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Whangarei Marina (Town Basin Marina)

35°43.47′S, 174°19.59′E Chart icon.png
Whangarei Marina.jpg
Whangarei Marina
Radio VHF channel 64 (Office hrs)
Phone ?
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 300
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel ?
Water ?
Electricity Yes, 240v?
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes
Internet WiFi
Cable TV No
Hours ?
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This is one of the marinas in Whangarei, New Zealand


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It is recommended for yachts to motor the final 3nm of the river on the rising tide and favour the outside curves of the river. The channel is marked and dredged to a minimum of 1mtr below CD. The river bottom is soft mud. The marina is just before a bridge, so you can’t go past.


Is berthing assistance available, etc.


  • The courtesy berth for new arrivals or filling of water is just outside the office window. Fenders on port side.
  • No mast height restrictions.
  • Marina berths may be finger pontoons or rafting alongside floating pontoons. You can step off and have water and electricity. Most berths are behind locked gates at night.
  • Piles are either 2 or 4 piles which you row out to.
  • You always need your own mooring lines. If there are any lines on the mooring please leave them there.
  • Security keys give access to the finger slips, lounge, bins and washrooms.
  • Sewerage pump out is available at neighbouring Riverside Drive Marina free of charge.
  • 240v 16 & 32 amp, 50Hz metered electricity. A Blue male connection. Electrical W.O.F. required for vessels using reticulating power.
  • A minimum of third party insurance is required.
  • Water is chlorinated and drinkable.
  • Rubbish recycling.
  • There is a TV lounge and swap library.
  • Toilets, showers, washing machines, new playground.
  • Wireless internet available.
  • Mail can be received at the office, use your boat name.
  • A children's playground, art museum, restaurants, swimming pools, tourist information centre and shops surround the marina.
  • The marina is managed by a non-profit Trust and only offers berth rentals. Any money accumulated is put back into the marina.
  • The office is manned 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and 10am-12pm, Saturdays. The telephone answer machine has further contact details if out of office hours.
  • The marina office has the documents needed before exiting New Zealand as well as immigration 3 month extension forms.


Haul-out?, yard?, etc.




World icon.png 35°43.474′S, 174°19.599′E

By car – once in town just follow the brown signs to Town Basin, Quayside, Whangarei.


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