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Port Cygnet
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Cygnet is a thriving country town about one hours drive south of Hobart. It lies at the head of Port Cygnet, a deep bay on the northern side of the mouth of the Huon River. Once you head south of Hobart, it is the only place where you can do a full restock of ships stores while in a secure anchorage. Cygnet is an excellent base from which to explore the lower D'Entrecasteaux Channel and Bruny Island. It is also a good base from which to set off to Tasmania's west coast and, in particular, Port Davey. International cruising boats are an increasingly common sight in the anchorage.

It is a 15 minute walk from the vicinity of the yacht club into the town. There is a daily bus service into Hobart.

Cruising the region

Nearby cruising grounds include:

  • Bruny Island (especially the area of Great Taylors Bay)
  • Huon River (see Port Huon)
  • The whole of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel
  • Dover
  • Southport
  • Recherche Bay

This provides a huge cruising area in a relatively small area of sheltered waterways.

Sadly, a large number of fish farms dominate the whole area and some caution is required to avoid them. Note that apparently slow moving fishing boats may be towing a fish pen and this may not be obvious in poor light. Needless to say, any attempt to cross behind such fishing boats is likely to be fraught.


See Tasmania.


See Tasmania.


See Tasmania.


See Tasmania.


See Australia.


Port Cygnet is wide and free from dangers apart from moored boats and the large fish farm near the mouth of the bay. Do not continue passed the moored boats at the head of the bay as this area consists of tidal mud flats.


There is no marina but Port Cygnet Sailing Club provides moorings.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Port Cygnet Sailing Club

Port Cygnet Sailing Club

Port Cygnet Sailing Club/wiki/Port_Cygnet#Port_Cygnet_Sailing_Club
Buoy icon Port Cygnet Sailing Club [[Port Cygnet#Port Cygnet Sailing Club|Port Cygnet Sailing Club]] 43°10.528'S, 147°05.087'E

This is a very active sailing club. Club members welcome visiting yachts. There are toilets at the yacht club. It may be possible to access club showers - contact the club. There are two slipways, one of which should be able to handle boats up to about 12 tons and 12 metres length.

If you are considering a longer stay in the area, the yacht club may be able to find a spare mooring for you.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 3 6295 0464; VHF channel XX
Address: Lymington Road, Cygnet 7112, Australia


Most good bays in the vicinity have either moored boats or fish farms in them, but good anchorages can still be found.

Gardners Bay

Gardners Bay/wiki/Port_Cygnet#Gardners_Bay
Anchorage icon Gardners Bay [[Port Cygnet#Gardners Bay|Gardners Bay]] 43°11.170'S, 147°05.396'E
The head of the bay is full of moored boats, but anchorage can be found south of these boats in the vicinity of the public jetty. The bottom is thick mud. Dinghies can be left at the small jetty by the launching ramp, at the public jetty or at the yacht club. Very strong southerlies can make this anchorage untenable, but otherwise, it is very sheltered. Make sure your insect screens are in good condition as the local mosquitoes are very aggressive in the evening.

Copper Alley Bay

Copper Alley Bay/wiki/Port_Cygnet#Copper_Alley_Bay
Anchorage icon Copper Alley Bay [[Port Cygnet#Copper Alley Bay|Copper Alley Bay]] 43°12.128'S, 147°04.809'E
Copper Alley Bay provides good anchorage outside the moorings. Beware of the shoal area to the north of the moorings.

Deep Bay

Deep Bay/wiki/Port_Cygnet#Deep_Bay
Anchorage icon Deep Bay [[Port Cygnet#Deep Bay|Deep Bay]] 43°12.638'S, 147°06.262'E
Deep Bay would be a good anchorage in easterly conditions, but is exposed to westerlies.


Water Available at the public jetty
Electricity Available at the public jetty
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry There is a laundromat next door to the newsagent
Garbage There are small bins at the public jetty and at the launching ramp
Fuel Would need to be hauled from fuel stations in Cygnet township
Bottled gas Gas bottles can be refilled at the service station at the northern end of town
Chandlers ?
Repairs Port Cygnet Sailing Club has a slipway which will take boats up to 40ft. has a slipway which will take boats up to 40 ft
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


There are 2 supermarkets, two butchers, 3 hotels, a bakery, a hardware store, two service stations and a local market on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at the Town Hall.

Eating out

The Red Velvet Lounge is excellent.




Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

  • The Cygnet Folk Festivalis an annual event, around the end of the first week of January. This festival attracts performers from all over the world and dominates the town for the whole weekend. It is really worth timing your cruise to southern Tasmania for this festival.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Tasmania.


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