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Mykonos Marina
Port of Entry
37°27.895'N, 025°19.471'E Chart icon.png
Greece MyconosMarina h.jpg
Marina Chart
Radio VHF channel Ch. 12
Phone Port Manager Mykonos (Nikos) +30 6946942091
Berths Around 30 visitors' berths at present
Max. length ?
Max. draft 4.5 metres
Fuel No fuel dock. Minitanker availiable
Water Everywhere with pillars
Electricity New pylons throughout the marina
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes (free, hot water all year around)
Laundry At the mini-market across the street
Internet No
Cable TV No
Hours ?
More notes about the marina

Mykonos Marina (known locally as the New Port)  is a partly finished marina located around two kilometres north of the old harbour and town of Mykonos. It provides good shelter from the prevailing winds and is quiet, being some distance from the main town. Until recently something of a 'free for all' by 2015 a harbour master was on site, new electricity and water pylons were available throughout and chaos was diminished. See link to: Yachting and Boating World Forum for recent extensive discussions on the improvements to Mykonos Marina.


Ch 12 (Port Authority)


There are no dangers in the approach. Usually there will be one or more large cruise ships moored on the outside of the marina breakwater to help identify it. The marina is entered from SE. Depths in the entrance are 5.0 - 6.0 metres.


This marina is a port of entry/exit.

Submit details about facilities for checking in - where to dock, location of immigration & customs, etc.


Visiting yachts normally berth stern/bows-to or alongside in the two basins immediately to starboard on entering the marina. The basins consists of a short breakwater extending from the shore and protecting the marina from SE and two parallel concrete jetties 100 metres and 200 metres further into the marina. Ground chains are in place for laid lines in both bays. Laid lines are in service on the South side of the North quay and near the root of the south quay. Once these are taken, yachts need to use their anchors (with great care as there are mooring chains along both sides of the basin). A safer alternative is to go alongside on the shore side of the basin. Depths alongside here are greater than 3 metres. Depths along the jetty and breakwater range from 4.25 metres at the root to 4.5 metres at the end. The basin is the least sheltered part of the marina and gusts will be experienced with strong northerly winds. The basin is also subject to some swell, especially in strong S winds. Boats will also tie stern to the outside of the breakwater. Depths are greater than 3 metres from the mid point out.

There are a further 30 laid moorings for larger (20-25 metre) yachts on the marina’s south west quay (on the inside of the section where the cruise liners berth), but these are usually filled with local power boats and a visiting yacht will be lucky to find a berth here.

Port Manager, Nikos, is present every day, including in winter. Call Ch.12 for help.


Water and electricity (prepaid system) is available throughout the marina. Fuel by mini tanker only. No other facilities. Well stocked Minimart nearby 0700 - 23:00.


Nothing in the marina, but for the whole high season (starting 15 April) there is a trailer which is a fixed service station for charter boats: can also help. In town, in the very center, there is a good chandlery (in a cave). Reasonable prices, open all year around.

The yacht jetty in Mykonos Marina
The yacht basin from WSW (alongside berths straight ahead)
The SW quay – usually filled with powerboats


Poor. Its only protection is its remoteness from the town.


The marina is about half an hour's walk from the town and its attractions.

There are a couple of good restaurants close to the marina.

Matthews Taverna across the street has good food but tourist prices. Servings are large.

Oregano, 1km away on a good walk up the hill, should be taken into account: open all year around, it is a restaurant for Greeks, with fresh food and reasonable (cheap) prices. Can deliver all food at anytime in the Marina.


Car/scooter hire outlet opposite the marina. Regular bus service into town during the season. Also local taxis 22890 22400 are very inexpensive at €5-8 into town. Sea Bus leaves from the Marina to town on the half hour until 21:30 - €2


The marina is run by the Town of Mykonos. There are offices of both the port police and the Port Authority. Charges are the same as all other city marinas in Greece: about 140€ month for a 35ft.


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  • Some much-needed improvements have been made during 2011 (see link above) and Mykonos Marina is now slightly more yacht-friendly than it used to be. However, considerable additional investment is needed to bring it up to an acceptable marina standard. --Athene of Lymington 13:24, 11 July 2011 (BST)
  • We've spent winter 2014/2015 aboard in a 35ft. Reasonable price (140€ month mooring + electricity 0.6€ per Kw/h); we've used two new mooring line and stay moored bow side, looking north est in the inside of the basin. Some days winter at 50knots has been hard, but there is no big surge coming in from outside: I would suggest to live aboard and to not leave the boat along for too long time. Nikos, the port manager, have been present every day, with any weather: very helpful, available with mobile 24x7. The town makes strong effort to welcome yachts. The only annoying is the summer boat-bus that takes tourists from here to town: it's captain enter end exit the harbour at high speed, creating a dangerous surge suggesting to have tight lines but watch out of the (little but still present tide). For this reason I suggest to avoid the local sea bus and walk into town (it's just 1km away: a good walk for our weak sailor's legs), or at least tell the captain he should respect the law and enter end leave the harbour at a reasonable speed. --Francescor 16:34, 14 April 2015 (BST)
  • When we visited in May 2012, the harbour was deserted. It is now quite crowded, especially on weekends. The establishment of a harbourmaster and electricity and water services are excellent. The remaining issue is all the fouled anchors on the ground chain. Monterey June 2015
  • We visited in June 2016. Pretty busy and not always a space free. Fouled anchors is almost inevitable either on the large ground chain that was laid for mooring lines (but not used) or from neighbours boats, In the northern section the space between quays is tight so you would only have 30m chain out even when dropping level with the bow of the opposite boat. Across the southern section, the gap is about 50m, so better if it's windy. It is probably a good idea to snorkel and check your anchor before trying to leave. Water on the quay is very low pressure. The wash from the water taxi is a real problem. There are obviously plans to improve the marina as there are half completed shop shells and various concrete blocks. However, I will avoid the marina at least till I hear that mooring lines have been laid. It is a shame as it otherwise is in a good location for crew change over. --Zebahdy of London June 106

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