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An on line cruising guide for yachts sailing around Strahan, Tasmania, Australia.

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Strahan Waterfront

Strahan (pronounced "strawn") is the only town accessible by sea on the West Coast of Tasmania. It is a relatively small settlement, based heavily on tourism and fishing. Tourism focuses on the huge Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River that flows into it. There is both an off shore fishing industry and a large fish farm industry based within Macquarie Harbour.

To access Strahan, it is necessary to enter Macquarie Harbour via the well named Hells Gates and then negotiate miles of channels through sandy shoals, all this after sailing around 100nm on one of the worst lee shores in the world.

Strahan offers all the basic facilities required by a cruising sailor - fuel, water, food and repair facilities if required. There is good anchorage close to the town and, as a tourist based town, visitors are always welcome.


See Tasmania.

Weather Information: +61 3 6498 7755


See Tasmania.


See Tasmania.


  • Coast Radio Hobart is accessible by HF radio only. VHF is out of range.
  • Local boats & seaplanes use VHF Ch 14 for all communications and announcements. Its worth monitoring this channel, especially on entering and leaving Risby Cove, to avoid conflicting with the 30 metre long very fast tourist catamarans and the tourist seaplanes that land in the Cove.

Also see Australia.


The entrance channel into Maquarie Harbour (known as Hell's Gate) is narrow, and has strong tidal flows.

Do not attempt to enter the harbour in the dark. Slack water is the best time to enter.


Strahan Wharf

Strahan Wharf/wiki/Strahan#Strahan_Wharf
Harbour icon Strahan Wharf [[Strahan#Strahan Wharf|Strahan Wharf]] 42°09.326'S, 214°40.730'W

Electricity, water, fuel, phone and toilet.

The local trasports officer may be able to offer advice and assistance.

XX@XXX; Tel: +61 3 6471 7422; VHF channel XX
Address: Town Centre, Strahan, Australia

Fisherman's Jetty

Fisherman's Jetty/wiki/Strahan#Fisherman.27s_Jetty
Harbour icon Fisherman's Jetty [[Strahan#Fisherman's Jetty|Fisherman's Jetty]] 42°09.901'S, 214°40.342'W

Water, electricity, fuel, toilet and phone . All berths are privately owned, so it would be necessary to ask around the waterfront to see if a berth is free.

Address: Long Bay, Strahan, Australia

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

No Marina


Risby Cove

Risby Cove/wiki/Strahan#Risby_Cove
Anchorage icon Risby Cove [[Strahan#Risby Cove|Risby Cove]] °'N, 214°40.112'W

Risby Cove is immediately in front of the town centre. Holding appears good in 10 m over thick mud. It is exposed to the south west, which is the direction of the normal sea breeze.

The RYCT guide warns that sections of the bottom may be foul and it is desirable to bouy your anchor. There are mooring around the northern and eastern fringes of the Cove. Seaplanes land in the Cove, a fast jet boat operates (at speed) from the top end of the bay, 2 large tourist catamarans berth on the wharf and fishing boats are based in the port. Choose your anchoring spot to avoid creating a problem for these local operations.

There are numerous derelict vessels around the foreshore in advanced stages of decay. Be wary of this and the possibility that some of this wreckage extends onto the Harbour floor.

Mill Cove

Mill Cove/wiki/Strahan#Mill_Cove
Anchorage icon Mill Cove [[Strahan#Mill Cove|Mill Cove]] 42°09.120'S, 214°41.419'W
Mill Cove is suggested as an alternative if Risby Cove is unsuitable. Yachts can anchor anywhere off the town.


Water Water is available on the wharf, especially from the area near the fishing boat berths. There is a tap on the fuel wharf
Electricity Available on the wharf, but you would need to arrange to use one of the private berths in the owners absence
Toilets At Strahan Wharf and Fisherman's Jetty
Showers ?
Laundry Laundromat is in the Strahan Village complex, just north of Hamers Hotel
Garbage There are general bins around the waterfront. There is a large Tasports bin in the vicinity of the fuel wharf
Fuel Diesel is available from the 24 hr credit card operated facility on the wharf. This is near where the seaplanes are based, inshore of the berth of the charter yacht, Stormbreaker. Be aware that this facility is used frequently by fishing boats, both for fuel and as an unloading facility, so grab your fuel and move on.

Petrol can be obtained from a service station a short walk from the waterfront.

Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs There is a very large slipway on the Strahan waterfront. While this is primarily a fishing boat facility, it would undoubtedly handle a large yacht if this became necessary
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • IGA supermarket is a 5 minute walk uphill from the waterfront. It is very well stocked.
  • A Pharmacy is in the same complex.

Eating out

  • Hamers Hotel
  • Variety of other small eateries on the waterfront


  • Bus service runs to Queenstown, Hobart and other parts of the state.



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

  • The Visitors Information Centre at the southern end of the waterfront provides a lot of information about the local area.
  • Morrisons Mill
  • "The Ship that Never Was" - a long running play that humourously tells the story of the escape of ten convicts from Sarah Island and the legal way they escaped the death penalty when they were recaptured (after sailing to Chile!).
  • While there are numerous tours by boat or float plane around the Harbour, the whole point of visiting the area with your own boat is to access the scenery under your own power.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Trevor Norton runs Strahan Yacht Charters, which includes the large charter yacht, Stormbreaker. Trevor has at least 20 years experience on Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River. He has prepared detailed charts of both and these are for sale at his shop on the waterfront. These are an exceptionally good investment for anyone cruising this area.


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See Tasmania.


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