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Trstenik from the NE

The bay and tiny harbour of Trstenik lie on the S coast of the Pelješac Peninsula on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, three miles NW of Žuljana, 10 miles due E of the island of Korčula and nine miles N of the island of Mljet. A quiet and unspoilt settlement, the hamlet is surrounded by vineyards and produces a very drinkable local wine.

Visiting yachts can either tie up on the inside of the short jetty at the W side of the bay, where there are depths of 8.0 - 10.0 metres, or anchor off in the bay. The shelter is good in the prevailing winds, but the bay is completely open to the S. It is, moreover, not a good place to be in a very strong bora (which fortunately only usually occurs in winter).


See Southern Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.



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The bay is tucked into NW corner of the three-mile-wide bay of Žuljana and only opens up in the approach from the SSE. The short jetty has a red-painted light structure on its end, which is visible on approaching the bay, and the opposite headland has a conspicuous chapel on it.


Trstenik waterfront from the jetty

Trstenik Jetty

Trstenik Jetty/wiki/Trstenik#Trstenik_Jetty
Harbour icon Trstenik Jetty [[Trstenik#Trstenik Jetty|Trstenik Jetty]] 42°54.950'N, 017°23.986'E
The best place to moor is alongside the inner side of the stone jetty, where there are depths of 8.0 - 10.0 metres. Note, however, that a local ferry uses the end of the jetty and you should not tie up too near the end. Alternatively, a shallow to a moderate draft yacht may be able to go stern/bows-to the quay immediately N of the jetty (but check the depths carefully first).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Trstenik Anchorage

Trstenik Anchorage/wiki/Trstenik#Trstenik_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Trstenik Anchorage [[Trstenik#Trstenik Anchorage|Trstenik Anchorage]] 42°54.991'N, 017°24.054'E
It is possible to anchor off outside the small craft moorings. The depths here are 9.0 - 11.0 metres and the holding is good in sand.




In the Village/wiki/Trstenik#In_the_VillageProvisions icon In the Village [[Trstenik#In the Village|In the Village]] Small provisions shop and fruit & vegetable market.

Eating out

  • In the Village
 /wiki/Trstenik#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Trstenik# | ]] Café/bar and restaurant.


  • Buses to local destinations.
  • Ferries to Korčula.


There is little to do around the hamlet. It is simply a wonderful and relaxing spot to spend a day or two in settled weather.


For other useful websites, see Croatia.


See Croatia.


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