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Port of Entry
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Satellite view of Burgas

Burgas or Bourgas or Burgaz (Bulgarian: Бургас, pronounced: [burˈɡas]) it is Bulgaria's largest port and the second-largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the fourth-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, with a population of 200,271 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census. It is the capital of Burgas Province and an important industrial, transport, cultural and tourist center.


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See Bulgaria.


See Bulgaria.


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The approach to Burgas is straight forward and its breakwater can be easily seen from a distance.

Call the Port Authorities on VHF channel 11 on approach.


Burgas is a port of entry for Bulgaria. For details see Entrance: Bulgaria.

The Port Control Office is situated on the 8th. floor of the tower with the radar antenna, by the dock gates. (NOTE: No lift after 3rd floor!). You must go here for departure clearance.

After clearance, a yacht can move to the yacht club.


You can either moor at the Yacht Club or at an anchorage behind the commercial port.

Warning: While the harbor provides good shelter it can be uncomfortable due the wakes of the large commercial vessels.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Yacht Club Port Bourgas

Yacht Club Port Bourgas/wiki/Burgas#Yacht_Club_Port_Bourgas
Marina icon Yacht Club Port Bourgas [[Burgas#Yacht Club Port Bourgas|Yacht Club Port Bourgas]] 42°29.022'N, 027°28.020'E
Port of Entry

The Yacht Club is immediately to starboard after passing the lighthouse at the entrance to the commercial harbor. Cruisers report that the moorings are in a poor state and generally for smaller yachts (no more than 12m). It may be advisable to drop your own anchor and back to the quay, but stand well off as wash from passing commercial traffic and swell can cause problems.

The club provides water, electricity, toilets and showers. Charges are based on sq.m (LOA x beam) and on a "day" starting at midnight. So a 1 night stay will be charged as 2 days. Ask about marine supplies and repairs.

Note: They count days from mdinight to midnight, this usually menas that spending 1 night you will be charged for 2.

[email protected]; Tel: +359 (56) 876 896; Fax: +359 (56) 822 302; VHF channel XX
Address: 1, Alexander Batenberg Street, Burgas 8000, Bulgaria


Behind Port

Behind Port/wiki/Burgas#Behind_Port
Anchorage icon Behind Port [[Burgas#Behind Port|Behind Port]] 42°29.535'N, 027°29.367'E
There is an anchorage behind the commercial port. A few local boats moor here and it offers good shelter. The bottom is mud and good holding. You are closer to the town and you do not have to walk through the port.



At the yacht club?

Electricity At the yacht club
Toilets At the yacht club
Showers At the yacht club
Laundry ?
Garbage Bin at the yacht club
Fuel ?
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs The dock is used as a boatyard where repairs and boat building take place. Most repairs would be possible. Ask at the yacht club for further details and possible haul out.
North Sails Bulgaria
Phone: +359 52 712345
Fax: +359 52 712300
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.bg.northsails.com
Address: LZ Yachting Bulgaria EOOD , Passengers Terminal floor 1 , Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Provisions on a shopping mall at Aleksandrovska Street.

Eating out

On Aleksandrovska Street.


  • Domestic airport
  • Railway station
  • Ferry terminal
  • Bus station



Give a short history of the port.

Places to Visit

Lake Burgas

The Burgas Wetlands are highly recognized for their significance to biodiversity and as a resource pool for various products utilized by people.

  • Lake Burgas is Bulgaria's largest lake and situated in the middle of the city
  • The Atanasovo Lake is one of the two saltwater lakes in the Black Sea region and contains rare and representative examples of wetland habitats
  • There is an archaeological museum


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Bulgaria.


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