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Cap Bon
37°04.8′N, 11°02.2′E Chart icon.png
Tunisia CapBon m.jpg
Chart of Cap Bon

Cap Bon (Cape Bon), also known as Sharik Peninsula or Shariq Peninsula, is a peninsula in far northeastern Tunisia south of the Gulf of Tunis. It is notorious for its high winds and confused seas. Yet on the lee of the cape there is a good anchorage very convenient for boats either to or from Sidi Bou Said, the marina of Tunis.


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See Tunisia.


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Approaching Cap Bon you may experience strong wind and confused seas.



World icon.png 37°04.8′N, 11°02.2′E
Anchor on the northern lee side of the Cape. Here despite the wind it is usually very calm. There are no facilities here, just a safe anchorage away from everything.

Warning: There are large underwater rocks where your anchor or anchor line can foul. Look carefuly where you anchor and allow for a lot of swinging.

Approaching Cap Bon from the East
The Calm Anchorage under Cap Bon

Yacht Repairs and Services


Things to do Ashore

Cannot go ashore, too rough.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Tunisia.


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  • This is a nice, isolated, place to rest, away from the crowds. --Istioploos Greece Icon.png

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