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Punta Arenas
Port of Entry
53°10.309'S, 070°54.344'W Chart icon.png
lat=-53.17181 | lon=-70.90574 | zoom=14 | y
Map of Estrecho de Magallanes with Punta Arenas and Porvenir

Punta Arenas ( Sandy Point) was settled in 1848 after the failure of a settlement at Fuerte Bulnes, down the coast towards Cabo Froward, which had been established some five years previously.

The main reason for the establishment and ongoing existence of Punta Arenas was as a coaling port for steamers voyaging between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This brought a period of prosperity to the city which was enhanced by the wool industry which flourished from about 1890 onwards. The coaling industry went into a rapid decline after the opening of the Panama Canal, however, the port is still busy and the old prosperity can be seen in the architecture of the city centre.

It now has a population in the order of 120,000.


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Punta Arenas is an Armada port, normal requirements regarding Zarpes apply. The Capitania de Puerto, Immigration, Aduana and a decent Supermercado all lie within a block of the Mulle Prat gate. It is possible to complete all formalities, store ship and be on your way within 3 hours.

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Muelle Prat
Photo: Frank Holden s/v Westerly Serenade

Punta Arenas still has just a single finger pier, Muelle Prat - designed for large ships, jutting out into an open roadstead. While this roadstead is sheltered from the prevailing NW'ly winds it is very open to winds from all other directions. Yachts did call here in the 50's and 60's but today with the availability of the two ports in Canal Beagle there is really no need. Rarely do you meet a yacht that has spent time here and not incurred any damages.

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There are no safe all-weather anchorages along this shore. The nearest one is at Porvenir, 19 miles away across Magallanes on Tierra del Fuego and it is a handy place to wait for suitable weather to clear in and out of Punta Arenas.


Water On Mulle Prat
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage Yes
Fuel ?
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Ultramar Agencias Maritima Ltda are the local chart agents. They are at Independencia 865
Repairs Yes
Internet Yes
Mobile connectivity Yes
Vehicle rentals Yes


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  • Presidente Ibanez Airport (20 km north of city)is a CH$10,000 taxi ride. Flights to northern Chile, Puerto Williams and The Falkland Islands
  • Ferries depart daily to the port of Porvenir, the gateway to Tierra del Fuego
  • There are regular bus departures and arrivals daily to and from Puerto Natales. There is also a 30 hour bus service to Puerto Montt
Magallanes monument



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  • (Danbag) In December 2014 we took a buoy near the Muelle Prat and went ashore in the middle of the morning with the tender to the small beach in the east side of the muelle, the weather was settled and there is no wind. When we returned after clearing out andbuying some provisions in the early afternoon a small east wind was blowing but the waves where not small... to return on board from the beach was not easy and were almost completely overcome by the breaking waves on the beach. On the boat the rolling was terrible so we started immediately even if the tide was not yet favorable. But in any case we were be able to pass the two angosture to the Atlantic in the same tide.

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