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Port of Entry
41°48.623'N, 019°35.228'E Chart icon.png
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Albania Shengjin.jpg
Aerial view of the Port

Shëngjin is the northernmost port of entry to Albania. Shëngjin (Albanian pronunciation: [ʃənˈɟin]; Albanian for St. John, Italian: San Giovanni di Medua) is a coastal town in the Lezha District, northwestern Albania. Located at 41°49′N 19°35′E, Shëngjin has a population of approximately 7,000 citizens in winter time. It is a growing destination site, well known for its beaches and resort accommodations, and in summer time the population increases to 70,000. Many of these holiday visitors are from Kosovo. Shëngjin is one of many cities within the District of Lezhë and is home to one of Albania's entry ports, Port of Shëngjin. The port has currently no facilities for visiting yachts, which usually lie alongside one of the many fishing boats that use the port.

The port has about 40 fishing ships, but only about 10 are still active, due to economic factors ( e.g. high cost of diesel, competition from large ships from other parts able to reach not-yet-fished-out areas). The nearest ( 7 km away ) town is Lezhë (Albanian: Lezha or Lezhë, Albanian pronunciation: [ˈlɛʒə]; Italian: Alessio, Greek: Λισσός, Lissòs), a city in northwest Albania, in the district and county with the same name. It is located at 41.79°N 19.65°E and has a population of about 27,500 (2009 est). In ancient history it was an ancient Greek colony named Lissus. The latter is an Archaeological Park of Albania. Shkoder, 40 Km away, has a population of 300,000. Rozafa castle can be seen from far away; the town has a university and several churches and mosques.


See Albania.


See Albania.


  • Shengjin to Durres ( to the south ) 35 miles
  • Shengjin to Bar, Montenegro ( to the north ) 30 miles


See Albania.


The approach from the south is straightforward. Depths are at least 5 metres - greater than shown on charts (including Navionics) - due to recent/current dredging activities.


Shengjin is a port of entry for Albania. For details see Entrance: Albania.

Call the harbourmaster on VHF Channel 71 for permission to enter the port. Your agent will arrange formalities with harbourmaster, police and customs


Harbinger among fishing boats
Harbinger alongside fishing boat

There is no marina or yacht club and no special berthing arrangement for yachts. The only berths available are alongside fishing boats. Plans for the port include a separate jetty for visiting yachts, but they are not likely to be implemented for a few years yet, according to local agents.




Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity No electricity available - workmen use generators or very long leads to domestic supplies
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage Skip available on quayside
Fuel Tanker delivers diesel to fishing boats
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet None provided by the port, but a few internet cafes along road to the right after leaving main gate
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Several "minimarkets", vegetable shops etc. along road to the right after leaving main gate. "Big" supermarket(s) about a mile along the road.

Mobile phone shops - Vodafone and ALB / Eagle

Eating out

  • Many small fish / meat  / pizza restaurants along road after turning right after leaving port main gate.
  • Rozafa Sea Food restaurant ( 100 metres to the left after leaving main gate ) particularly good, clean and cheap. Rozafa is one of the several fishing boat owning companies; it also processes fish products for export.


  • Minibus to Lezhe
  • Bus from Lezhe to Shkoder


Lezhe: Skanderberg's tomb
Shkoder: view over River Buna

Places to Visit

  • Lezhe - 7 Km - Skanderberg's tomb in St Nicholas' Church and the hilltop Castle
  • Shkoder - 40 Km - Rozafa Castle, with views over River Buna and Lake Shkoder, half of which is in Montenegro


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See Albania.


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