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Port of Entry
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Approaches to Olbia

Olbia, on the NE coast of Sardinia, is one of the largest natural harbours in the Med. It is a very busy ferry and cruise ship port. It is famous for its mussels, which are grown in large numbers on either side of the buoyed channel.


British Admiralty 1992 - 1:300,000 Portovecchio to Arbatax including Bonifacio Strait

1211 - 1:50.000 Capo Ferro to Coda Cavallo

Imray M8 - 1:255,000 North Sardegna


See Sardinia - weather.


Ensure your boat is locked when not on board. Theft has been reported in the past, including from boats at anchor.


See Mediterranean.


See Anchorages below.


Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

Also see Cruiser's Nets


There is a long buoyed channel up to the harbour - beware of shipping. Refer to official charts and publications.


Olbia is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.

Useless to go to the large Guardia Costiera office buildings N of the Old Quay free anchorage and free docks. You will be asked to go to the tiny Guardia Costiera offices in the higher floors of the ferry port. To access these higher floors, you must enter a secure area by asking a policeman. The ferry port itself cannot be reached via tender, as it is not allowed, and it is nearly impossible to dock the tender anywhere near it, so either a long walk or a taxi ride are necessary.


Visiting yachts can either berth in the new Marina di Olbia or on the Old Commercial Quay (free).

Old Commercial Quay

Old Commercial Quay/wiki/Olbia#Old_Commercial_Quay
Harbour icon Old Commercial Quay [[Olbia#Old Commercial Quay|Old Commercial Quay]]
Mooring on the Old Commercial Quay offers excellent protection and is close to the city center. Water at the fuel station (5€/100L). No electricity. Once a week the garbage man comes to collect a garbage fee: this is probably a fraud. Sometimes harbour officials will ask you to move to make place for big yachts.

Marina di Olbia

Marina di Olbia/wiki/Olbia#Marina_di_Olbia
Marina icon Marina di Olbia [[Olbia#Marina di Olbia|Marina di Olbia]]

This is a relatively new marina on the south side of the bay. The marina is very clean and close to the airport though pricing is at the higher end (to put this in perspective in August 2013 an 8.5m boat in Olbia was €49/night, the list price at Marina di Puntaldia, some 20Nm away, was €89/night). It is so close to the airport one could theoretically walk to the marina; however, as the Marina runs a free shuttle there is little point. Taxis from the airport to the marina take about 10 minutes, so negotiate your price before starting the journey.

The marina is huge and not yet fully developed. In the future there will be little shops and cafes, but they have not yet been built. There is one floating cafe only. A large supermarket is 10 minutes walk (it is within a small shopping mall). You are allowed to wheel your provisions back to the marina in a shopping trolley. The trolleys are collected and returned to the mall regularly. The toilet block is within the building housing the capitenaria, therefore it can be a long walk from your berth.

The marina is out of the centre of Olbia, but there are buses into town (the bus stop is by the supermarket). A taxi takes 15 minutes and is quite costly. The marina is a safe place to leave a yacht over the winter, but there are very few liveaboards.

[email protected]; Tel: +39 (789) 67 121; Fax: +39 (789) 645 842; VHF channel XX
Address: Via Piovene, 8 - 07026 Olbia, Italy


Old Quay

Old Quay/wiki/Olbia#Old_Quay
Anchorage icon Old Quay [[Olbia#Old Quay|Old Quay]] 40°55.273'N, 009°31.638'E
There is a good anchorage in front of the Old Quay in 5.0 - 8.0 metres. The holding is good in mud with little fetch whatever the wind direction.

There are many additional anchorages around the Golfo di Olbia.

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci/wiki/Olbia#Golfo_Aranci
Anchorage icon Golfo Aranci [[Olbia#Golfo Aranci|Golfo Aranci]] 40°59.453'N, 009°36.667'E
In the N of the Golfo di Olbia is the Golfo Aranci. An anchorage just to the west of a small harbour with some facilities ashore.

I. Tavolara and I. Molara

I. Tavolara and I. Molara/wiki/Olbia#I._Tavolara_and_I._Molara
Anchorage icon I. Tavolara and I. Molara [[Olbia#I. Tavolara and I. Molara|I. Tavolara and I. Molara]] 40°53.431'N, 009°43.465'E

In the S of the Golfo di Olbia are Isola Tavolara and Isola Molara. In the area between these islands and the coast of Sardinia are several spectacular anchorages. I. Tavolara itself is a huge block of granite, a feature that makes a landmark for miles around.

Tavolara is declared a nature reserve.

Porto Brandinchi

Porto Brandinchi/wiki/Olbia#Porto_Brandinchi
Anchorage icon Porto Brandinchi [[Olbia#Porto Brandinchi|Porto Brandinchi]] 40°50.050'N, 009°41.755'E

Also referred to as Brandinghi, this bay is just to the S of the Isola Molara, around Capo Coda Cavallo. Beware the Testa di Moro rock awash in the centre of the entrance, c. 1/3 Nm S of I. Ruia. Good holding several places in sand. Exposed to E-SE.

In the SW corner of Brandinchi is the Marina di Puntaldia. This marina likes to be slightly more expensive than Porto Cervo so to be avoided in high summer unless with very deep pockets.


Water Available from Marina (charge in at least high season)
Electricity Available from Marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry Self service laundry (search Google for lavandaria a gettoni) on Via Porto Romano, Sole Di Lorena Pischedda. There may also be a mobile service wash available at the Old Quay.
Garbage In the marina and public bins located around town
Fuel Available from Marina and ???
Bottled gas see Chandlers
Chandlers There are a couple of reasonable chandleries in the town, both having Camping Gaz.
  • A ferramenta/nautico on the Via di Filippi, entrance in a yard just before the Banco di Sardegna
  • Chandlery at the waterfront end of Via Giuseppe Garibaldi
Repairs There are many yards and repair facilities around Olbia
Internet None noted from off the Old Quay, perhaps in the Marina. Also cafes in town offering internet access.
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Available in town and in airport,

Only Sardinia Autonoleggio (Available at Olbia Airport)


Large supermarket close to the Old Commercial Quay, it is possible to moor a dinghy within 150m of the entrance.

Eating out

Many around town


  • Airport with links to some European and Italian cities
  • Island bus services by ARST
  • Local buses around Olbia
  • Shuttle bus from marina to airport
  • Taxis from marina to airport (10 minutes)


This is a busy little town in the summer with a number of pizzerias, shops, etc.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)


  • Olbia at the Wikipedia
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  • Olbia, Porti e spiagge at the olbiaturismo.it contains a link to Ordinanza Capitaneria di Porto


See Italy.


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