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Aegina (Αίγινα) is an island in the middle of the Saronic Gulf. Because it is only about 15 nM from the coast of Athens it is visited very frequently by Athenian yachts and its main harbour can be rather crowded, especially at weekends. Nevertheless, it is an attractive island to visit, especially early or late season, and there are several interesting ancient and historic sites to visit around the island. Most yachts berth at the main harbour, Aegina harbour, or alternatively at the small fishing harbour of Perdikas at the SW corner of the island. Shelter is good in both in most conditions, although strong S or SW winds make Aegina harbour uncomfortable and Perdikas potentially dangerous.


1657 Saronikós Kólpos
G14 Saronic and Argolic Gulf
54344 Saronicos Kolpos & K. Petalion
413 Saronikos Kolpos


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  • Coast Guard - VHF 12
  • Weather - VHF channel 86

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The approaches to are straightforward, although the approach from S passes through the channel of Steno Metopi, where the depths shoal to little over 8.0 metres and there can be rough seas in strong winds from NW or S. Closer in, there are shoal patches on either side of the entrance to Aegina harbour, marked with red conical buoys. Several fast ferries use the harbour and enter and exit at speed and caution is advised on entry.



Chart of Aigina Harbor

Aegina Harbour

Aegina Harbour/wiki/Aegina#Aegina_Harbour
Berth icon Aegina Harbour [[Aegina#Aegina Harbour|Aegina Harbour]] 37°44.661'N, 023°25.589'E
The harbor of Aegina, being close to Athens, is always crowded - especially at weekends. Yachts moor stern/bow-to using their anchors either on the N quay, where there are depths of 2.0 – 2.5 metres, or on the S quay, where there are depths at the W end of 5.0 – 6.0 metres but little more than a metre at the E end near the slipway. A yacht should keep well off the quay in either spot, since the ferries cause quite a wash on entry. Outside the harbour is a small marina, Aegina Marina, protected by a long detached breakwater, where yachts berth on long pontoons. However, this is usually filled with local yachts on permanent moorings and there is little space for visitors.
Aegina N quay
Chart of Perdikas

Perdikas Harbour

Perdikas Harbour/wiki/Aegina#Perdikas_Harbour
Berth icon Perdikas Harbour [[Aegina#Perdikas Harbour|Perdikas Harbour]] (Πέρδικας) 37°41.4′N, 23°27.1′E

The small harbour of Perdikas lies on the SW coast of the island, 3.5 miles SSE of Aegina harbour. The harbour offers reasonable shelter in settled weather, but is open W and strong winds from that direction make it untenable. Yachts moor stern/bows-to using their anchors wherever there is space, taking lines to one of the two stone jetties. Depths are variable from 2.0 to 3.0 metres, but less in areas of ballasting.

You can find good fish at Nontas.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Aegina Marina
  • Yacht Club of Aegina.


Perdikas Harbour

Perdikas Harbour/wiki/Aegina#Perdikas_Harbour
Anchorage icon Perdikas Harbour [[Aegina#Perdikas Harbour|Perdikas Harbour]] (Πέρδικας) 37°41.4′N, 23°27.1′E
You can anchor off in the harbour in 5.0 – 6.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and sand.

ENE of Perdikas

ENE of Perdikas/wiki/Aegina#ENE_of_Perdikas
Anchorage icon ENE of Perdikas [[Aegina#ENE of Perdikas|ENE of Perdikas]] 37°40.732'N, 023°28.110'E
Offers reasonable shelter from N and SE winds.

Agia Marina

Agia Marina/wiki/Aegina#Agia_Marina
Anchorage icon Agia Marina [[Aegina#Agia Marina|Agia Marina]] 37°44.5′N, 23°32.24′E
Protected from North and West.


Water Aegina Harbour: on the N & S quays (few outlets)
Electricity Aegina Harbour: on the N & S quays (few outlets)
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry In the harbour of Aegina Harbor
Garbage There are bins around the harbours and in several anchorages
Fuel Aegina Harbour: available by mini tanker on the quay
Bottled gas Aegina Harbour: Camping Gaz in the supermarket
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good signal
Vehicle rentals Aegina Harbour: near the harbour


Aegina Harbour/wiki/Aegina#.5B.5B.23Aegina_Harbour.7CAegina_Harbour.5D.5DProvisions icon Aegina Harbour [[Aegina#Aegina Harbour|Aegina Harbour]] There is a good supermarket and several provisions stores.

Eating out

Aegina Harbour

Many restaurants around the harbour.

Perdikas Harbour

Nontas/wiki/Aegina#NontasEatingout icon Nontas [[Aegina#Nontas|Nontas]] 37°41.428'N, 023°27.266'E Restaurant where one can find good fish.


There are daily ferries and hydrofoils to the mainland.



Aegina has been prominent since Homeric times.

Places to Visit

A visit to the 5th century BC Doric Temple of Aphaia, located on the NE side of the island, is a must. Impressively sited on top of a bluff, there are views as far as Cape Sounion. Between the temple and Aegina harbour, a worthwhile diversion is to the sumptuous, domed monastery church of Agios Nektariou, built to commemorate a 20th century hermit monk with claimed miraculous healing powers, Anastasios Kefalas. The ruins of the old chora, Palaeochora, sited on top of a mountain with spectacular all-round views of the coast, are also worth clambering up to. Most of its churches are still consecrated, with icons inside, although the houses of those who worshipped there are long gone. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Hellenic Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where injured (sadly, mostly shot) birds of prey are sent from all over Greece for rehabilitation, is a major attraction. In its cages can usually be seen some wonderful specimens of griffon vultures, golden eagles, pelicans, honey buzzards, Bonelli’s eagles and eagle owls. The Centre is run by Iannis, a charming bearded Greek who takes his duties very seriously.


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