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With approximately 2500nm of coastline, much of it spectacularly beautiful, Maine is justifiably considered one of the world's great cruising grounds.

The North/Eastern third, Down-East Maine, is rocky, tree-covered and noted for appearing much as it did to the early explorers. It has bold coasts, many beautiful, isolated coves for anchoring, small lobster fishing ports, and few marinas.

Mid-coast Maine - from Bar Harbor to Portland - is similar in appearance, but as one enters its harbors it is apparent that this is the coastal Maine of cruising fame. There are both small cove lobster settlements and tourist-focused towns with marinas. Dockage fees generally increase as one cruises farther South/West.

South/West Coast Maine - from Cape Elizabeth to the mouth of the Piscataqua River and Isles of Shoals - is very different in appearance. The rocky, bold coasts of Mid-Coast Maine and Down-East are replaced by sandy beaches with many tourists.

The one constant in all Maine waters is lobster traps in great numbers, with their warps lurking just below the surface to foul the propellers of the unwary. Even when under sail, the habit of connecting a "toggle" float to the warp-terminating lobster buoy can leave a line capable snagging the (spade) rudder of anyone attempting to sail between buoy and toggle.

In Spring with warming air drifting over 50 degree (F) water, in morning fogs, radar - while mandatory for navigation - can't spot lobster buoys.

Nevertheless, lobster buoys notwithstanding, once you've cruised the Maine coast you'll be hard pressed to consider any other waters equivalent.


Entire Maine Coast
Chart No 13260 (Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod)
Down-East Maine
Chart No 13325 (Quoddy Narrows to Petit Manan Island)
Mid-Coast Maine
Chart No 13312 (Frenchman and Blue Hill Bays and Approaches)
Chart No 13302 (Penobscot Bay and Approaches)
Chart No 13288 (Monhegan Island to Cape Elizabeth)
South/West Coast Maine
Chart No 13286 (Cape Elizabeth to Portsmouth)

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Down East Maine

Mid-coast Maine

South/West Coast Maine


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