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Belle Ile
47°19.45′N, 3°10.18′W Chart icon.png
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Le Palais, Belle Ile

Belle Ile is one of the largest French Atlantic islands. Lying some twenty miles off the Gulf of Morbihan, it offers a wide range of scenery, some of it breathtaking, as well as a secure harbour (if lying in the inner basin). The main ferry port of Le Palais is overlooked by an impressive Vauban-designed fortress. The pretty harbour of Sauzon on the NE side of the island makes an attractive anchorage in settled weather. The interior of the island offer spectacular bird life, while the west side of the island boasts some fantastic beaches as well as the awesome pinnacles Aiguilles de Port Coton.

Like all the French Atlantic islands, Belle Ile is very cycle-friendly, with quiet roads and several cycle tracks.


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While the west side of the island takes the full brunt of Atlantic storms, the ports of Le Palais and Sauzon offer good shelter in all weathers.

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Otis Rally in the inner harbour, Le Palais
  • Le Palais is the main harbour of the island, as well as the principal ferry port. There are a few buoys at the harbour entrance, which visiting yachts can pick up and take a stern line to the harbour breakwater. However, better shelter is available in the inner, tidal harbour, which yachts can lock in to for around two hours either side of high water. Go alongside here wherever there is space.
  • On the NE coast of the island is the attractive port of Sauzon. Space here is limited and the harbour is quite shallow. Deep draught yachts usually anchor off or pick up one of the buoys outside the harbour in settled weather. There are numerous restaurants and cafes ashore here.

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Le Palais town is a charming, sleepy town out of season, only awakening when the ferry comes in and disgorges its daily cargo of tourists and cars. The Vauban-designed citadel above the town is well worth the climb, with spectacular views over the town and harbour. On the west coast of the island, the cliffs above Les Aiguillles de Port Coton offer a stunning view of the Atlantic breakers, especially in rough weather, when the swirling waters below are white with foam (hence the name). Further on, the beach at Port Donnant is one of the finest in the French Atlantic islands and practically deserted out of season.

On the north-east coast, the charming port of Sauzon, nestling in a fold of the hills, is an excellent cycling destination and lunch stop.

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The Hotel de Bretagne on the waterfont offered an excellent three-course prix fixe dinner menu back in June 2000(!).




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