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Early morning in Domburg (main square)

Domburg in Suriname is a former coffee, cocoa, and citrus plantation but still, the inhabitants grow lots of citrus and vegetables. The square in the centre on the waterfront is a popular place where local people come to relax in the shadow of the huge almond and mahogany trees (planted by Princess Juliana) and "tak tori" (which means small talk in Sranan Tongo). Round the square, you'll find lots of small restaurants and cafes, where mostly Javanese food is served. Especially on Sundays Domburg is quite crowded, as it is very popular with city people who come here to enjoy a lazy afternoon. Obviously, on the weekends the menu is also more extensive than on weekdays. A special treat is "petjil" (Javanese vegetables topped with a peanut sauce and served in a banana leaf), but of course, there is also roasted chicken and if you're lucky you'll even find caiman on the barbecues!!


See Suriname.


See Suriname.


You can take your boat to the Commewijne River and up to the Cottica River. On the way, you'll pass some small villages and you just anchor in the middle of the river in the forest. But be aware that sometimes big freighters on their way to or from Moengo will want to pass.


Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The river is well buoyed, coming from Paramaribo keep red to starboard (IALA-B).


The small pontoon is reserved for the ferries to Laarwijk on the other side of the river. Pick up a mooring or anchor in 10 m deep water. The bottom is soft mud so the holding is rather poor and semi-floating tree trunks can be a hazard. The moorings are the property of "Harbour Resort Domburg".

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Harbour Resort Domburg

Harbour Resort Domburg/wiki/Domburg#Harbour_Resort_Domburg
Marina icon Harbour Resort Domburg [[Domburg#Harbour Resort Domburg|Harbour Resort Domburg]] 05°42.187'N, 055°04.835'W

Harbour Resort Domburg was finished in 2014. The owner is Huib Oskam; he is a Dutch businessman who takes pleasure into communicating with yachties and helping them a bit. He offers a safe opportunity to leave a yacht on one of his 10 moorings (anchored with 2500 kg concrete blocks), including services such as fresh water and cooking gas. Facilities: clubhouse, WiFi, toilets, showers, laundromats, dinghy pontoon, swimming pool, car rentals.

[email protected]; Tel: +597 (87) 26 198, +597 (71) 10 257, +31 (637) 029 967 ; VHF channel 31
Address: Sir Winston Churchillweg 833a, Domburg, Suriname
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Marina & Resort Waterland

Marina & Resort Waterland/wiki/Domburg#Marina_.26_Resort_Waterland
Marina icon Marina & Resort Waterland [[Domburg#Marina & Resort Waterland|Marina & Resort Waterland]] 05°39.500'N, 055°03.830'W

This is the first marina in Suriname, a few miles up river from Domburg. It has 12-15 berths in floating pontoon, max draft 4 m. Water and electricity available. Security 24/7. WiFi, restaurant, bar, laundromat, private beach, bike rental, cooking gas, bus & taxi's into Paramaribo.

[email protected]; Tel: +597 (45) 8 482; Mobile: +597 (87) 86 938; VHF channel 12
Address: Marina Resort Waterland, Muurvarensweg 52, District Para, Suriname
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing


Domburg Anchorage

Domburg Anchorage/wiki/Domburg#Domburg__Anchorage
Anchorage icon Domburg Anchorage [[Domburg#Domburg Anchorage|Domburg Anchorage]] 05°42.184'N, 055°04.771'W
This is the only relatively safe anchorage in the area, as local traffic gives the place a wide berth, passing Domburg on the left-hand side of the river. The area at Domburg's waterfront is crowded with moorings but a little upriver is a nice and quiet spot. The soil is mud and it needs time to let your anchor sink well into the mud. Use lots of chain (40-50 meters), the more the better. When the anchor holds, an additional anchor weight might be helpful. Yachties at anchor are only permitted to use the floating dinghy pontoon at Domburg's Harbour Resort at a rate of €5 per day, but you can always beach and use the steps at the waterfront. An anchor light is obligatory at night.


  • In Waterland
  • Only in case of emergency and on special request at Holsu
Toilets In Domburg's Harbour Resort and Waterland
Showers In Domburg's Harbour Resort and Waterland
  • Bins both marinas
  • Big green garbage bins on the main square. Avoid using them in the weekends, when they are needed by the day tourists
Fuel In jerry cans at the service station next to the main square or at the Go2 down the road (opposite of Holsu, you might want to go there by dinghy)
Bottled gas In Domburg's Harbour Resort
  • NV Propellor, Industrieweg 18c, tel. +597 481348, Email. This is the one and only chandler in Surinam, don't expect too much but still they might surprise you with what they actually have in stock. Go by bus as the store is near Paramaribo.
  • Mines Services Suriname N.V., Bethesdaweg 2, tel. +597 485300, Email. This is actually not a chandlery but for example in case of trouble with rigging etc, they may want to help you out as the owner is a keen sailor himself.

The following suppliers are all in Paramaribo: Outboards:

  • Yamaha dealer: Datsun Suriname NV, Wagenwegstraat 53
  • Evinrude and other: try the shop next door to Yamaha, they carry parts for many brands and are very helpful
  • Mariner: CHM, Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat 2-12
  • Tohatsu: Jong Tjien Fa, Dr. F. Nassylaan 47

Batteries and Electricity parts:

  • Cormoran, Burenstraat (they have recently moved from #9 to the other end of the street)
Repairs In case of emergency, Holsu may want to help you out or arrange a mechanic for you. Also, there are many mechanics, welders, electricians etc in town and around Cevihas, the only place where you might be able to have your boat lifted. Talk about your problem in the sailor's pub and surely everybody wants to be of assistance.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals
ATM's & Other
  • ATM at the service station next to the main square
  • Barber, DVD-shop, tailor, it's all there


  • Some provisions in Waterland
  • There are many small supermarkets in Domburg and you will find everything you need. Most nearby are Cheng Xin on the main square and just over the bridge on your right hand is a huge new supermarket. Open from appr. 0700 until 2100.
  • Fruit and vegetables at the stands on Domburg's market, which is actually part of the main square.

Eating out

  • Restaurant in Domburg's Harbour Resort
  • Mit Shiv on the main road (opposite direction of going into Paramaribo). Here they serve good local food at very reasonable prices. Try "teloh", deep-fried cassave served with "batjauw" (salted fish in a tomato and pepper sauce) or "trie" (very small dried fishes). All dishes come with vegetables. Prices around 10-15 SRD per plate.
  • Yin Dai Yang is a small Chinese restaurant next to Tamara's supermarket. Try "moksi miti" (mixed meat = several kinds of roasted meat and Chinese sausage) or "tjauw min hongkong" (noodles with shrimp, very good taste). The portions are large so you might want to share; just ask for two plates. Communication with the staff might be difficult as they only speak Chinese and Sranan Tongo, but there are always other customers who will help you.
  • Rita's warung 3 km down the road in the direction of Paramaribo. Great value, excellent Javanese food! In 2015, Rita plans to move to Domburg 12e straat.


  • The PDP bus is the local bus to town. Fare 4 SRD. No schedule, they leave from town when full and pick you up when they return. Be aware that they are used by people who work in the city, so from 5.30 to 9 AM they ride frequently but between 10 AM and 2 PM you may have to wait a long time. The last bus might leave from Paramaribo around 5 PM; ask the driver
  • International flights from "Zanderij" (Johan Adolf Pengel Airport) to Amsterdam (daily), Trinidad (several flights per day), Aruba, Curacao, Cayenne (French-Guiana), Belem (Brazil) and Miami


  • A nice stroll is to walk into La Rencontre (the plantation next to Domburg). Walk from the main square to the left directly into the first dirt road (La Rencontre 1e straat). Notice in the curve the small cemetary, then cross the bridge over the picturesque lock (still functioning!) and go left. Follow the road to the second lock and walk straight into the forest. Wear rubber boots in the wet season and bring mosquito repellent as there might be some troubling you there. But this can't ever spoil your stroll as this place is a beauty spot and it makes you feel like if you were in the middle of the jungle! Enjoy the lush green, the sunlight filtering through the leaves, see the flowers (there are lots of "palulu", huge red jungle flowers), hear and see the birds, the sapacaras (giant lizards), etc etc. Wildlife right on your doorstep.
  • Visit Laarwijk and enjoy Surinamese country life at its best! Have your camera standby upon arrival at the creek, as especially near LW this spot seems to be taken right out of a fairy-tale. The local ferry leaves Domburg at noon and 13.30, and return at 14.00 and 15.30 hrs.
  • Take a tour with Twist! Mr. Twist is an extremely experienced guide but more important: a very helpful and friendly man who knows everybody in Surinam, and everyone knows him! The main thing about Twist is that you can trust him. He knows what sailors enjoy, so if you go with him you'll never be among a group of 20 other white folks. Of course you can discuss your destination(s) with Twist, but probably he will propose to bring you into a secluded marron village (marron are descendants of the former slaves who ran away from the plantations), an indigenous village (Amer-Indians), Brownsberg (a nature park) and he will stop along the way whenever hee sees something that might be of interest. Twist will tell you about nature and wildlife, about the ways of the locals in the villages, history, etc etc. Your day out with him will be a great experience and something you will never forget. Call Twist at +597 404450 (home) or +597 8139768. If you are not able to reach him, ask Petra & Jan Willem Versol, sy Witte Raaf (see below). Price indication for 4 persons: € 75 per person. All snacks, meals and drinks included; even beer and/or rum! (You will find this with no other tour guide, but Twist knows what yachties want.)
Javanese food stall (warung)
Laarwijk (by the river, opposite Domburg)
Transporting bananas


  • Petra & Jan Willem Versol, sy Witte Raaf, Email


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See Suriname.


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  • Petra & Jan Willem Versol (sy Witte Raaf): We arrived in Suriname in February 2006 and liked the country and especially its people so much that we bought ourselves a home here. We sailed three times to the Caribbean and back to Suriname. We kept our boat in Trinidad for a couple of years, but since February 2014 Witte Raaf is back in Suriname and berthed at the Sailing Club Suriname (Ornamibo, between Paramaribo and Domburg).

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