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Born on the dry, dusty plains of eastern Colorado, and educated in both California and Colorado, I'm a graduate of Colorado State University, with a degree in English Literature. After college, I backpacked around Europe for an extended period, then moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in the film business.

Retired from the entertainment industry for several years now, and living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I had sailed quite a bit before ever coming to LA, but once I was established here, it became a real passion. Having gotten to know so many people in the industry with some incredible vessels, I never ran out of opportunities to sail the Southern California and Baja coasts, and coastal islands.

In addition, my wife and I enjoyed chartering in the Caribbean, at least once a year. Though we considered buying and putting in charter a vessel of our own, we never felt the numbers really made sense, so we were content to sail other people's boats and fly home with no worries.

The only boat we ever actually owned was a NACRA 5.5 sl, the source of some of the most fun we've ever had on the water and some of our fondest memories.

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