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Rio Lujen (San Isidro/San Fernando)
34°26.398'S, 058°31.914'W Chart icon.png
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Most cruisers planning to spend any time in the Buenos Aires area proceed to the San Isidro/ San Fernando area - just NW of the city of Buenos Aires - where the bulk of water related activity occurs.


See Argentina.


See Buenos Aires.


See Argentina.


See Argentina.


The sea level in Rio de la Plata is much affected by the prevailing winds, a few days of easterlies can raise the tides up to a metre above prediction while westerlies can drop the level by a similar amount. Even under normal conditions a direct approach from BA into the mouth of the Rio Lujen is not recommended except with very good local knowledge. As a result the normal approach is up the main Rio Parana shipping channel until Canal Honda is reached. Then it is a simple matter to follow Canal Honda and Canal de Vinculacion to San Fernando. Shortly after passing the east cardinal beacon at the entrance to the latter canal it appears to be shallow but locals say this is very fine silt that can be motored through ( favour the port side of the channel inbound). Yachts with up to 3 metre drafts use these canals on a regular basis.


If, as is the norm, you are arriving from Capital Federal ( central BA) there are no check in requirements. Arrangements for a berth in a local marina should be made before leaving Capital Federal.

If you are arriving direct from Uruguay you will need to attend Immigration and Aduana at Tigre. They are at the Muelle International on the far bank of the Rio Tigre. You will also have to visit the Prefectura in either Tigre or San Fernando. Don't forget that along with your papers you will need a letter from the marina you are berthed at. See also my note under 'personal experiences' below.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There are numerous yacht clubs and marinas in the five mile stretch between San Isidro and Tigre. From seaward the ones of most interest to cruisers are:

Club De Veleros Barlovento

Club De Veleros Barlovento/wiki/Rio_Lujen#Club_De_Veleros_Barlovento
Berth icon Club De Veleros Barlovento [[Rio Lujen#Club De Veleros Barlovento|Club De Veleros Barlovento]] 34°26.635'S, 058°31.758'W

Club de Veleros Barlovento is the most friendly club in north area for foerign boats. It is the least expensive of the local marinas & clubs but it requires a local insurance policy. It welcomes foreign boats and gives good services and access to marine supplies and workers.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 11 4744-5227
Address: O Vito Dumas y Rio Lujan (1644), Victoria, San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Club Nautico San Isidro

Club Nautico San Isidro/wiki/Rio_Lujen#Club_Nautico_San_Isidro
Berth icon Club Nautico San Isidro [[Rio Lujen#Club Nautico San Isidro|Club Nautico San Isidro]] 34°26.359'S, 058°31.406'W

Club Nautico San Isidro is a free marina with excellent facilities.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 11 4732-0600; Fax: +54 11 4732-0606
Address: Av. Mitre 1999 , 1642 San Isidro - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9:15 - 16:45, Saturdays,Sundays, & Holidays 9:15 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:45

Club San Fernando

Club San Fernando/wiki/Rio_Lujen#Club_San_Fernando
Berth icon Club San Fernando [[Rio Lujen#Club San Fernando|Club San Fernando]] 34°25.853'S, 058°32.846'W

Club San Fernando is located on an island across the river Lujan. Has quieter berths with more space for visitors. All facilities, restaurant/bar, provisions. Boatyard and haulout.

Listens to VHF channel 18.

[email protected]; Tel: +54 11 4725-1438; Fax: +54 4744-0647
Address: Sarmiento y Escalada , 1646 San Fernando - Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • It is possible to moor almost anywhere along Canal Honda. However there is constant small ship traffic so it pays to make sure you are well tucked in. Holding is good in mud. The stream is always flowing seawards but on the flood may be diminished to the extent that a yacht will be wind rode rather than tide rode.


Water In all marinas
Electricity ?
Toilets In all marinas
Showers In all marinas
Laundry ?
Garbage In all marinas
Fuel In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Bottled gas ?
  • Baron S.A. ( Chandlers);, Libertador 1898, San Fernando]
  • Costanera Uno; Libertador 2098, San Fernando
  • Trimer S.A. (Chandlers); Del Arco 55, San Fernando; [email protected]
  • 1ar Estacion de Pintura Nautica ( International Paints agents ); Libertador 2434, San Fernado
  • del Bajo (Hempel Paints agents); Libertador 3039, Punta Chica.
  • In Club San Fernando
  • North Sails; Del Arca 59, San Fernando
  • Diesel Vega'; Sarmiento 101, Puerto de Frutos, Tigre; Te:l 4749-0346 - Injector and fuelpump servicing and repair, highly recommended
  • Honda
  • Baterias VZH, Directorio 3602, Buenos Aires; [email protected] - Trojan battery agent
  • Servicios Nauticos ( Alfredo Agote ); Gral. Aria 1505 (YCA); Tel: +54 11 4744-1294; [email protected] - General diesel servicing and engineering repairs
  • IDP SA]; (Liferaft servicing and associated fire fighting and lifesaving equipment); Colombres 2353, Munro, [email protected] - Highly recommended. They also provide a service to yachts in Ushuaia several times a year.
  • In both Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Puerto Madero
Internet Available at most cafes and restaurants and at many marinas
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Disco, Libertador, San Fernando.
  • Carrefour, Peron, San Fernando.
  • Many small but excellent fruit and veg shops are scattered through San Fernando.


Not that common, best bet is HSBC, 3 de Febrero 899, San Fernando (by the town square).

Eating out

Numerous restaurants of good quality.


  • The 'Tren de la Costa' runs every 30 minutes between Tigre and Maipu ( connects here with TBA trains to Retiro). This line skirts the shore and is operated mainly as a tourist railway. As a result the fare, by local standards, is not cheap. If based here it pays to buy a card with 30 days validity which costs 40 pesos for 12 trips.
  • TBA ( Trens Buenos Aires) run a frequent service through central San Fernando. This runs from Tigre to Retiro ( Capital Federal) and is in the order of 1.5 pesos one way.
  • Remis ( hire cars ) are cheap and good. I have used Remis Madero in San Fernando who I can heartily recommend. Remis Madero, 3 de Febrero 699 and Madero 1292, Tel 4744-5317
  • Taxis are plentiful, beware of the 'you only gave me a ten' trick......



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Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Hi all, Whatever you need from this latitude let me know! Contact :, replace X for @, to avoid spam. Good winds for all! Omar Sanchez, Wetdoc


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See Argentina.


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  • Having checked both out and in to San Fernando using the Prefectura, Aduana and Immigration services at Tigre I would not recommend it to any one. The Prefectura at Tigre will leave you standing for an hour before telling you that you should be seeing the Prefectura at San Fernando. The Prefectura office in San Fernando is at Colon 405, in one of the dodgiest parts of town. You may get satisfaction after an hour there then again maybe you will not. The less said about the Tigre Aduana the better. Suffice to say that the managers of both marinas I had dealings with said 'yes, we always have trouble with them'. Far better to clear in and out in Capital Federal.
    Unfortunately if you are hauling your boat out in San Fernando you need to get an " Acta de Interdiccion" from the Tigre Aduana on the day that you haul... and more paperwork on the day you go back in the water....... good luck.

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