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Port of Entry
12°27.090'S, 130°50.950'E Chart icon.png
lat=-12.4515 | lon=130.84917 | zoom=15 | y
Radio VHF channel ?
Phone +61 8 8981 7816
Fax + 61 8 8981 1386
E-mail [email protected]
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel ?
Water ?
Electricity Yes, 240v
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes - coin operated
Hours ?
Address Frances Bay Drive, Darwin. Northern Territory, Australia
More notes about the marina

Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association Inc. is situated at Frances Bay Drive, Darwin, on the banks of Sadgroves Creek, in the tropical north of Australia.

Dinah Beach is a short walk from the Mooring Basin and the city centre is not much further on. Nowhere is much more than 20 minutes from anywhere in Darwin. It all depends on how you get about. By car, 20 minutes gets you to the outskirts of Darwin. By boat, 20 minutes gets you out of the bar. By foot, 20 minutes, gets you hot, thirsty and back to the bar.

A concrete wharf has been constructed and allows yachts of most sizes to moor for short periods to be cleaned, repaired etc. Electricity and water are provided. There are also facilities for dinghies to be lifted out.

Activities: The Club runs regular Member activities such as Quiz Nights, Theme Occasions and such. Notification of events are posted throughout the club and the blackboard located on the bar wall. A members badge draw is conducted each Wednesday night between 7:00pm and 8:00pm. Members must be present to claim the prize. See entertainment for current details.

The seawall and floating pontoon are some of the most significant developments in the history of the Club and were opened in 1995. The seat upon the pontoon was created and bestowed by Rex Maxwell and is accessible via "Stait Bridge".

Mini buses will take you two kilometres for $2.

The approach by sea is a bit tricky so have a good look at the chart first. Even the best of us have been stuck on the mud.


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