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Port of Entry
54°48.808'S, 068°17.485'W Chart icon.png
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Ushuaia in winter
Photo:Frank Holden - Westerly Serenade
Bahia Ushuaia in 2007, Club Nautico is in the left foreground, AFASyN towards top right
Photo:Steve Hurst - Westerly Serenade
Photo - Frank Holden - Westerly Serenade

Ushuaia was established as a penal settlement in 1883 as part of the Argentinian effort to assert sovereignity over the lands of southern Patagonia. The Presidio Nacional (prison ) closed in 1947 and today the main reason for the city's existence is as a tourist destination and departure point for cruise ships in the Antarctic trade. While can lay claim to being the world's most southern city Puerto Williams remains the world's most southern town and Puerto Toro the most southern civilian settlement. Ushuaia is used as a base by many of the charter yachts working in the south.


See Argentina.


Ushuaia, being under the lee of the Cordillerra Darwin in eastern Tierra del Fuego, receives only 56 cm (22 inches) of rainfall each year although, on average, the city experiences 160 rainy days a year. Snowfalls are common in winter and are a regular occurrence in spring, summer and autumn.

Bahía Ushuaia is well sheltered from the prevailing westerlies but is wide open to the east, from whence the wind occasionally blows. Very hard northerlies are not uncommon.

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See Argentina.


See Argentina.


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Ushuaia is a port of entry for Argentina. For details see Entrance: Argentina.

In Argentina yachts are the concern of the Prefectura or Coast guard. Their Ushuaia headquarters are a short walk beyond the Muelle Comercial .. the big commercial wharf.

Call the Prefectura - callsign Lima Tres Papa - on VHF 16 about one hour before arrival and give your ETA, flag, last port, POB, and intended berth.

Call again when secure to ascertain whether they are coming to you or you are going to them.

In late 2007 it seemed to be the norm for them to require you to go to the Prefectura with ship's papers and passports. If arriving from overseas - i.e. Puerto Williams - a 90 day tourist visa is issued by the same office. It is then required that you go to the Aduana, or customs office, which is situated a short distance beyond the first gate on Muelle Comercial. Aduana paperwork is simple and straightforward... simply fill in a form listing the ship's equipment such as radars, GPS, binoculars etc, with serial numbers and do the same for crew effects such as cameras and laptops.

Clearing out involves the same procedure..... take your crew with you... they may want to sight them then again they may not. Go early in the day... this may take some time.


This is a very windy and insecure port. Visiting boats usually go to ASAFyN on the E side of the port.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Wind heel alongside AFYSyN
Photo - Frank Holden - Westerly Serenade


Club AFASyN/wiki/Ushuaia#Club_AFASyN
Berth icon Club AFASyN [[Ushuaia#Club AFASyN|Club AFASyN]] 54°48.674'S, 068°18.776'W
Port of Entry

This club has a pier which can accommodate a reasonable number of yachts alongside. Be prepared to raft up and to have yachts rafting up to you. The deck level of the pier has recently been raised.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 29 0143 7842; Fax:+54 29 0144 3404 VHF channel 16
Address: Footbridge Luis Pero Fique N 305, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego , Argentina
  • Club Nautico - A new jetty and other facilities have recently been built at Club Nautico. Rates are said to be considerably cheaper than at AFASyN


There are a number of yacht moorings laid in Bahia Ushuaia, some are private while others are controlled by AFASyN. Enquire at either marina regarding availablity.

In the event of strong easterlies or northerlies making your berth alongside AFASyN untenable safe anchorage can be found outside the mooring field...see 'Racha' pic above. However in late 2008 a 'no anchoring' zone was established in the area between the end of the Aeroclub runway and the Muelle Comercial.

The AFASyN jetty in early summer
Photo:Frank Holden - Westerly Serenade


Water ?
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Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
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Chandlers ?
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?
Bust of Vito Dumas
Photo:Frank Holden - Westerly Serenade


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Places to Visit

Ushuaia is a tourist town and there is no shortage of things to do. There are ski runs close to the town and a trip on the Tren del Fin del Mundo out to the 'Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego' on the shore of Bahia Lapataia is almost obligatory.

In the summer it is often possible to book a 'last minute' berth on one of the many ships running down to Antarctica.


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See Argentina.


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