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WorldUnited KingdomSouth AtlanticSt Helena
St Helena
15°56.48′S, 05°42.37′W Chart icon.png
St Helenamap.gif
St Helena
St Helenaflag.gif
Capital Jamestown
Language English
Currency St Helena Pound (SHP)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
Calling code +290
More notes about the island

Approximately 15 million years old, Saint Helena is an island of volcanic origin jutting out of the ocean to the west of the mid-Atlantic Ridge. She was discovered in 1504 by the Portuguese navigator, Joao de Nova, but shuttled between Portuguese, Dutch and British ownership for decades without being populated. When the trade route to the East was discovered around the Cape of Good Hope, her importance as a stopover for fresh water and food supplies increased and the British East India Company finally claimed her as a British territory, building a castle and fortifications to protect the English colony which settled on the island. Up until the present day St Helena, along with Ascension and the Tristan de Cunha group, remains a British protectorate. Oddly, she is not named after British royalty, but in honour of the mother of the first Christened Roman emperor, Constantine the Great.

The fertile volcanic soils feeds a staggering array of lush vistas, shifting from tropical vegetation with mango and banana trees to mist forests to soft pasturelands to subtropical thicket – an intricate carpet of green. Sadly a history of colonisation has demolished much of the indigenous fauna and flora due to displacement by exotic species and cultivation of land. As for animals, the mammals are pretty much limited to domestic animals, rodents and hares. There is only one species of lizard and one species of frog present, none endemic. Four endemic bird species have gone extinct and of the remaining 15 species the only remaining endemic, the wirebird (family of the plover), is critically endangered with around 350 individuals left in the wild. The island has at least 40 species of plants unknown anywhere else in the world.

There is no international airport. St Helena welcomes cruising yachts.

St Helena currency is used on the island and the St Helenian Pound is equal to a Pound Sterling.

There are international banks though credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are accepted in some shops for the purchase of goods.

Cash up to the amount of 200 Pounds can be withdrawn using your MasterCard/Visa from the Cash Office, Solomon & Co PLC, Main Street. 7.5% commision and 1 Pound connection fee is charged for this service.

Traveller's cheques (1% commission charge) can be exchanged at The Savings Bank, Post Office Building, Jamestown.


05 - Cape Town to Brazil with inset of St Helena
1771 - Saint Helena with Approaches to Ascension Island Folio 35


The climate is tropical; mild, tempered by trade winds.

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All yachts are required to notify St Helena Radio, on VHF Ch 16, of their intended arrival when 10 nm from James Bay. On arrival in James Bay you must call St Helena Radio again on Ch 16 and notify the operator of your arrival - this applies 24 hours a day. You must remain on your vessel until you are contacted by the port authorities who will either come out to the boat with an immigration officer for the paperwork or they will instruct you to take the ferry to the landing and assist with the paperwork. The ferry monitors Ch 16 and the port authorities monitor both Ch 16 and Ch 14.

Costs are

Immigration - UK Pound 12.00 per person
Port/light/navigation fees - UK Pound 25.00 per vessel

Please note that all crew will require medical insurance if staying for longer than 48 hours. Medical insurance can be bought at Solomons Insurance on the main road.

Immigration & Customs


The immigration office is located next to the prison (on the right hand side, just before the church as you go into Jamestown).


The customs office is located on the 2nd floor above the bank, on the right hand side of the main road going into Jamestown.

N.B. Please do not land any animals (even if your animal is covered by a veterinary certificate), fruit and vegetables. The law prohibits the importation of animals, plants, fruit and vegetables without prior approval and documentation from the Chief Agricultural and Natural Resources Officer.


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Health & Security

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Jamestown, St Helena'

Jamestown is a seaport and the capital of St Helena, The town was founded in 1659, when the English East India Company built a fort and established a garrison at the site on James Bay. Named after the Duke of York (later James II). Jamestown consists of little more than a single street, running up a narrow, deep-sided valley for a mile.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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  • [[large Anchorage1]]



Fresh water is obtainable at the Landing Steps but boats must provide their own containers or hose. Boats requiring replenishment by hose may do so by arrangement with the Harbour Master - Tel:2825


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  • Free cold shower facilities are available daily and are situated next to the Yacht Club at the seafront.
  • For a small donation, hot showers are available at the Consulate Hotel on the left hand side of the main road going into town.


  • At Consulate Hotel, Main Street, Jamestown. Tel: 2962
  • At Ann's Place, Castle Gardens, Jamestown. Please contact Ann before bringing laundry ashore. Tel: 2797





Solomon's Fuel Station/wiki/St_Helena#Solomon.27s_Fuel_StationFuel icon Solomon's Fuel Station [[St Helena#Solomon's Fuel Station|Solomon's Fuel Station]] , Back Way, delivery to boats can be arranged at an additional charge. Tel: 2259

Cooking gas

Solomon's Fuel Station/wiki/St_Helena#Solomon.27s_Fuel_StationCooking icon Solomon's Fuel Station [[St Helena#Solomon's Fuel Station|Solomon's Fuel Station]] , Back Way, delivery to boats can be arranged at an additional charge. Tel: 2259


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Bennett Upholsterers/wiki/St_Helena#Bennett_UpholsterersService icon Bennett Upholsterers [[St Helena#Bennett Upholsterers|Bennett Upholsterers]] Sail repairs , Alarm Forest, tel. 4766.


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Mobile connectivity

All international communication services are provided by Cable & Wireless: International Direct Dialing, Facsimile, Telegram, Phone Cards and Internet Bureau. Phone cards are also available from the Post Office, Ann's Place, Donnys Place, The Standard and Consulate Bar and Wellington House Hotel. There are a number of phone booths at various locations in Jamestown and the country areas. Collect calls are permitted to Ascension Island, United Kingdom and Canada. Cable & Wireless Customer Care Centre is in Main Street, Jamestown. Tel: 2900

POST OFFICE. The nearest Post-box is outside the Post Office in Main Street, Jamestown. Use only St Helena stamps for postage. Tel: 2652

Vehicle Rentals

  • Hire drive cars and taxis can be arranged through the Tourist Office.
  • There is also a taxi rank in Main Street, Jamestown. Please contact Tourist Office for details. Tel: 2158


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  • There is a taxi rank in Main Street, Jamestown. Please contact Tourist Office for details. Tel: 2158
  • The Ferry Service operates regularly from 4am until 8pm daily. Arrangements can be made with the Ferry Operator for transportation to and from your boat on VHF Ch 14. The ferry operators are willing to operate after hours (additional cost) by pre-arrangement. Tel: 2409.
    Warning: Be careful of leaving our dinghy at the ferry landing, as the surge can be dangerously high.

Eating out

  • Location1
Ann's Place/wiki/St_Helena#.27.27Ann.27s_Place.27.27Eatingout icon Ann's Place [[St Helena#Ann's Place|Ann's Place]] best to book dinners beforehand as they are not always open or may be booked out for private functions. Tel: 2797.
  • Location2
Consulate Hotel/wiki/St_Helena#.27.27_Consulate_Hotel.27.27Eatingout icon Consulate Hotel [[St Helena# Consulate Hotel| Consulate Hotel]] best to book dinners beforehand as they are not always open or may be booked out for private functions. Tel: 2962.



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Places to Visit

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