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Cape Cod Bay

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Cape Cod and Nantucket Sound
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GPS: 41°55.60′N, 70°02.13′W
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Also See: Nantucket Sound (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket Island, Buzzards Bay)


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  • FREE ANCHORAGE: About 12 miles south of the Cape Cod Canal, New Bedford, MA 41, 36, 789N 70.54.256W, general anchorage 110.140 (US Coast Pilot 2) seems to be a good holding ground. There's actually two general anchorages, one on the east side of the bay and the other on the west side, both are a bit exposed to a south easterly but otherwise well sheltered. If it does get ugly there's the inner harbor just a few tenths of a mile to the north with their massive hurricane barrier. There's a public dock a short row away where you can tie/lock up and there's no time limit posted. Right next to the public dock and ramp there's a restaurant bar, Davy's Locker. A few blocks away to the north are basic convenience stores, a sporting goods store, and a liquor store. The only down side is that at dawn and dusk there is quite a bit of traffic in the nearby marked channel as the trawlers come in and out which causes a bit of rolling. Otherwise a good spot.

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