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Port of Entry
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Chart of the Ayvalik Region

Ayvalik (Αϊβαλί) is situated in an almost land locked lagoon formed by the heavily wooded mainland and the rather bare Alibey Adasi (Moschonisi - Μοσχονήσι). Ayvalik, like a lot of the towns and villages of the Asia Minor Aegean coast, used to be a Greek town until 1923 when the great population exchange between Greece and Turkey took place. It was called Aivali. The name is Turkish and means a place with quinces. It was inhabited in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine times but only few remains of those times have been found.

Visiting yachts can berth at the small 200-berth Ayvalik Marina (where it is advisable to book in advance if arriving in high season), on the quay at Alibey on the N side of the lagoon, or else anchor in one of several sheltered anchorages in the lagoon or (in settled weather) among the archipelago of small islands to the NW.


1087 Kólpos Petalión to Edremit Körfezi
1665 Nisos Lesvos and Çandarli Korfezi to Baba Burnu Ayvalik
G2 Aegean Sea (North)
54382 Nisos Lesvos and Western Coast of Turkey
2145 Edremit Körfezi
332 Lesvos Island


See Turkey.


Piri Reis Map of Lesvos and Ayvalik


Alibey waterfront


Island icon Alibey [[Ayvalik#Alibey|Alibey]] 39°19.8′N, 26°39.5′E

A harbor on the north side of 'The Lake' of Ayvalik on Alibey Adasi (island) (aka Cunda). The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway and is the site of an old Greek village, now a tourist resort.

There are several laid moorings with orange pickup buoys on the quay to the north side of the harbour, one or more of which is usually available to visitors (although an early arrival is advisable, especially in unsettled weather). Electricity can be connected and water is available if needed. Typical cost per night for 13m yacht: YTL 50. You can also anchor in the harbour to the south of the pier - good holding in 5 metres.

A minibus (dolmus) runs between the island and the Ayvalik. In season there is also a ferry service operating between Alibey island and the town.

Avoid expensive restaurants on waterfront and seek out better value in backstreets.
Sunset at Poroselene

Maden Adasi

Maden Adasi/wiki/Ayvalik#Maden_Adasi
Island icon Maden Adasi [[Ayvalik#Maden Adasi|Maden Adasi]] 39°22.6′N, 26°35.6′E

Maden Adasi the Greek Poroselene is a small uninhabited island. There is a lovely cove (Gümüş Koyu, aka Ayışığı Koyu) between this island and the Alibey island. Anchor over sand in 5 m. Good protection from the meltemi.

Warning: Beware of a shoal patch right at the entrance of the Gümüş Koyu.

Ciplak Adasi

Ciplak Adasi/wiki/Ayvalik#Ciplak_Adasi
Island icon Ciplak Adasi [[Ayvalik#Ciplak Adasi|Ciplak Adasi]] 39°16.8′N, 26°35.6′E
Near the entrance to the Ayvalik Channel is Ciplak Adasi. It is a pleasant place for a lunch stop.

Moska Adasi

Moska Adasi/wiki/Ayvalik#Moska_Adasi
Island icon Moska Adasi [[Ayvalik#Moska Adasi|Moska Adasi]] 39°20.1′N, 26°36.9′E
The anchorage is at the southern end of the channel between Moska or Mosko Adasi and Alibey Adasi. It is good shelter from the southerlies.


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Approaching the Ayvalik from the west is not hard as the channel between the mainland and Alibey Adasi (island) is well marked. Stay in the middle of the channel and transit it by day.


If you are entering or exiting Turkey in Ayvalik, it is best to let the marina handle the formalities. Part of the marina fee covers the service of doing all the leg work for obtaining a transit log. Please note, that US passports need a visa which in 1998 cost $45. EU citizens do not require a visa. Both visa and transit log fees are expected to be paid in foreign currency i.e. USD or €.

For entrance details see Turkey.


There are many anchorages in the area but only two harbors Ayvalik and Alibey. Yachts are not allowed in the fishing harbor of Ayvalik but should go to the marina.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Patricia Liman

Patricia Liman/wiki/Ayvalik#Patricia_Liman
Anchorage icon Patricia Liman [[Ayvalik#Patricia Liman|Patricia Liman]] 39°22.5′N, 26°37.8′E
This is a large bay on the NE of Alibey Adasi, also known as Gokçeliman. It provides good shelter.

Kumru Köyu

Kumru Köyu/wiki/Ayvalik#Kumru_K.C3.B6yu
Anchorage icon Kumru Köyu [[Ayvalik#Kumru Köyu|Kumru Köyu]] 39°17.8′N, 26°38.4′E
A totally landlocked and very attractive anchorage.

Camlik Köyu

Camlik Köyu/wiki/Ayvalik#Camlik_K.C3.B6yu
Anchorage icon Camlik Köyu [[Ayvalik#Camlik Köyu|Camlik Köyu]] 39°17.4′N, 26°39.6′E
A landlocked anchorage in the dramatic setting of Çanak Tepe, "The Devil's Table". It provides good shelter except for the wind from the S. There is a good resaurant on the N end of the bay.


Water Ayvalik Marina: in all the docks
Toilets at the marina
Showers at the marina
Laundry there are token operated machines at the marina
Garbage there are bins around the harbor and in the marina
Fuel Ayvalik Marina: at the fuel dock
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers at the marina
Repairs Ayvalik Marina: basic repairs only
Internet in the marinas and at Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 4G signal
Vehicle rentals Ayvalik Marina: they can make arrangements
Banks Ayvalik Marina: there are several banks with ATM machines in town. But, not all of the banks will change foreign money


shops and open markets in Ayvalik/wiki/Ayvalik#shops_and_open_markets_in_AyvalikProvisions icon shops and open markets in Ayvalik [[Ayvalik#shops and open markets in Ayvalik|shops and open markets in Ayvalik]] many good fruits and vegetables.

Ayvalik Marina/wiki/Ayvalik#.5B.5BAyvalik_Marina.5D.5DProvisions icon Ayvalik Marina [[Ayvalik#Ayvalik Marina|Ayvalik Marina]] a larger supermarket is located near the marina.

Eating out

  • Ayvalik
restaurants /wiki/Ayvalik#.27.27restaurants_.27.27Eatingout icon restaurants [[Ayvalik#restaurants |restaurants ]] many inviting restaurants.
  • Alibey
restaurants /wiki/Ayvalik#.27.27restaurants_.27.27Eatingout icon restaurants [[Ayvalik#restaurants |restaurants ]] more interesting restaurants than in Ayvalik.


  • There are occasional ferries to Lesvos
  • Regular flights to/from Izmir.



The modern town was founded around 1580 by a few Greek fishermen looking for a place safe from the Maltese and Barbary pirates. The area was fist mentioned in modern times by the famous 16th century Ottoman admiral Piri Reis in his book Kitab-i-Bahriye. The inhabitants of both Ayvalik and Alibey became very skilled seamen, trading with Romania in the Black Sea, and the region was quite prosperous until the Greek war of independence in 1821. It was then destroyed in retaliation by the Ottomans and the inhabitants fled to the islands of Psara and Aegina. Following the war many of the inhabitants returned and rebuilt the town. Alibey became a shipbuilding center for traditional caiques.

The well known Modern Greek historian, painter, restorer of Byzantine icons, and writer, Photis Kontoglou, was born in Ayvalik. He wrote an extensive history of the region. In 1923, following the tragic Greek-Turkish War the Greek inhabitants were exchanged with Turkish inhabitants from Crete and Macedonia. The present town has 30,000 inhabitants and it is rather pleasant because it is off the usual tourist track.

Places to Visit

Ayvalik 1.jpg
Ayvalik 2.jpg
Ayvalik 3.jpg
Ayvalik 4.jpg
Ayvalik 5.jpg

Ayvalik is delightful little town with many small shops and interesting restaurants.

The important archaeological site of Pergamon is about an hour by car and is well worth a visit, as it is one of the largest and best preserved sites in Turkey.


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See Turkey.


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