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WorldMediterraneanItalyVenice to TriesteVenetian LagoonVeniceVenice Yacht Pier
Port of Entry
45°26.011'N, 012°20.401'E Chart icon.png
Venice Yacht Pier
Radio VHF channel Not listening watch on VHF
Phone +39 (041) 240 3091
Mobile +39 (347) 608 242
E-mail [email protected]
Berths c. 25 in total
Max. length 100 metres
Max. draft 9.0 metres
Fuel No fuel station.
Water By water barge
Electricity No
Toilets No
Showers No
Laundry No
Internet No At Riva dei Sette Martiri only
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address Fabbricato 17, Punto Franco, Santa Marta, 30123 Venezia, Italy
More notes about the marina

Venice Yacht Pier is essentially a booking agency - principally geared to superyachts - which operates a total of five different berthing locations on the Canale della Guidecca along the S side of the main island of Venice, which are suitable for yachts up to 100 metres.


No listening watch on VHF. It is essential to make an advance reservation by telephone or e-mail, since all the berths are in great demand, especially during the season.


Access is via the Porto di Lido, the principal (and busiest) entrance to the lagoon. As the deepest channel, with depths of over 10 metres, it is also the one used by ferries and large commercial vessels. The ends of the N and S breakwaters are identifiable by conspicuous black and white and red and white painted structures. A fairway beacon is situated around 2.5 miles SE of the entrance, from where a course of 300 degrees brings you safely through the entrance. The safe channel is also indicated by port and starboard markers. The channel is dredged to over 10.0 metres. Entry is best around slack water, since the tides can reach 4.0 knots at springs. Beware of cross-currents. Once through the entrance, follow the channel, which is marked with posts, as it curves S then N for about 3.0 miles, leaving the islands of La Certosa and Sant’Elena to starboard. You are now in the Canale della Guidecca. All the berths of Venice Yacht Pier are located to starboard along the Canale della Guidecca (see waypoints below for exact locations).


Venice Yacht Pier is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


All the berths of Venice Yacht Pier are very busy during the season and advance booking is essential. Yachts of over 24 metres are recommended to use a yacht agent (Venice Yacht Pier maintains a list of recommended agents). In practice, the berths are mainly used by superyachts, for whom money is generally no object.

Riva San Biagio/wiki/Venice_Yacht_Pier#Riva_San_BiagioBerth icon Riva San Biagio [[Venice Yacht Pier#Riva San Biagio|Riva San Biagio]] 45°25.933'N, 012°20.990'E - The berths of Riva San Biagio are in front of the naval museum at Arsenale, and a 10 minute walk from Piazza San Marco. The berths are alongside and occupy a 96 metre stretch of quay. Depths at the quay are 9.5 metres. Water by barge. No other facilities.

Riva dei Sette Martiri/wiki/Venice_Yacht_Pier#Riva_dei_Sette_MartiriBerth icon Riva dei Sette Martiri [[Venice Yacht Pier#Riva dei Sette Martiri|Riva dei Sette Martiri]] 45°25.893'N, 012°21.084'E - Is situated between Arsenale and Giardini, close to Riva San Biago. The berths are alongside and occupy a 150 metre stretch of quay. Depths at the quay are 9.5 metres. Water by barge. Wifi. The berths are close to provisions and restaurants.

Punta della Salute/wiki/Venice_Yacht_Pier#Punta_della_SaluteBerth icon Punta della Salute [[Venice Yacht Pier#Punta della Salute|Punta della Salute]] 45°25.808'N, 012°20.225'E - The berths of Punta della Salute are the most prestigious in Venice, lying right opposite the Piazza San Marco. Berths are on moorings posts (vessel do a four point moor). The berths extend over a length of 400 metres. Access is by dinghy or water taxi only. Depths 5.5 metres. Water by barge. No other facilities

San Basilio 24/wiki/Venice_Yacht_Pier#San_Basilio_24Berth icon San Basilio 24 [[Venice Yacht Pier#San Basilio 24|San Basilio 24]] 45°25.892'N, 012°18.625'E - The berths of San Basilio 24 are at Santa Marta in the W part of the city. Berths are alongside on a commercial quay over a length of 120 metres. Depths at the quay are 9.6 metres. Most yachts berth here to take on fuel and provisions, since it is the only berthing location with road access.

Adriatica/wiki/Venice_Yacht_Pier#AdriaticaBerth icon Adriatica [[Venice Yacht Pier#Adriatica|Adriatica]] 45°25.808'N, 012°19.364'E - The berths of Adriatica are the newest location to come under the management of Venice Yacht Pier in the zone of Zattere. Berthing is alongside on a 110 metre stretch of quay. Depths at the quay are 8.5 metres. Water. No other facilities.


See above.




Variable, depending on berth.


All berths are along the Canale della Guidecca on the S side of the main island of Venice.


Water taxis or your own dinghy.


If you have to ask, you quite possibly can’t afford it.

Provide price information. (If possible add a link to the marina's pricing page.)


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