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On this page you will find a growing list of software including iPhone and Android Apps that are useful for cruising and sailing.
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List of Nautical Software

Name Download Application Platform Licence Description
i-Boating iPhone / iPad
Microsoft Windows
Apple MacOS
Online Charts Viewer
Marine Navigation Charts/ Lake Depth Maps iOS / Android / Windows/ MacOS/ Embedded Linux / Browser / Blackberry / Windows Phone paid / free i-Boating provides online + offline nautical charts and HD lake depth maps. The online marine navigation charts viewer is free and includes coverage for US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Software supports AIS, GPS, Wind Overlay, Satellite Aerials, Anchor Alarm, Route Assistance and extensive route/waypoints/GPX management functionality.
Aqua Map Apple App Store
Android Google Play
Navigation / Maps iOS / Android paid / free Navigation software using very detailed offline nautical charts for most parts of the world. The app is extremely easy to use even if it is a complete App with Tracks, Markers, Routes and an extensive social network connection.
Navionics Google market Navigation / Maps Android, iOS paid Detailed nautical charts for most parts of the world / offline navigation app.
Open Sea Map Data Logger Sourceforge Navigation / Maps Windows, Linux free (FreeBSD) Chartplotter / Navigation software. Uses openseamap charts that are cached locally and then available for offline use. Possibility to connect NMEA GPS devices via Bluetooth and ComPort, AIS support.
Windfinder Google Market
Apple App Store
Windows Phone Store
Weather Android, iOS, Windows Phone free / paid Displays weather data from
Paid version available, which is add free and enables Superforecast.
OruxMaps Google Market
Donate Version
Navigation / Maps Android free / paid Online & offline maps navigation tool and track logger. Complete tool with many features and functions. Create offline maps or convert your own offline maps for the use with OruxMaps (tools and howtos provided on developers website).
GPS Long Distance Log (LD-Log) Google Market
Free Test Version
GPS-Log / Logbook Android free / paid Offline GPS Logger for longer voyages. The editable waypoint list is suited for keeping a complete ship's log. Special functions for sailing (separate distances under engine / sail, selectable standard logbook entries). Logbooks may be exported to GPX or Textfiles.
SailDroid Google Market Navigation Android free GPS based simple and clear display of all elementary boat data, such as position, speed, direction etc.
EasyGPS Download GPS Editor Windows free Download, edit and upload GPX files from your GPS device. Connects to all major devices.
OpenCPN Download Navigation / Chartplotter Windows, Linux, MacOS free (GPL) Comprehensive chartplotter software for navigation or voyage planning. Works with all major current offline map sources. Supports multiple platforms.
LuckGrib Apple App Store Weather / GRIB Viewer MacOS paid High quality GRIB visualization. Mac native. Many interesting features. GRIB format 1 and 2.
zyGrib Download Weather / GRIB Viewer Windows, Linux, MacOS free Visualization of weather data from files in GRIB Format 1. Supports multiple platforms.
PocketGrib Download Weather / GRIB Viewer Android, iOS free/paid Visualization of weather data from files in GRIB Format 1. Supports multiple platforms.
MobileGrib Download Weather / GRIB Viewer Android paid Visualization of weather data from files in GRIB Format 2. Android only.
MX Mariner Google Market Navigation / Maps Android paid Offline chart and navigation tool. Charts are available as in-app downloads for the United States, New Zealand, Brazil. United Kingdom / Ireland as in-app purchases.
Marine Navigator Google Market
Free Test Version
Navigation / Maps Android free / paid Comprehensive offline navigation app for use with raster charts. Download charts from various sources or directly import your own charts in BSB/KAP and other formats.
AyeTides Apple App Store Navigation / Tide Prediction iOS paid Offline prediction of tides, sun rise, moon rise etc. Tides calculation and prediction for over 10,000 stations worldwide. Data on currents (tidal streams) mainly for the U.S.
Tides & Currents Amazon App Store Navigation / Tide Prediction Android free Offline prediction of tides and currents, sun rise, moon rise etc. based on more than 14,000 stations worldwide.
Anchor watch Google Market Anchor Alarm Android free As opposed to most built in alarms and apps, this one takes into account the chain length and an adjustable swing-area around the anchor.
Mobile Atlas Creator Sourceforge Maps Windows, Linux, MacOS free Creates offline maps from online sources like OpenSeaMap in various formats for use with chartplotter software or map and navigation apps like OruxMaps.
MarineTraffic Google Market
Apple App Store
Windows Phone Store
Navigation / AIS Android, iOS, Windows Phone paid Displays ships equipped with an AIS on a map via internet. Uses data from many stations around the world. A lot of information on vessels including photos. Because the data is gathered from land based receivers and this app only works with an internet connection, it does not replace a real AIS for navigational purposes.
Meteo Consult Marine Google Market
Apple App Store
Weather Android, iOS free 10-day coastal forecast for France and Europe with the navigable coastal area map, information on the wind, swell, temperatures and cloud cover.

Available in French, English, Italian and Spanish.

GPSNavX Apple App Store Navigation/Chartplotter Mac OS $60 Chartplotter / Navigation software. Marine raster format BSB and Softcharts.
MacENC GPSNavX Store Navigation/Chartplotter Mac OS $180 Chartplotter / Navigation software. ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts), Navionics Charts and HotMaps from X-Traverse AND raster format BSB and Softcharts.
iNavX Apple App Store Navigation/Chartplotter iOS $50 Charting for iPhone & IPad uses charts from X-Traverse with iNavX, most may also be used with Fugawi or MacENC or GPSNavX charting software
FreieTonne FreieTonne-Software Navigation/Chartplotter Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi 2/3, Online free Chartplotter application from German enthusiasts (so it's in German only)
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