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Twofold Bay - Eden
Port of Entry
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The commercial fishing port of Eden

Once a whaling station, Twofold Bay is the southernmost port of New South Wales, serving the local towns of Eden, Merimbula and Boydtown, and the snowy Cooma region. The area is a popular holiday spot for Victorians, with fishing being the main attraction. The area is quiet but steeped in history and has a natural rustic charm.

The port of Eden is used to receiving race boats either returning from the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, or returning to port in Eden after abandoning the race in the Bass Strait. There are many facilities but usually only geared towards short stays.

Cruising the region

Eden is either the first port you reach after crossing Bass Strait or your jumping off point for 'crossing the paddock'. Either way, it is a key stopping point for cruisers on the East Coast of Australia.


Australian Hydrographic Service
ANZCW0099024887 Twofold Bay (Fairsheet)

See also New South Wales.


Mild climate. The best time of the year is May, which is cool but pleasant.

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See New South Wales.


  • Marine Rescue Eden is based on the headland overlooking the entrance to Twofold Bay. They can be contacted on VHF 16 or on HF

See also New South Wales.


Warning: There is a large rock at the north head, and the southern point is 5km south. Nice wide entrance to a 30km2 deep water bay. There are two wharves in Twofold Bay, one used for by bulk carriers collecting from Japanese owned woodchipping mill, and the other used by the Australian Navy for repairs. Cruise ships often use the Navy wharf when it is otherwise not being used.


Twofold Bay is a port of entry for Australia. For details see Entrance: Australia.

Contact customs for details. [email protected]; Tel: +61 2 6496 1667;; VHF channel 16


There is no marina or floating berths at Eden, berth alongside the fishing wharf as described below. This isn't really suitable for long term stays but is OK for a couple of days provided you're not in the way of the fishing fleet. Alternatively anchor in a few places elsewhere in Twofold Bay, but check local charts and conditions first.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

None, however there are public toilet and shower facilities near the wharf.


Safe and comfortable anchorage in Twofold Bay is very dependent on the wind and swell direction.

the Woodchip Mill anchorage
  • For convenient access to the commercial centre of Eden, the easiest thing to do is to berth at one of the fishing jetties. The jetties are designed for large commercial fishing vessels and so are a bit rough for small yachts. It is often simplest to moor against a vessel that doesn't look as if it is about to go anywhere in the near future. Use of the jetties incurs a very small daily fee ($5??), but you get power, water and access to showers on shore. Be prepared to move if the wind goes SW or if required by the fishermen.
  • In SWly winds, the Eden Port area can be either uncomfortable or even dangerous. At this time, a commonly used anchorage is in the area behind the Woodchip Mill wharf in East Boyd Bay. Anchorage here is comfortable and holding is good, but there are no nearby facilities and, if there is a ship berthed, it may be noisy. The Royal Australian Navy occasionally use this area and, if they are, you may be asked to leave for safety and security reasons. It is a good idea to check with the Eden VMR before using this anchorage.
  • It is possible to anchor in Snug Cove, but most of the good areas are taken up with moorings. Anchoring in this area needs to be done with caution, taking into account the levels of traffic associated with the fishing wharfs.
  • Quarantine Bay offers a relatively sheltered spot, but, again, most of the ideal anchoring spots are taken up with moorings.
The Eden slipway


Water Water is available on the wharf
Electricity There is power to the wharf
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry A laundromat is in the town centre
Garbage There are large bins by the main wharf
Fuel Fuel can be obtained at the Eden wharf
Bottled gas Eden Slipway Services does gas refills
Chandlers Eden Slipway Services has a small chandlery
Repairs There is a slipway near the jetty area
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


There are 2 supermarket in Eden - an IGA and a larger Bi-Lo, both at the far end of town, but within easy walking distance .

Eating out

  • There are several hotels offering good meals in Eden.
  • The Eden Fishermans Club always welcomes sailors


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Places to Visit

Visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • Cruising the NSW Coast - Alan Lucas. This book is still excellent, though rapidly becoming dated.

See also Australia.


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