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HF Radio Licencing



General Licencing Requirements

HF Radio, both SSB and "HAM" are subject to licensing. Marine radio licenses belong to the vessel and are therefore issued by the "flag" of the vessel. HAM licenses are issued to an individual - usually by the country of citizenship.

Regional Requirements (if different)


The use of HF radio requires certain protocols - see the FCC Website (covers VHF Marine Radio as well).


In Australia you need to go through the following procedure if you have an HF radio on board:

  • Obtain an Operators Certificate of Proficiency. Generally the one you want is the Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency (MROCP) and not the MROVCP which is for VHF only. These are issued by AMSA, generally through the Australian Maritime College Office of Maritime Communications, or a TAFE college, Coastguard or Coastal Patrol course, or similar. It is also possible to study the manual at home and contact an "Invigilator" to sit the exam, which is the cheapest option. Also see here for more information at the ACMA site.
  • Obtain an Apparatus License for your boat from ACMA. The license you want is a Class B non-assigned license. This will also give you an HF call sign (like "VXX 9999" or similar). See here for more information and links to the documents. Operator's certificate is a prerequisite to obtaining this.
  • Optionally, once you have these, you may also want a Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) for your boat. This is only needed if you have a DSC transceiver on board and is not required for radios capable of DSC reception only. Currently most Australian shore stations operating on VHF only do not support DSC, only the HF stations do, and so you may find that a MMSI is of limited benefit even if you have, say, a DSC equipped VHF radio.
  • Once you have a MMSI, that can be included with your Australian Ship Registration, and potentially programmed into any DSC equipped VHF or HF radios on board, as well as your (406MHz) EPIRB. You may apply for a MMSI for the EPIRB only if the radios aboard your vessel do not use DSC.



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