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Port of Entry
41°16.500'N, 031°24.600'E Chart icon.png
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Chart of Eregli Harbor

Eregli is a large military and industrial harbor. As you enter the harbor with its large steel mills, the largest in the Middle East, appears as the entrance to a modern version of hell. It is a very large harbor, busy with many large ships, some docked some moored off-shore. Despite the amount of shipping the harbor is actually not as dirty as Samsun. Nor does the town look as bad as the first impression. The mills are all at the western end and the town seems to have a large promenade shaded with trees at its eastern end. The town has some green parks, and is built amphitheatrically.


2214 The Euxine or Black Sea
2238 Kefken Adasi to Inceburun
1275 Ereğli to Amasra
55100 Western Part of the Black Sea
112 Kefken-Eregli
113 Eregli-Amasra


See Turkey.


Popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


Satellite View of Kefken Adasi

Kefken Adasi

Kefken Adasi/wiki/Eregli#Kefken_Adasi
Island icon Kefken Adasi [[Eregli#Kefken Adasi|Kefken Adasi]] 41°12.7′N, 30°15.5′E
Kefken Adasi is 52.4 nM E of Eregli. The cove is fairly peaceful. The island is low lying and marred by a fish farm and a concrete quay. The mainland just across is green and attractive.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The approaches to Amasra are straightforward.


Eregli is a port of entry/exit to Turkey.



Eregli Harbor

Eregli Harbor/wiki/Eregli#Eregli_Harbor
Harbour icon Eregli Harbor [[Eregli#Eregli Harbor|Eregli Harbor]] 41°16.5′N, 31°24.6′E

Eregli Harbour is large harbour with many large commercial ships and a number of fishing boats. Anchor off in the east side of the harbor north of the commercial wharves and fishing harbour in 5 to 7 metres just west of the the yachts on moorings and sailing club. Keep clear of commercial boats. Good holding. Sailing club is very helpful and welcoming.

Warning: Do not approach the northern and north western side of the harbor where the Turkish Navy and coastguard has a base.
Entering Eregli Harbor
Sunset at Eregli

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Satellite View of Sile


Anchorage icon Sile [[Eregli#Sile|Sile]] 41°10.7′N, 29°36.30′E

Sile is Black Sea low key resort and a fishing town not very far from Bosphorus.

The town is up the hill along a palisade and it is very attractive. There is at least one good good restaurant along the water front in the south east corner of the harbour.

In quiet conditions it is possible to anchor just west of the harbour. It is best to enter the harbor and anchor off in 6 m, just to the right of the W jetty or just west of the small internal fishing harbour. The bottom is full of weed and while the holding is good the chain will be completely coated by a thin green weed the consistency of cotton candy.

The south side of the harbour is very shallow. The break water has been recently extended so that there is a smaller entrance to the harbour. Some guides indicate a very shallow entrance and that you must enter if you have a draft of more than 2m on the northern side. As at July 2011 the middle of the entrance to the harbour is 5 m.
Approaching Sile


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Trash cans
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet Free internet is available from the sailing club
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS in the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals Are cars, motorbikes, and bicycles available for rent? If so give the name, location, tel number of the rental outlets.


Several stores in town.

Eating out

A number of attractive waterfront restaurants.


Busses to Istanbul and other cities.



Eregli the ancient Greek Herakleia (Ηράκλεια Ποντική - Heraclea Pontica) was founded in the 6th century BC by Greeks from Megara and Tanagra. It became one of the most important commercial and cultural centers in the Hellenic Black Sea. It was believed to have been near one of the entrances to Hades, the very entrance that Hades, the very entrance that Hercules used to enter Hades in his labor of fetching the three headed dog Cerberos. Xenophon in 355 BC, on his way back to Greece, stopped at Herakleia and was shown the place on the Acherusian peninsula (Cape Baba) where Hercules entered Hades.

In 364-353 BC Herakleia was ruled by the tyrant Clearchos who was credited with liberating the serfs and building the first public library. His dynasty stayed in power until 288 BC. His son Dionysios ruled over several cities including Sesamos and Tieum. He was married to [Amastris the founder of Amastris (modern Amasra). In Roman times, Herakleia was an ally of Mithridates Eupator (ca 120-63 BC) and as a result was razed to the ground by the Roman general Cotta. Strabo describes it as a city with a good harbor. The Byzantines built a citadel here. In 1360 AD the town was taken by the Turks but was also used by the Genoese as a trading post. It was later incorporated into the Ottoman Empire. In 1922 its sizable Greek population was forced to abandon their homes, under the Greek-Turkish treaty.

There were many famous people from Herakleia including Heracleides Ponticos (ca 390-310 BC) who was a student of Plato and proposed the Heliocentric system, and Dionysios of Herakleia (c 330-250 BC) who was a stoic philosopher and friend of Zenon, the founder of stoicism.

Places to Visit

In the outskirts of Eregli there is a cave, the cave of Hercules which is believed to be the entrance to Hades.


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See Turkey & the Black Sea.


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