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Chart of the Kalkan Region

Kalkan (Greek Kalamaki - Καλαμάκι) has mushroomed since the 1980s from a former Ottoman/Greek fishing port into a vibrant and often noisy tourist resort. The old town, rising up the slope above the small harbour, is now surrounded by a vast swathe of modern hotel and older houses jazzed up in many pastel colors. The harbour itself is hemmed in by bars, restaurants and discos. The harbour is, nevertheless, a convenient stop for yachts on passage around the coast between Fethiye and Antalya and is the best port from which to visit the ancient sites of Xanthos and Patara and the natural phenomenon of the Saklikent Gorge. Its small but crowded 'marina' is just 14 nM west of Kas.


236 Hisarönü Körfesi to Taslik burnu
1886 Approaches to Fethiye Körfezi
G36 Marmaris to Kekova Adasi
54421 Kadiga to Ilbiz Burnu
312 Marmaris - Fethiye
313 Fethiye - Kaş
3122 Fethiye Körfezi


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There are no hazards in the entrance, though you are beam on to any swell if the winds are W/SW and there is not a lot of room to leeward since a swimming area is buoyed 50 metres off the beach.


Entrance to Kalkan harbour
Yachts moored in Kalkan

Yachts moor on the SW quay, where there is room for about 12-14 yachts. Harbour staff will hail you on arrival and help you anchor moor back to the quay. The holding is mediocre here and you should aim to lay out at least 30 metres of chain. Absurdly, tripper gulets and dive boats moor on the quay at the end of the harbour, laying out their anchors at 90 degrees to the chains of yachts moored on the SW quay. One needs to be aware of this if planning to leave early. Also note there is a ground chain running down the middle of the harbour - decide either to lay your anchor short or well beyond the mid point and hope it digs in before the chain. Divers are readily availiable from the Gullets anchored on the north wall if you catch the chain.  

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The harbor is operated as small and very crowded marina.


Yesilköy Liman

Yesilköy Liman/wiki/Kalkan#Yesilk.C3.B6y_Liman
Anchorage icon Yesilköy Liman [[Kalkan#Yesilköy Liman|Yesilköy Liman]] 36°15.484'N, 029°22.603'E
Yesilköy is a pleasant anchorage just 2 nM west of Kalkan with very clear water. The bottom is sand and weed and only good holding if you can get your anchor in a sandy patch. The best position is in the NW corner in about 5-10 metres. If the anchorage is busy, you may need to take a line ashore. Many gulets use the anchorage during the day and at night.


Water Available on the quay ( steep charge of 20 Turkish lire per day is made)
Electricity Available on the quay ( steep charge of 20 Turkish lire per day is made)
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry Laundry at the root of the quay
Garbage Bins near the harbour
Fuel Can be delivered by tanker
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet N/A
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Pars Rent a Car are good for car and (especially) scooter rental. They are up the hill on the way out of town on the NW side of the roundabout opposite the taxi rank


  • Minimarket on the NE side of the harbour
  • Others in the town

Eating out

  • Korsan Kebap has good food at (for Kalkan) reasonable prices. It also has one of the best views of the bay. It is up the steps just opposite the green harbour marker.
  • Zeki's was good and inexpensive


Minibus hire (at a price) down at the harbour.


Kalkan, while very touristy and noisy at night, is not unattractive, and the old town is worth exploring. Kalkan is also the best port from which to visit the ancient sites of Patara (the former port of the Lycian capital, Xanthos), Xanthos itself (a World Heritage Site with an impressive Roman theatre and Lycian necropolis) and the Saklikent Gorge, an 18km long cleft through the Akdağlar Mountains where you wade thigh-deep across the ice-cold spring at the entrance and can then explore the upper reaches through an increasingly narrow defile that winds through what is claimed to be the second-deepest gorge in Europe. Wear sensible waterproof shoes and quick-drying shorts. Excursions to the Gorge TL50pp, rafting on the river TL35.

Kalkan Old town
Theatre and Lycian tombs, Xanthos
Lion tomb, Xanthos
Saklikent Gorge


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  • Kalkan is not an especially cheap place to stay at 40 Turkish lire per night for a typical 12 metre yacht, plus extra for water (20 lire), electricity (20 lire) and showers (5 lire) - prices as at June 2010. Also there is the ridiculous mooring situation where boats anchor moor at 90 degrees to one another. However, it is a good base for visiting the adjacent sites as long as you're confident your anchor won't be lifted while you're away --Athene of Lymington 13:39, 22 June 2010 (UTC)

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