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Derby, Western Australia


The king of all Australian tides occurs near the town of Derby in north-west Australia, at the end of March and again at the end of April each year. Derby's tides can reach up to 11.8m, and are the second biggest tides in the world.

Derby is proud of its strange tides, and holds special events to celebrate, including King Tide Day and the Boab Festival.

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17°18.2′S, 123°37.8′E
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Cruising the region

Derby is a good base to explore the Kimberly Coast in the North West of Western Australia. The region is full of beautiful bays and secluded, isolated anchorages that are well worth exploring.


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Derby is Tropical, experiencing wet and dry seasons and is in the heart of the West Australian Cyclone Zone. Avoid travelling to this region during the period between December and March to avoid cyclone activity.

Best sources of information about cyclones or weather in general (including wind patterns and tides) is [ AU Weather].


List popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


  • Bathurst Island
  • Cockatoo Island
  • Fletcher Island
  • Herbert Islands
  • Hidden Island
  • High Island
  • Lachlan Island
  • Marv Island
  • Muir Island
  • Scaddan Island
  • Shirley Island
  • Sir Frederick Island
  • Sunday Island
  • The Sisters
  • Traverse Island
  • Valentine Island


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.




Derby does not have Permanent Customs or Immigration clearance processing. Before going to Derby, clear Customs and Immigration at another port (such as Broome or Darwin).


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs



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Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Fuel is available in the town of Derby but will need to be transported to the Derby Jetty.fuel notes
Water is available at the Derby Jetty
There is no place for yachts to come alongside and connect to power.

Things to do Ashore


Tourist attractions in the area are plentify with Derby having a colourful and interesting history. To find out about current toursim opportunities, make sure you visit the local information centre on the main street in Derby.

Some opportunities include: scenic flights over the Kimberly, tours of various canyons and rivers, historic sites, fishing trips, museums... etc

Grocery & Supply Stores

There are a number of shops in town, including a woolworths (groceries), and IGA (groceries), bakery, fuel (gas) stations, restaurants, hardware, mechanics, government services, banks, cafes etc


There are a number of food spots in Derby town. The best Cafes are Indulgence and the Windmill cafe. There are also pizza spots, pubs, kabab shops, seafood restaurants (including the best one - right on Derby Jetty) and other eateries.


Internet in Derby (including phone reception) is all provided by Telstra. 3G internet is available across town and reception at the Jetty is good. Internet is also available in town.


Motorbike & Car Rentals

Car rentals are available in Derby through a number of outlets. If you plan to go out of town and explore the canyons or drive to Broome (about 200kms away), make sure you get a 4WD. Prices start from about AU$150 per day.

Garbage Disposal



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We welcome users' contributions to the Wiki. Please click on Comments to view other users' comments, add your own personal experiences or recommend any changes to this page following your visit. I was living in Derby with work for about 6 weeks during the wet season. As an avid cruising sailor myself, I was amazed that this site didn't have more info about the services here. Its a brilliant part of the world, well worth a visit. My problem was, there weren't any yachts here to take out - except for one Adams 50 that was sitting up on the mud for sale (and looking a little worse for wear). --Lakey214 26 December 2012

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