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Buenos Aires
Port of Entry
34°35.790'S, 058°21.630'W Chart icon.png
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The attractions of Buenos Aires are well covered in such publications as the Lonely Planet guides.

Capital Federal or central Buenos Aires is a handy point for checking into and out of the country . Most yachting activity - and where most visitors choose to based - is in the San Isidro/San Fernando area.


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See Argentina.


See Argentina.


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Buenos Aires is a port of entry for Argentina. For details see Entrance: Argentina.

Clearing in to Buenos Aires is relatively simple, but needs some leg work and must be completed within 24 hours of arrival. You need to take, not only your passports, ship's papers and clearance from your last port but also a letter from the marina ( Pto Madera or YCA) stating that your yacht is indeed in the port. You must first attend the Immigration building at Av. Antartida Argentina 1355 close west of Darsena Norte. The person who deals with yachts has an office buried deep within the bowels of the building . Next call is either at the Prefectura office situated between the bridges 3 and 4 in the Puerto Madero complex. The next step is the office of Direccion General de Aduanas to get your Certificado de Admision Temporal, Is inside the ferry station ( BUQUEBUS STATION ) , near 100 mts from YCA or Yacht Club Puerto Madero.

When shifting ship up to the San Fernando area there is no requirement to do any further paperwork.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

See also San Isidro/San Fernando: Marinas & Yacht Clubs.

Yacht Club Argentino

Yacht Club Argentino/wiki/Buenos_Aires#Yacht_Club_Argentino
Berth icon Yacht Club Argentino [[Buenos Aires#Yacht Club Argentino|Yacht Club Argentino]] 34°35.741'S, 058°21.718'W

This is a private yacht club, the most prestigious in the country. It is situated in Dársena Norte in the port of Buenos Aires. Has a clubhouse, moorings, haulout, changing rooms and workshops. Most repairs can be carried out here in a safe environment. It provides 7 days free mooring for visitors. Yachts lie to buoys. The best place to stop when clearing into Buenos Aires either from another Argentinian port or from overseas. Call YCA eek-ka on Ch 16 or 71 on arrival to seek admission. A club launch will open the boom for you and direct you to your mooring.

Note: Advanced reservation is recommended.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 114 314 0505; Fax: +54 114 312 9520
Address: Viamonte y Rio de la Plata , Darsena Norte - 1107 Capital Federal , Buenos Aires, Argentina
Office hours: Monday – Friday 11 – 19
The Swing Bridge

Yacht Club Puerto Madero

Yacht Club Puerto Madero/wiki/Buenos_Aires#Yacht_Club_Puerto_Madero
Berth icon Yacht Club Puerto Madero [[Buenos Aires#Yacht Club Puerto Madero|Yacht Club Puerto Madero]] 34°36.544'S, 058°21.868'W

Puerto Madero is an upmarket commercial marina situated within the old Puerto Madero dock area. It is a 250 berth marina with average of 7m depth. Full facilities available. 24 hour security. Launch service across dock to heart of city. Fuel and internet. Enquiry and booking form on their website. One night's free mooring. Call Marina Puerto Madero on Ch 71.

The swing bridge at the entrance opens for yachts on the hour as required and as with YCA a marina workboat will direct you to your berth.

Note: Advanced reservation is recommended.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 114 3 13 80 08;
Address: Dique 4, Puerto Madero , 1107 Federal Capital, Argentina


Water In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Electricity In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Toilets In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Showers In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Laundry ?
Garbage In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Fuel In Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Costanera Uno; Tel: +54 11 4312-4545; Av. Ramón S Castillo y Calle 13 s/n, 1425 CABA
Repairs In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Internet WiFi in both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero and in local cafes
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Several small supermercados are situated in the adjacent city.

Eating out

Plentiful and good. Those around Puerto Madero tend to be expensive.


  • Buenos Aires has an efficient rail, bus and subway network.
  • There are direct flights from BA to the US and European destinations.
  • Air NewZealand operates a direct service to and from Auckland, NZ.



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See Argentina.


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