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Isles of Shoals
42°58.883'N, 070°36.683'W Chart icon.png
Map of Isles of Shoals

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  • 6nm SE of the mouth of the Piscataqua River, this rocky island group marks the eastern-most portion of the Maine/New Hampshire border. (Southern-most 3 Islands are in NH; 4 Northern Islands in ME.)
  • This scenic group of islands is an easy day-sail from Portsmouth, NH (or from Kittery, York Harbor, or Kennebunkport, ME; or from Newburyport, MA)
  • First described by John Smith in early 1600s. He tried to name them after himself, but the great "shoals of fish" inspired European fishermen to think otherwise.


Chart Source
Chart No 13283 (best detail)
Chart No 13274
Chart No 13278 (usable detail and good for approaching)
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Paper NOAA "print-on-demand" charts (up-to-date within last 2 weeks) - about $20 each
RNC Raster files of NOAA Navigation Charts (free - updated weekly)


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Islands in the Group

  • Lunging Island (NH), a private residence
  • White Island (NH), hosting Isles of Shoals Light - which may be visited
  • Star Island (NH), hosting a religious conference center with limited access
  • Cedar Island (ME), with connecting causeways to Star and Smuttynose Islands
  • Smuttynose Island, site of an infamous 19th century axe murder and rumored treasure-burying stop of early 18th century pirates.
  • Appledore Island, hosting the Cornell U./UNH marine sciences laboratory and poetess Celia Thaxter's garden - both of which can be visited.
  • Duck Island (ME) - a large rockpile, surrounded by even nastier awash rocks. Seal rookery.

Gosport Harbor is shaped like a letter "U" formed by Star, Cedar and Smuttynose Islands and their connecting causeways. A few moorings may be used if unoccupied, but must be reliquished when asked.

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