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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing around Lake Erie.

Lake Erie
42°12.000'N, 081°12.000'W Chart icon.png
Pic or Map of Lake Erie

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  • NOAA - to download free ENC charts of Lake Erie


Lake Erie weather is usualy quite pleasent during the warm days of summer, however, afternoon (often violent) thundershowers that develop without very much warning should be expected, as they are all to commonplace.

If I can pass along only one bit of advice to my fellow boaters, it's this...

The words "The Calm Before The Storm" were composed to discribe Lake Erie !!!

When you notice the Lake is "glass calm" & the wind has reduced to "a whisper"...THAT IS MOTHER NATURE'S WARNING to you !!!

Get safely tied up in a marina...& your family will applaud your wisdom.

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Countries, Ports, Anchorages, and Islands

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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Put In Bay - Anchoring is permitted in front of the Perry Monument, however, as holding can be poor, and shoddy anchoring by weekend weirdos are all too common, I reccomend the use of mooring balls for protection from the elements and those who anchor without concern for others. It should be noted that recently, the Coast Guard have stepped up their presence at PIB & are in the habit of using any reason they can to help themselves to your have lights & PFD's in your dingy !!
  • Kelley's Island - Anchor at the North of the island, given that conditions are favorable. The West coast of Kelley's, SE of the quarry can also be used for anchoring if conditions permit.
  • Middle Bass Island - School House Bay, the cove just to the South of the NE penninsula on the eastern side of the island, has a sandy bottom good for anchoring excepting during easterly and southeasterly winds and seas.
  • Middle Bass Island - Post office Bay, is located on the west side of island & has a sandy bottom with reasonable holding, a nice spot if the wind is from the east or N/E.
  • North Bass Island - Manilla Bay on the west side of the island is a (small but..) nice spot in favorable conditions.

Pelee Island - Anchor at the North of the Island, West of the Scudder Marina given that conditions are favorable. It is also possible to anchor at Pelee's southern point on either side of the penninsula, givern favorable conditions.

  • Catawba Island (East Harbor) - Anchor behind the breadwalls in 7 to 10 ft water depth. this area is well-protected and seldom used. Not recommended for boats drawing more than 5 feet or in low-water conditions.
  • Leamington - Although the town has a large (& thinly populated) first rate marina, I have seen boats at anchor behind the outer breakwall given reasonable conditions. Authorities will likely ask you to move (if you linger too long) however, if you are simply intending to park until the marina office is closed & then proceed into a slip after 12AM so you can pay them for (having arrived on) the next day & night...that might be possible. ;)

Things to do Ashore

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  • US Coast Pilot - to download the United States Coast Pilot (cruising guide) for free


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