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Port of Entry
37°12.6′N, 07°24.6′W Chart icon.png
Ayamonte Marina

Ayamonte is the westernmost coastal town in the Spanish province of Andalusia, situated on the west bank of the River Guadiana, which forms the national border between Spain and Portugal. The Portuguese harbour of Vila Real de Santo Antonio lies on the opposite bank of the river just two miles to the south. Until the construction of the Guadiana suspension bridge in 1991, Ayamonte was the main ferry crossing point into Portugal. While local tourist ferries still run across the estuary of the river, most of the traffic between the Algarve and Andalusia now rumbles across the bridge two kilometers to the north of Ayamonte. The town is a good base for exploring the wildlife-rich marshlands of the Guadiana estuary and as a refuelling stop for yacht and crew en route up the river itself, which is navigable for 25 miles up to Sanlucar de Guadiana. There is a 300 berth marina just south of the town with an entrance which tends to silt (reported depth of only 1.5 - 2.0 metres in 2010).


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The entrance to the River Guadiana is conspicuous by virtue of the 1.2 mile long mole of Ponta de Santo Antonio orientated NNW/SSE on the west side of the estuary. The channel into the river is buoyed from about one mile off. Once the mole is passed, the deeper water is on the port side of the channel. Follow the buoyed channel upriver; the entrance to the marina of Ayamonte is just over 2.5 miles upriver on the east bank. Note: the strong tidal cross-current at the entrance can make entry difficult when a strong ebb is running. In 2010, depths at the marina entrance were reported to be as little as 1.5 - 2.0 metres at low water. In 2014 we crept over the bar at lws plus 2 hours BUT entry into the marina on the Portugese side is only open safely at hw and Ayamonte silts so is best 2 h either side of HW so there is little point in bashing the bar. (update needed).


Ayamonte is a port of entry/exit in Spain.

For entrance details see Spain.


Call Ayamonte Marina on VHF channel 09 or telephone: +34 959 321 694. E-mai. Alternatively, tie up to the first hammerhead and visit the marina office on the SE side of the basin. Office hours during the season are 0930 - 1330 and 1600 - 1700 on weekdays. The marina was very quiet in 2014, with many spare berths, so pressure on the facilities, only 5 showers and toilets for men, was not noticed.As a result of spare capacity, this is great value, quiet, and in the centre. This was Shan's favourite marina on our 2014 cruise, Ayamonte chandlers run by Dutch Jon was the best we found before Gibraltar.The indoor market is excellent.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Ayamonte Marina

The Puerto Deportivo de Ayamonte has a total of 317 berths on pontoons for yachts up to 15 metres. Maximum draft at the pontoons is 3.5 metres (although see remarks above about depths in the entrance). Water and electricity at all berths. Good security (24-hour security and card access to pontoons). Toilets and showers. Laundry. Fuel station. Large supermarket south of the marina. Laundry. Numerous bars and restaurants in the town.


It is possible to anchor in the river off Ayamonte, although it is very uncomfortable with all the ferry and fishing boat wash. Better anchorages will be found above the suspension bridge or four miles to the east at Isla Cristina.

However, to anchor one mile up the river is more comfortable. You can get into the marina by dinghy and get provisions at the closest supermarkets. The marina manager, Miss Vicky, is very friendly and speaks most languages. (by ALFASEIS)

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Ayamonte Chandlers run by John, sold goods at uk prices, would recommend for any items needed.


Very basic repairs only.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Fuel station in the marina. Water and electricity at the pontoons.

Tourism and Things to do Ashore


Ayamonte is a pleasant town with a couple of interesting churches, but most tourists come here for the beaches of Isla Canela and Isla Cristina to the south. For the cruising yachtsman, the town is simply a staging post on passage to Gibraltar or for a trip up the beautiful Rio Guadiana, which is navigable by all but very deep draft (or tall-masted) yachts as far as the village of Sanlucar de Guadiana 35 miles inland. The river offers a rare opportunity to cruise calm and peaceful waters with rural Portugal to port and rural Spain to starboard. The suspension bridge across the river two miles upstream from Vila Real has a minimum clearance of 23 metres, but it may be better for your nerves if you pass under it near low water (my own crew renamed it the ‘Laxative Bridge’ - Athene of Lymington). Shallow draft or lifting keel yachts can proceed with caution a further 12 miles as far as the village of Pomarão, although depths in the river are more unreliable in these upper reaches. The small village of Foz de Odeleite roughly halfway upriver to makes a convenient spot to stop overnight if the tide turns. There are mooring buoys in the river here which can be picked up if you do not wish to anchor.

On arrival at Sanlucar, berth alongside on the pontoon in the river off the town. The pontoon has water and electricity (a charge is made by a brusque Spanish official). Sanlucar is a very quiet and picturesque town and, if you arrive here during the afternoon siesta, you may be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled onto the filmset for a remake of ‘Fistful of Dollars’, with unseen bandidos eyeing you from the rooftops. Euro-flagged yachts (which do not need to clear out of Spain) can alternatively pick up one of the mooring buoys on the Portuguese side of the river off the town of Alcoutim (the tide runs quite strongly here - especially on the ebb - and care is needed). Alcoutim is an equally charming village and, like Sanlucar, has a strong castle showing solid defiance to its former enemy. A run ashore in the dinghy to Alcoutim allows you to explore its old Moorish castle and quiet, untouristy streets where yachtsmen still attract curious stares.

For further, excellent information on cruising the Rio Guadiana click on the link: A history of the Guadiana river.

Ayamonte town
The Guadiana suspension bridge
Alcoutim from the river
Sanlucar pontoon berth looking over to Alcoutim

Grocery & Supply Stores

Good supermarket just south of the marina. Wide range of other shops in the town.


Numerous bars and restaurants in the town.




In the marina.

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Outlets in the town.

Garbage Disposal

Bins in the marina.


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