonshine beer). Also during winter the ski area near Mansfield (3hrs drive) is a good trip for a few days, although accomodation needs to be booked well in advance.
  • Residents of Melbourne have a passion for cars, beer and Australian Rules Football.
  • There are more Greeks in Melbourne than anywhere outside of Athens.
  • Formula 1 Grand Prix - Annually in late March
  • Melbourne Comedy Festival - Annually in April


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  • Living aboard is generally not acceptable on most of the marinas in Port Phillip Bay. This was discovered by a New Zealander who contacted all of the marinas within commuting distance from the Melbourne CBD. He did find that New Quay Marina accepts live-aboards but they charge around AU$10,000pa for the privelege. See Forum discussion.
    None of this may be applicable to international cruising yachts since their situation is different. In general, marinas will see a stay of a few days aboard as acceptable in any case, but facilities for long-term stays (showers, washing machines, pump-outs, etc) may be limited or non-existent unless one is a member of a local yacht club, or another club with reciprocal agreements. --Haiqu 02:25, 26 May 2011 (BST)

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