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WorldBlack SeaBulgariaVarnaVarna Lake (Asparuhvo)
Varna Lake Marina
43°11.552'N, 027°51.766'E Chart icon.png
Marina Photo
Radio VHF channel ?
Phone +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Fax +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Berths Approx 80
Max. length 13 m
Max. draft 3 m
Fuel Yes, from East side
Water Available via length of hose
Electricity Yes, 220v via extension cable
Toilets No
Showers No
Laundry No
Internet No
Cable TV No
Hours ?
More notes about the marina

This marina is in two halves. The Eastern half is a commercial enterprise, modern and has facilities including fuel. The Western half is a family run business, is considerably cheaper, secure, but with limited facilities




Follow the marked channel inland from Varna Bay, under the bridge. Continue to follow the channel, still marked, into the lake. After a mile you will see a grey/white free watermark, indicating the approach angle for the marina. Head straight for the entrance, keep an eye on the depth. Shallows to either side and shallow (1.5m) further in the marina.


Come alongside to the eastern side initially and seek directions. You may opt to keep your yacht in the cheaper western side after. Indeed, if your vessel is not flash enough, you may be encouraged to stay 'with the other cheap boats'


There is a chandlery on the modern side.


  • Crane for haul-outs can be called in
  • Long-term storage on grass
  • Various repairs or assistance with repairs, but not professional


There is 24 hour security in both locations. Both are gated areas


You'll need a taxi to get anywhere. It is a long walk to the nearest shop, over hills and dirt tracks. Very peaceful, except for the security alarms which go off at night occasionally.


  • Taxis can be called. 10 lev into town
  • Varna Airport is a 15 minute drive


The family run side is very cheap, about 60 euro for a month for a 9m yacht in the water. Less on the land. All negotiable.


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  • I kept my boat here a couple of times in the family side. Friendly people, helpful. Friends of mine have wintered their yacht here--BenPikeUK

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